Anti-Turkish Sentiment is Mushrooming

Recently, the activities performed by Turkish President Erdogan and his outspoken “neo-Ottoman” policy have been eliciting increasing concern not only…

Confrontation In Eastern Mediterranean Not Letting Up


For several months now, information on the events taking place in the Eastern Mediterranean continues to persistently occupy a prominent position in the newscasts. Despite the measures taken by the international community, tension among Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and NATO continues to revolve around this region. Different media outlets…

Erdogan Brings his ‘Ottoman Ambitions’ to the Middle East


When Turkey’s Erdogan recently hosted Hamas leaders, including the US-designated ‘terrorist’ and ‘wanted’ leaders of the Palestinian resistance, it did not ring bells in Jerusalem, Abu Dhabi or Riyadh. On the contrary, Erdogan’s meeting illustrated how Turkey is planning to respond to the new regional configuration which puts Israel at the heart…

Crisis in Eastern Mediterranean Deepens


Despite attempts made by the international community to de-escalate the ongoing confrontation in the Eastern Mediterranean, the crisis in the region continues to intensify. In response to a “seismic survey” being conducted by Turkey’s Oruc Reis research vessel in a region also claimed by Greece, and to satisfy demands made by Athens and Cyprus, the European…

Turkey’s Mediterranean Confrontational Policy


September 2nd, 2019, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lays claim to roughly half of the Aegean Sea in what has been dubbed “Turkey’s Blue Homeland.” In November the Turkish president went a step further in an appeal to the United Nations for Exclusive Economic Zones in the Eastern Mediterranean. He ended that month…

Crisis in NATO & Turkey’s Mediterranean Adventures


While Turkey’s military adventures have roots in the ‘Neo-Ottoman’ project that Erdogan is relentlessly pursing and accordingly changing the country’s both internal and external orientation, a lot of what Turkey is doing on the external front—Syria, Libya and the Mediterranean—has to do with the progressively degenerating NATO and its decreasing…

Turkey: The Political Economy of Hagia Sophia


Turkish lira, as of recently, has been in a freefall, indicating the overall health of Turkish economy. Since the beginning of 2020, Lira has fallen by 20 per cent against US dollar. Its adverse impact on the economy and politics has, however, been largely absorbed by the euphoria of Hagia Sophia and the intense symbolism of return to Ottoman glory. Whereas Turkey’s Erdogan…

Turkey’s Erdogan – From Haga Sophia to the Shores of Tripoli and Beyond


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has clearly decided to launch an offensive on multiple fronts, taking advantage of what he clearly perceives as a geopolitical vacuum. From his recent call to Islamic prayer at the Haga Sophia in Istanbul, to his breaking of the arms embargo to back the Tripoli regime against the advance…

Hagia Sophia: Religion As Politics


Sultan Abdul Hamid II, in the face of a rising secular nationalism in the late 1800s, that culminated in the Young Turk movement, tried to restore the influence of the Ottoman Empire among Islamic nations and the Empire’s many peoples by stressing the importance of Islam and the Ottoman Caliphate, of the role of the Ottomans as the protectors of Islam…

Turkey Decides to Fight against Social Media


Today, hardly anyone would argue that social media controlled by the US and its Western allies like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., are becoming increasingly active in the internal life of many countries, provoking mass protests and political unrest time and time again. The Turkish leadership has recently begun to react quite sensitively to such…

In the Next Big Power Rivalry, Turkey Stands pro-US


As I pointed out in one of my previous pieces for NEO, a cardinal purpose that the US wants to achieve through bashing China and casting it as an inherent enemy is division of the world into blocs, creating a chain of ‘trusted partners’ and establishing a ‘network of economic prosperity’ under its own domination. Such a policy by the US…

USA Attempts to Strangle Turkey with its “Friendly Embrace”


In recent years, the troubled relationship between Turkey and the USA “has been in a downward spiral”. Due to an ever-increasing number of disagreements between the two, the putative allies are more and more at odds with each other. The US-Turkey alliance was born at the time when both nations were concerned…

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