Syrian Peace Process Beginning to Look Realistic


Nine years have already passed since the first anti-government protests of Syria’s civil uprising, the so-called “Arab Spring”, organized from overseas by those pulling the strings in the Middle East and North Africa and broken up by the police. This civil uprising phase is said to have marked the beginning of the Syrian Civil War. According to the Spanish online…

US Media Defends Al Qaeda in Syria


When is a terrorist group not a terrorist group? Apparently when US foreign policy requires it not to be. This is precisely the case regarding Al Qaeda’s Syrian branch – Hayat Tahrir al Sham (HTS) – the most recent rebrand of Jabhat Al Nusra – which currently occupies the northern Syrian governorate of Idlib. The US corporate media has recently attempted…

Syrian Pandora’s Box


The troubled Middle Eastern region is in the throes of war and chaos yet again with blood being spilt, mounting casualties and millions of refugees. This time around, the target happens to be Syria. Its people have been suffering for many years now at the hands of terrorists, generously funded and armed by various external players, particularly by Western nations and monarchies of the Persian…

Is US Supporting Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and is it behind Chemical Weapons Incidents in Syria?


According to the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria (officially known as the Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides and Refugee Migration Monitoring in the Syrian Arab Republic), on 3 March, during a counter-attack by Syrian government forces against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (banned…

Moscow Accord: Is Turkey Genuinely Trying to Establish Peace in Syria?


Whereas the almost 6 hours long meeting between Erdogan and Putin did produce a ceasefire and resumed joint Russia-Turkey patrols of the M-4 highway, there is little gainsaying that Erdogan’s push for a meeting in Moscow resulted from a growing realisation with regards to the increasing difficulty of militarily holding the Syrian territories…

US-Israel Predictably Behind Turkish Aggression in Syria


Turkey’s ongoing fighting in northern Syria’s Idlib governorate was – from the beginning of recent escalations – clearly a continuation of Washington’s wider now 9 year-long proxy war against Damascus. Whatever gains Turkey had made in terms of reducing its role in Washington’s proxy war and repairing ties with Syria’s allies Russia and Iran – were clearly…

Could the Latest Outburst of Ankara’s Temper Lead to Escalation in Syria?


So far Turkey, militarily the second mightiest NATO country, has been able to get away with virtually anything it has chosen to brew in the Middle East. The reason why, is simple: to confront Turkey’s bullying and expansionism militarily would be like confronting the United States or Israel; thousands of innocent people would die…

Events in Syria have Taken a Dangerous Turn


In recent days, we’ve been witnessing a noticeable deterioration of the security situation in Syria. Hostilities are being reported both the in Idlib and Aleppo governorates, where radical militants are desperately trying to regain control of sections of the M5 highway they had to surrender. Gunfights are being reported near the village of al-Rashidin to the west…

Erdogan Threatens War on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA)


Jihadi forces backed by Turkish infantry and artillery have launched a general counter-attack on the west flank of Saraqib, both north and south of the M-4 highway. Erdogan has now cast his fate openly with the terrorists to prevent the liberation of Idlib. I am wrapping up this current Idlib-Aleppo battlefront report on Sunday, February 9th. You will find two earlier sections below…

Russia Takes the Syrian Endgame a Step Closer to Success


In the last week of January, US Special Representative for Syria, James Jeffery, travelled to Europe to step up US economic pressure on Syria due to its ‘attacks’ on Idlib. While it may sound strange why the US would sanction Syria for its resounding successes against al-Qaeda jihadi groups, the fact of the matter is that…

The Nasty Secret Behind Aramco, ISIS and Trump in Syria


The Saudi Arabian oil company, Aramco, is now hiring oil workers throughout Deir Ezzor Province inside Syria as part of a joint effort, nominally with an unknown American entity and with full partnership with both ISIS and the United States Army. Thousands of unemployed Syrian engineers and oil workers are being asked…

Recognizing the Heroes, a “2020 Vision”


If you want heroes, go to Syria. There are heroes in Syria. But who are the heroes? What is a hero? I learned about heroes early in life. Most of us that fought in Vietnam were teenagers. I escaped that by a month when I joined a Marine Landing Team in 1969, operating on and off the coast of I Corps in Vietnam. The ship library had books on…

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