The Causes of the Syrian Conflict Part 2

There is nothing unique about the Syrian conflict. It is a stage in the ambitious plan Washington and its minions…

The Causes of the Syrian Conflict Part 1

Why has the United States taken a bulldog death grip on Syria? Why the persistence and unwillingness to resolve the…

Qatar’s conspiracy against Damascus and Moscow

Despite the desperate measures taken by the international community to settle the Syrian conflict by arranging the “Geneva – 2”…

Does the United States Want to Fight Syria?

The US government’s decision to supply some types of weapons to the Syrian rebels has given rise to a wide…

The Mainsprings of the Syrian Conflict


The government forces’ reliance on a militia to liberate more and more of the country from foreign mercenaries is a sure sign that the people of Syria support the legitimate government in Damascus and not the so-called “rebels” that have been bought and paid for by the Persian Gulf monarchies. The situation is making the Western sponsors of the Syrian…

Why Did Terrorists Shell Russia’s Embassy in Syria?

Apparently some of those who sponsored the rebellion in Syria have become so brazen that they decided to “punish” Moscow…

Syria: the opposition is in retreat

Фото: Flickr
With financial assistance from Qatar and Saudi Arabia drying up and the flow of weapons from Turkey and Lebanon slowing,…

Attempts to Derail the Geneva 2 Conference on Syria

Even before Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry met in Paris on May 27…

Syria: Tensions Are Rising

Some European countries have responded to Russian criticism of the EU’s decision to lift the embargo on supplying arms to…

The Pressure on Syria Is Growing despite the Agreements between Russia and the United States

On May 27, all of the European Union’s foreign ministers gathered in Brussels, where they decided to lift the embargo…

Why frighten people with Syrian chemical weapons?

Recent statements by senior officials of the United States and other countries concerning Syria’s possible use of chemical weapons against…

Israel, Iran and the Syrian issue

The unsuccessful attempts to overthrow the Assad regime are increasingly moving Israel to center stage, and the footdragging on Syria…

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