Libyan oil and its future. Part 2

For a long time Libya did not enter into any new oil contracts with foreign investors, but it has not…

Libyan oil and its future. Part 1

Libyan oil has always been at the center of not only national interests, but also the interests of international oil…

On the Political Situation in Libya
The first anniversary of the election of the National Congress (interim Parliament) in Libya on July, 7 has once again…

Libya two years after the NATO aggression began

The British warship HMS Kent visited the port of Tripoli for the first time in 40 years. It was carrying…

The Role of Political Islam

Arab scholarly circles have become much more interested in the future of political Islam and the role it plays in…

The Arab Spring: Power Comes from the Barrel of a Gun

Before we continue our conversation about the links between Islamist extremists and Western government agencies, let us briefly review a…

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