Middle East

The Cyber Espionage State of Israel


After several dozen international publications, including The Washington Post and The Guardian, simultaneously reported in mid-July on a major investigation by Amnesty International and Forbidden Stories over Israel’s Pegasus spyware, another scandal over Israeli cyber-spying activities erupted. According to the articles, not only Israel itself but also dozens…

Can Biden Force Iran into Accepting a New JCPOA?


The US-Iran talks in Vienna are reportedly stuck, with Washington still unable to force Iran into accepting a deal that goes beyond the framework of existing JCPOA. However, the fact that Iran has not given up shows the limits of the strategy both the Trump and Biden administrations have been following ever since Washington unilaterally withdrew from the agreement…

Events in Tunisia Capture the World’s Attention


The recent actions of Tunisian President Kais Saied have grabbed the world’s attention and can only be compared with the Arab Spring, the cradle of which the North African country was ten years ago. The nonpartisan president Kais Saied, elected in 2019, showed a personal responsibility in the need to curb corruption and the political demagoguery of parliament…

Erdogan Pursues a Broad Coalition in Asia


Against the background of the frank failure of US policy, not only in Afghanistan but also in Iraq and Syria, as well as the decline in activity and authority of the European Union in the region, the course taken by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to create a broad coalition of pro-Turkish forces in Asia has become increasingly apparent in recent years…

Is the “Shadow War” between Iran and Israel Spiraling?

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On July 29, according to the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO, a unit of the British Navy), there was an attack in the Arabian Sea on the oil tanker Mercer Street, associated with Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer, killing two crew members, one British and one Romanian. The incident occurred northeast of Masirah Island of Oman about 300 kilometers southeast…

Iraq Returns to the Deadly Embrace of the US


US President Joe Biden and Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi have signed an agreement officially ending the US combat mission in Iraq by the end of 2021, more than 18 years after US troops occupied the country.  Combined with Biden’s withdrawal of the last US troops from Afghanistan by the end of August, the Democratic president completes the US combat missions…

Biden’s Iraq Withdrawal: Will It Happen?


Whereas the US has almost fully withdrawn from Afghanistan, leaving it for Afghanistan’s neighbours to clean up the mess, the Joe Biden administration’s announcement to end the US military’s combat mission in Iraq is an ambiguous proposition, one that the administration is likely to use to conceal its active presence inside Iraq to combat and check Iranian presence and role…

Tehran Scores Points against the Mossad


Confronting intelligence and special operations have never been a one-way game. Sooner or later, the opponents begin to play on an equal footing because no one likes a “weakling” anywhere, especially in the Middle East. It should be noted that, according to many experts, three intelligence agencies that may have been involved in several events in Iran have…

Russia is Actively Working on an Alternative to the Suez Canal


For economic success, as we know, it is not enough to produce goods. It also needs to be delivered to the buyer. That’s why transportation routes are becoming more and more critical every day. And why, along with the use of already well-known transport routes, China, for example, is creating its own New Silk Road, building an alternative to the Panama Canal in Nicaragua…

Russia Closes Syrian Skies for Israel


For a long time, Russia and Israel avoided clashes in Syria, where their interests overlap. After Moscow introduced its forces into Syrian territory in 2015, it took into account Israeli interests related to the security of the Jewish state. Israel appreciated Russia’s position and tried to make the best of the situation by avoiding clashes of Russian-Israeli interests in Syria…

The US Withdrawal from Iraq, What Will it Mean for Syria?


As of Monday morning, July 26, 2021, an announcement that should never have been needed has now been predicted, first by the Associated Press. There are few alive today, few rational individuals, who are so intellectually isolated that they are unaware that the US role in Iraq was based on fake intelligence fabricated by criminal elements inside the US and certain…

Wang Yi’s Tour of the Greater Middle East


The New Eastern Outlook has repeatedly noted that Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is probably the fastest to rise among his foreign counterparts in his line of work. This is in line with the general process of a dramatic increase in the country’s role he represents to the world. Together with the US, this makes up the main (internally contradictory) geopolitical duo…

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