Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and Iran Prepare for a Breakthrough in their Relations.


Information of secret negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Iran in Baghdad has already appeared in the media. This situation was clarified after a sensational statement announced by the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman who recently said,  “Saudi Arabia wants Iran to prosper and is ready…

What Will Biden’s Attempts to Tame Riyadh Lead to?


Against the backdrop of the public flogging given by American President Biden to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Washington in recent weeks has actively sought to use Riyadh in a game with Iran to its own advantage. To ease its sanctions and develop contacts with Tehran, the White House gave appropriate instructions to its strategic partner Saudi Arabia…

How China Aims to Navigate the Complex Middle East


While China has already made its mark in the Middle East and is already outsmarting the US, the recently signed China-Iran pact is perhaps the biggest economic venture China has made in the Middle East so far. However, while China does have big ambitions with respects to its economic engagement with countries in West Asia, Middle East remains…

The War in Yemen May Bring Major Changes to Saudi Politics


The recent escalation of the war in Yemen is coupled with a growing US distancing from the Saudis, which signals that the winds might be fundamentally shifting in Yemen to the ultimate disadvantage of Riyadh. Over the past month, the Houthis rebels have really upped the ante with their attacks inside Saudia Arabia that targeted airports, oil facilities and military…

Yemen in its Fight against Saudi Aggressors


The Spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces Brigadier General Yahya Saree said the forces targeted the Saudi soil with 15 UAVs and a ballistic missile on the last day of February. In a press conference, Saree provided details about the Yemeni Armed Forces’ attack on Saudi soil – “Fifth Operation of Balanced Deterrence”:  “Sensitive positions and places in Riyadh…

Saudi Arabian-American Information Storm


It appears that another scandal is brewing between Washington and Riyadh in which President Joe Biden wants to demonstrate his superiority over Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud. The fact is that in late February, the US National Intelligence Agency published a report claiming that the operation, which resulted in the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi…

Will Biden Tame the Arabian Racehorse?


In his strategy to bridle recalcitrant states, the newly-minted US President Joe Biden decided to start with the demonstrative taming of one of the most active of “Arabian racehorses”: the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman. It was he who recently began to display particular “agility” in radically changing the archaic, corrupt way of life…

Is Biden going to Re-Set US-Saudia Ties?


The newly elected US president Joe Biden appears to be in the middle of formulating a “new” policy vis-à-vis Saudi Arabia. Biden has already put arms sales to the Kingdom under “procedural review”, although there is no certainty that he will actually cancel the deal at some point in the future. While the “review” appears to be a hoax, Biden still appears poised to ignore Saudi…

Biden Fine-Tunes the Saudi Trombone


No one doubts today that Biden is not a promising politician, but his one-term administration. As such, he is not making any far-reaching plans, for him it is important to change the vector of American policy, rejecting, in particular, the “Trump era”. So, despite the fact that the new head of the White House is obviously not counting on a long-term personal stay at the helm…

Saudi Arabia Stands at the Threshold of New Difficulties and Troubles


A senior Israeli official told the London-based Arab news agency Elaph that the Saudis have stopped all behind-the-scenes negotiations with Israel. He claims that Saudi Arabia will not sign any peace agreement with Israel unless there is progress on the Palestinian issue. This and other reports in the world media came about two…

Washington’s Game of Chess in the Middle East and How It Will Play Out


Although the legacy of foreign policy has not been easy for Biden, there is no doubt that the problems of the Middle East, one way or another, will remain at the top of his agenda, and there’s many reasons for that. First of all, it is a very strategically advantageous region for manipulating the whole world through energy prices…

Why is Saudi Arabia Approaching Qatar and Turkey?


Intense geo-political upheavals are taking place in the Middle East in the wake of the Trump administration’s exit from power. The Biden administration, therefore, will inherit a Middle East that is much more complex and changed than it was during the Obama administration. However, a lot of what is happening today in the Middle East—The Abraham Accords, an apparent…

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