Should Tunisia be Thanking Washington for the Recent Terrorist Attacks?


After a terrorist attack carried out by “Islamic State” (ISILDahJTkfw militants on a hotel resort in Tunisia on June 26, that resulted in 39 people being killed, the situation in the country has begun to reach boiling point. This attack…

Tunisia: New Occupant of the Palace at Carthage

The new occupant of the palace at Carthage (the location of the ancient city in the suburbs of Tunis), the…

Tunisia – an Exception to the Rule?

The parliamentary elections held in Tunisia on 26 October provide some food for thought concerning what tendencies might prevail in…

Elections in Tunisia: The Decline of the Islamists?

The elections for the new parliament in Tunisia on 25 October brought unexpected changes to the configuration of the political…

Tunisia: A Paradise Lost

In less than two weeks Tunisia will celebrate the third anniversary of the Jasmin revolution at a time when the…

The Role of Political Islam

Arab scholarly circles have become much more interested in the future of political Islam and the role it plays in…

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