Middle East

Iran-IAEA: Who is Behind Keeping the Talks Stalled

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) failed to reach a deal with Iran in relation to Iran’s nuclear program and…

Iran: a test of strength by presidential election

Iran’s seventh presidential election scheduled for June 14, 2013 is stressing the country’s entire system of government and promises to…

IAEA – Iran: a formalistic approach to overcoming differences

The international community’s attention is still focused on Iran’s nuclear program, and it expects, if not breakthroughs, at least progress…

Israel’s elections and the “russian street”

The “Russians” are coming The issue of “Russian” Israelis has reemerged in the Israeli media as the early parliamentary elections…

Iranian experts: Obama and the possibility of direct dialogue with Iran

Until recently, Tehran had ruled out direct talks with Washington; at least the issue wasn’t openly discussed in the upper…

Iran’s Solution to the Syrian Problem

An event important to a solution of the Syrian problem was held in Tehran on November 18 and 19: About…

Israel’s operation Cloud Pillar in Gaza and the anti-Iranian campaign

A strange war Debates are still raging in both the Israeli and the regional media as to why it was…

The NATO Air Defense system deployment in Turkey — the last step before war with Syria?

Passions are still running high over the fighting in Syria, which has been going on without let-up for a year…

The status of Palestine and the fight for votes

Arab League Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi said the other day that an expanded meeting with representatives from the Arab world…

The Irrepressible Qatar, US Ambitions and the Fight for Hamas

A visit by the “big backer” Something happened on October 23 that could have a significant impact on further developments…

The Israeli elections, Netanyahu and the Iranian factor

Knesset dissolved On the evening of October 16, after convening for its winter session, the 18th, Israel’s Knesset finally voted…

The “Islamic Quartet” and Syria

Mursi’s new regional aspirations At the Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit held in Mecca in mid-August, Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi…

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