Erdogan Rushes to Form a Broad Coalition of pro-Turkish Forces


Amid the failure of US policy and credibility and the decline of the European Union’s role in international affairs and relations with the United States, Turkish leader Erdogan is rushing to build a broad coalition of pro-Turkish forces in Central Asia and the Mediterranean. He emphasizes strengthening his influence in Central Asia…

Disappointed by Biden, Turkey Eyes Closer Ties with Russia


Amid the on-going explicit shift in the US foreign policy away from its decades old focus on the Middle East to Southeast Asia to counter what it considers the biggest challenge to the US in the 21st century i.e., China, profound changes to the US ties with many states in the Middle East/Gulf, including its old allies, are taking place. The US withdrawal…

Is there “Just Peace” Underneath Turkish Bayonets?


Turkish President Erdoğan, who has long dreamed of restoring the former Ottoman Empire under his rule, including power-based methods, attended the 76th session of the UN General Assembly in a desperately bellicose mood, accompanied, as always, by numerous guards. At the behest of the Turkish leader, this visit was preceded by a propaganda campaign about the allegedly…

Has the “Cold War” between Turkey and the UAE Ended?


An Ankara-initiated phone call on August 31 between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Crown Prince of Abu Dabi Mohamed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan drew the attention of the broad political establishment and raised questions about its possible implications for many countries in the Arab-Muslim world. First of all, does it signal an end to the Cold War…

Whom is Ankara and Kyiv Developing Cooperation Against?


Recently, Ankara and Kyiv have actively sought to demonstrate to all their intentions to develop and deepen bilateral relations on various fronts. First of all, a certain anti-Russian vector is conspicuous, demonstrated in particular by the positions of both countries being close in not recognizing Crimea as Russian, which Turkish…

Is Turkey Replacing Washington in the Bloody Relay Race?


Against the background of the US intention to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, thereby closing the bloody pages with the murder of thousands of civilians in these countries, unfortunately, similar sad reports keep coming from the region. Instead of condemning the US military personnel for such actions, the news agencies…

Turkey in the Language Struggle with Russia in Central Asia


It is well known that language is one of the main internal determinants of a person’s self-consciousness. The perception is conditioned precisely by language, which sets the vision and perception of the world. Hence it is not surprising that one of the areas of active confrontation between the West and Russia in recent decades has been the infringement of the Russian language…

Erdogan’s Troubled Path to Better Ties with the US


Ever since Joe Biden’s inauguration as the US president, US-Turkey ties seem to have undergone a shift from a thorny and crisis-ridden path that characterised the Trump era to a relatively period of calmness and cooperation. This calmness manifested itself in a relative absence of exchange of critical statements between both leaders. Erdogan’s most recent…

The Turkish Factor in Syria and Iraq


In response to Turkey’s recent policy in the Levant, criticism against Ankara’s actions is growing in the region. For example, at the end of July, the al-Nasr coalition in the Iraqi parliament called to end all Turkish interference in Iraq’s internal affairs, especially the Turkish military occupation and other forms of interference in politics, security, and economic affairs…

Why Isn’t Turkey Putting the S-400 Into Service?


As we know, Russia and Turkey signed a contract for Moscow to supply Ankara with S-400 surface-to-air missile systems in 2017. On October 23, 2019, Rosoboronexport reported that Russia had fulfilled this contract ahead of schedule by supplying all elements of S-400 systems to Turkey, including missiles, and Turkey had fully paid for the contract. As a result…

What was the End Result of the US Attempt to Stage a Coup in Turkey in 2016?


Five years ago, on the night of July 15-16, 2016, a group of military conspirators tried to unseat Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim. The residence of the president was attacked, military vehicles took to the streets in large cities, and the insurrectionists’ aircraft carried out strikes on the parliament…

Will Washington Succeed in Toppling Erdogan?


Recently, Sabah, a popular daily newspaper in Turkey, and a number of other Turkish media outlets enthusiastically reported about positive outcomes of the face-to-face meeting between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his US counterpart Joe Biden in Brussels on June 14, 2021. According to them, the Turkish leader described their discussion as “sincere…

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