Why Erdogan Needs the ‘Crazy’ Istanbul Canal Initiative?


During his election campaign in 2011, the current leader of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, expressed his intention to bring to life several grandiose political and infrastructure initiatives. The most ambitious of these projects entails the construction of a new waterway, to the west of the Bosporus, that will connect the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara. Officially…

Armenians and Armenian Genocide Useful Tools for US-Turkish Policy


The latest Armenian related news, in the US Senate, follows on from the House Resolution from the end of October. Such genocide recognition is a testament to the tenacity of the Armenian-American advocacy community, within the context of broader US-Turkish relations. The motivations behind the vote are open…

Are Turkey and the US Getting their Divorce Papers?


The well-established relations between Washington and one of its most important NATO allies – Turkey, has recently come under strain due to a growing list of differences between the two and their often conflicting interestsWashington has responded to this development by sending the Turkish lira into a free fall that has recently…

Turkey’s Done What Was Least Expected: US Too, Armenian Genocide Resolution!


I recently wrote to Nareg Sererian, a PhD candidate at Virginia Tech University, US, who is also an old friend whom I know very well, bringing to his attention a website report by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs about different transcripts, “takes-on-history,” on the events of the Armenian genocide and its…

Are the Contradiction-Riddled US-Turkey Relations Still Repairable?


There’s no denying that recent years have witnessed bilateral relations between Turkey and the United States taking a massive plunge. These days, those are characterized by a long list of contradictions that render Ankara incompatible with the status of a NATO-ally. It’s hardly a secret that ties between…

How the US is Trying to Play Turkey against Russia in Syria


Whereas Trump’s telephonic conversation with Erdogan opened the way for a US exit from (northern) Syria and Turkey’s subsequent incursions into Syria against Kurdish militias, the very fallout of Turkish operation in Syria has led to events that appear to be at the centre of US efforts to ‘appease’ Turkey in such a way as to not only to make amends for previous US policies but also to…

Can Turkey Get Hold of Nuclear Weapons?


Against the backdrop of the West’s condemnation of Turkey’s military operation code-named ‘Peace Spring’ launched in north-eastern Syria against pro-American Kurdish militants, the topic of Turkey’s “nuclear umbrella” began gaining a lot of attention in the media. The discussion escalated even further, once Turkey’s leader Erdogan threatened…

Amid Turkey’s Operation in Syria, Ankara-Moscow Relations Stay Rock-solid


While the mainstream Western media has spent last two years or so predicting a ‘downfall’ of Turkish-Russian relations because of some (perceived) fundamental strategic differences between the two countries in Syria, the actual trajectory of their bi-lateral relations has been just the opposite of what seemed…

Putin Offers Erdogan Ice Cream and 5th Generation Jets


Despite possible differences existing between Turkey and Russia over Idlib – differences that result from somewhat diverging ways of handling the last major bastion of jihadi stronghold in Syria – the fact that both countries continue to engage diplomatically and enhance the scope…

Could the Fall of Khan Shaykhun begin the End of Jihadi Idlib?


As I began typing this new NEO submission reports were coming in that SAA forces and its allies had cut the M5 road to Aleppo just north of Khan Shaykhun. Reports are now coming in that Syrian troops are not just blocking the road, but attacking southward down highway…

Turkey & the US: Far from Allies in Syria


The recent agreement between the US and Turkey regarding the creation of a “safe-zone” in Syria notwithstanding, the underlying divergence of interests between the two countries continues to exist in a far more explicit way than meets the eye. As such, while the agreement apparently seems to imply that both NATO-members have…

US-Turkey Showdown on Kurdish Security Zone


We have all been here before. Turkey has troops lined up on the Syrian northeast border and announced it will proceed alone with its incursion against the Kurds if it does not get cooperation with the US. After three days of negotiations we have a report that an agreement to form a joint command operation center has been agreed upon…

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