Saudi Arabia

Is Biden going to Re-Set US-Saudia Ties?


The newly elected US president Joe Biden appears to be in the middle of formulating a “new” policy vis-à-vis Saudi Arabia. Biden has already put arms sales to the Kingdom under “procedural review”, although there is no certainty that he will actually cancel the deal at some point in the future. While the “review” appears to be a hoax, Biden still appears poised to ignore Saudi…

Biden Fine-Tunes the Saudi Trombone


No one doubts today that Biden is not a promising politician, but his one-term administration. As such, he is not making any far-reaching plans, for him it is important to change the vector of American policy, rejecting, in particular, the “Trump era”. So, despite the fact that the new head of the White House is obviously not counting on a long-term personal stay at the helm…

Saudi Arabia Stands at the Threshold of New Difficulties and Troubles


A senior Israeli official told the London-based Arab news agency Elaph that the Saudis have stopped all behind-the-scenes negotiations with Israel. He claims that Saudi Arabia will not sign any peace agreement with Israel unless there is progress on the Palestinian issue. This and other reports in the world media came about two…

Washington’s Game of Chess in the Middle East and How It Will Play Out


Although the legacy of foreign policy has not been easy for Biden, there is no doubt that the problems of the Middle East, one way or another, will remain at the top of his agenda, and there’s many reasons for that. First of all, it is a very strategically advantageous region for manipulating the whole world through energy prices…

Why is Saudi Arabia Approaching Qatar and Turkey?


Intense geo-political upheavals are taking place in the Middle East in the wake of the Trump administration’s exit from power. The Biden administration, therefore, will inherit a Middle East that is much more complex and changed than it was during the Obama administration. However, a lot of what is happening today in the Middle East—The Abraham Accords, an apparent…

Is Saudi Arabia Backing Away from Normalization with Israel?


In a recently held regional security conference in Bahrain, something unusual happened: Saudi representative went on to criticize Israel and linked Saudia-Israel normalization with the resolution of the Palestinian question. This has largely been seen as a set-back to the smooth going normalization process between Israel and the Gulf states. The UAE and Bahrain…

Saudi Arabia’s Role in Strengthening Greater Israel


Amid Trump’s comments regarding the fact that after the presidential election he wants to hold a ceremony of signing a peace agreement between Israel and the Saudi Arabia, with King Salman and his son present there, Yori Cohen, the head of Mossad, has already stated that “normalization of relations with Israel will be a gift from Riyadh to the new US president – regardless…

Twilight in the Desert for Saudi and MBS?


It appears as if Saudi de facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is on a mission to destroy the world oil giant by one after the other ill-conceived economic decisions. Now, as MBS orders yet new desperation cuts in Saudi oil prices, his economy is imploding from all sides—from the stupid Vision 2030 plan to even the traditional oil sector, the source…

Nuclear Race between Not Yet Nuclear States?


Tension related to nuclear proliferation has risen again. This is largely due to the rhetoric of leaders of certain countries hinting  that the build-up of nuclear arsenals epoch is coming back throughout the world. This has already fuelled fears of nuclear armament stock levels in the world and unpredictability of those in whose hands warheads remain. For example…

Saudi Arabia: Ambitious Plans and Facts on the Ground


Saudi Arabia has announced plans to implement an ambitious $800 billion initiative aimed at increasing the size of Riyadh in the next decade, and at transforming the capital into an economic, social and cultural hub in the Persian Gulf region. The ambitious strategy was presented by Fahd Al-Rasheed, the President of the Royal Commission…

Has Saudi Once More Made a Catastrophic Oil Blunder?


In March of this year Saudi Arabia launched what was clearly a catastrophic move to regain its role as the world oil superpower. What initially was a move aimed at taking markets away from Russia, after the latter declined to make further production cuts, has quickly turned into a clumsy even catastrophic repeat of the Saudi 2014 oil miscalculation…

Will the United States Block Sales of Armaments to Riyadh?


Back in May 2017, during an official visit by Donald Trump to Riyadh, the United States and Saudi Arabia signed one of the largest agreements in the history of the American military-industrial complex to deliver to that country weapons worth 280 billion USD. At that time, the White House press secretary proclaimed that another nine contracts…

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