Middle East

Iranian-American Talks in Vienna: What to Expect from Them?


In its Interim National Security Strategic Guidance, the Joe Biden Administration warned ambiguously that Iran “might get a technology that would be a potential game-changer.” As the negotiating parties work to resolve critical issues in the Vienna nuclear talks, the US is redoubling its efforts to prevent the Iranians from acquiring such…

Is Erdogan Reshaping the World at the Behest of Washington?


On June 14, Joe Biden held his first meeting as US president with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, ending a five-month wait for personal contact between the two leaders. The outcome and themes of this meeting were clear to all long before it took place, although Washington has been persistently emphasizing the cooler…

On Iran’s Expanding Ties with Russia and the EEU


While the US is in initial talks with Iran to revive the JCPOA and there is a possibility of Iran’s re-entry in the European/western markets, it remains that a fundamental shift in the form of a ‘look East’ policy has already taken place. While China and Iran have already signed a multi-billion dollar deal as a means to integrate Iran with China’s Blet & Road Initiative…

Why Washington Cannot Rein Ankara Back in the Western Orbit


While there is a lot of enthusiasm in the Joe Biden led Washington regarding reining Ankara back in the US-led western alliance, it remains that the wedge that today exists between the two countries may be too wide for Biden and Erdogan to fill through their leveraging their ‘old friendship.’ For one thing, Turkey’s troubled ties with the US…

Will the “Winds of Change” Sweep Netanyahu Off his Political Olympus?


Despite the issue, one seemingly resolved for good, in Israel with the swearing-in of the country’s new government without Benjamin Netanyahu, the political battles among these “hot-headed Israeli boys” just do not stop. According to journalists from Zman Yisrael, in May Benjamin Netanyahu examined…

Can the Change Coalition end Bibi’s Reign?


When I was trying to keep up with Israeli political news over the last month, the last thing I expected to see was a coalition of factions who beforehand would have had nothing to do with each other politically, other than being determined opponents. The only likely political glue I could see that would account for the miracle was their shared hatred of Netanyahu to the point…

The Afghanistan Fiasco Caught Up With the US in Iraq


As various foreign media reports on recent developments in Iraq around the presence of US bases and US military contingents indicate, opposition towards them grows almost daily. In January 2020, the Iraqi parliament adopted a resolution calling for the withdrawal of foreign armies and, above all, the US military contingent from the territory of the republic…

Long-suffering Yemen: Where is the Way Out?


Yemen is currently experiencing an externally imposed civil war and is facing starvation, poverty, various disasters, and the dreaded COVID-19 epidemic. For years, the Saudi-led coalition, with strong US support, has been waging war against Yemen to impose its policies and bring its proxies to power. As the world’s media have repeatedly reported, airstrikes have primarily…

Israel: The New Rules of the Game


A momentous event has finally taken place in Israel, hopefully bringing about a change in its internal and external course that has been unshakeable for years. Isaac Herzog, former leader of the Labor Party and previous head of the Jewish Agency, was elected head of Israel for the next seven years. The Knesset voted to elect him as the country…

The Wind of Change Reached Israel


At last, the wind of political change is blowing over Israel. However, everyone is still wondering how intense this wind will be and in which direction it will blow. First, the head of the Jewish Agency for Israel, “Sokhnut” Isaac Herzog who deals with repatriation to Israel and aid for the repatriates was elected the 11th President of the State of Israel in a secret ballot…

Could Army Building Save Turkey from a Crisis?


Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (JDP), led by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has seen a significant loss of voter support over the past three years since the 2018 parliamentary elections, according to a Turkish sociological company. Currently, only 34.1% of Turkish voters would potentially give it their votes if elections were held soon…

Search for an Alternative to the Suez Canal is becoming Increasingly Relevant


On May 28, the administration of the Suez Canal once again had to take emergency measures to unblock this highly congested global transportation artery. The 353-meter-long container ship Maersk Emerald ran aground due to engine problems. And although, as stated on the Facebook page of the Suez Canal Authority, they “promptly dealt…

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