Saudi Arabia

Why’s Joe Biden on a Mission to Court Mohammad bin Salman?


When Joe Biden campaigned for presidential elections and promised to make Saudia – especially if the kingdom continues to be ruled by the crown prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) – a ‘pariah’ state, many political pundits in the US believed his rhetoric unlikely to change during the duration of his “democratic” presidency. For over a year, the Biden administration…


Saudi Arabia becomes the Primary Destination of Political Pilgrimage


Washington’s recent active attempts to play the Riyadh card in its confrontation with Russia and in maintaining any semblance of US influence in the Middle East have turned Saudi Arabia into a “political Mecca” to which many states have suddenly flocked. The natural front-runner in this race of political pilgrims is the US itself, which…

Washington’s Attempts to Approach Riyadh have So Far Failed to Produce Results


The current White House administration, in its blatantly Russophobic policy of imposing restrictive sanctions on the world’s energy purchases from Russia, is not only struggling to cope with rising global oil prices, but also with the record cost of motor fuel at US gas stations, despite its best efforts. Amid a lack of progress…

The Persian Gulf is Now Taking an Independent Geopolitical Stance


In the new reality, by its blunt intervention in Russia’s special operation in Ukraine expressed not only in political support, but also in supplying weapons for the Kiev’s nazi authorities, the Biden administration has already begun to develop and deploy its new global strategy. Apparently, this strategy is based around…

US-Saudia Ties Set for a Long Nosedive


Although it seems inadvertent, the Russia-Ukraine war has bitterly exposed the limits of US influence in the Middle East. On the one hand, Washington has failed to force the OPEC countries to increase oil production, and on the other hand, the region is already calibrating to form a joint security architecture independent of Washington. In fact…

Riyadh Reclaims its Place in Active International Politics


Despite attempts by the current US administration to belittle the role of Saudi Arabia in international affairs and authority of the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, Riyadh is confidently winning back the universal recognition and becoming an increasingly active participant of the recent events. For over seven decades of partnership Washington has been the major…

The Middle East and the US ‘War of Sanctions’ on Russia


While the US has so far been able to cobble together the crumbling trans-Atlantic ‘unity’ by aggressively, provocatively and irresponsibly pushing for NATO’s expansion into Eastern Europe purportedly against Russia, the Middle East – which was once a completely US dominated geography – has refused to side with the US. Due to Washington’s own poor relationships…

How & Why are Thai-Saudi Relations Improving?


For three decades Thai-Saudi relations had suffered over a diplomatic row involving stolen Saudi jewelry and the unsolved murders of several Saudi diplomats in Thailand.  Al Jazeera in its article, “Saudi Arabia restores ties with Thailand after gem theft dispute,” would explain: In 1989, Thailand-born janitor Kriangkrai Techamong stole $20m worth of precious gems…

Can We Expect Saudi Arabia and Israel Normalizing their Relations in the Near Future?


After Israel signed the Abraham Accords in 2020 to normalize relations with the UAE and Bahrain, and then with Morocco, whether Saudi Arabia will be next in line in this process is being actively discussed in the United States, Israel, and the Middle East in general. The intensity of such discussions increased…

Has the US Launched a Hunt for Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince?


The United States has now increasingly engaged in a disinformation efforts through media under its sway, national intelligence agencies, and numerous other avenues, with the express purpose of bringing Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud into disrepute. Prince Mohammed’s alleged involvement in the assassination…

What is behind Riyadh’s Call to Rid the Middle East of Nuclear Weapons?


In recent years, Saudi Arabia and Iran have intensified bilateral talks to resolve existing differences to stabilize the regional situation. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the two country’s foreign ministries discuss some serious issues, not least of which is the situation in Yemen…

Women in the Saudi Military


The situation of women in the Arab world may seem very difficult to many people and is almost the same throughout the region. But in fact, Arab countries are distinctly different, and many of them have changed significantly in recent times, including women’s status. There are Arab countries where the situation of women was very vulnerable throughout the 20th century, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait…

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