Who has the Greatest Chances of Becoming the Political Leader of Libya?


The situation in the country remains tense ahead of Libya’s first-ever presidential elections, scheduled for December 24. On November 12, an international conference on Libya was held in Paris to resolve the crisis in the North African country. Participants, who came from more than 20 States, reviewed the progress made…

Libya, on the Eve of Complex and Challenging Elections


The Paris International Conference for Libya, which concluded on November 12, was an important milestone ahead of the long-awaited presidential and parliamentary elections of December 24. Participants, including almost all international and regional stakeholders, reiterated their support for the timely conduct of elections. But they also expressed…

Is Libya on the Cusp of Change or Falling into Chaos?


Ever since Libyan Jamahiriya leader Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown and sneakily assassinated by European and American champions of “democracy” in 2011, the country has been mired in unimaginable chaos through the fault of the West. Ten years after externally inspired demonstrations and protests, the oil-rich country has been gripped with political instability…

Libya Amid External and Internal Challenges


As Libya’s first-ever presidential election is approaching on December 24, the situation in that country is becoming increasingly tense. On September 21, 89 members of Libya’s unicameral parliament passed a vote of no confidence in the Government of National Unity. However, Mohamed al-Raed, a member of the House of Representatives, later said…

What Keeps the Political Situation in Libya So Fragile?


As is well known, under the agreements reached at the Forum of the Libyan Political Dialogue in Tunisia, the first presidential election in the history of Libya will be held on December 24, 2021. However, so far, the development of the situation has followed a pattern similar to that of Afghanistan. There are many groups vying for influence, not necessarily ethnically based…

Can Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi Lead Libya, and in What Direction?


After the events of 2011, when Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was not only overthrown but also brutally murdered, Libya effectively ceased to exist as a single state, continuing to be a tidbit for businesses and outside players. In a struggle between two quasi-states inspired by themselves, these competing outside players have long tried to seize power in the country…

A Political Test for the New Libya


On December 24, 2021 Libya will hold general presidential and parliamentary elections.  These elections may do a great deal to restoring the authority of the Libyan state, which has been weakened by the tensions that persist despite the attempts to minimize the impact of the conflict, already several years old, between the country’s two main political powers. But both…

Has the Muslim Brotherhood Allowed Turkey to Expand its Foothold in Libya?


It is common knowledge that in recent years, Libya has become a camp of sorts where units of practically all leading terrorist organizations are stationed. And each of them wants its share of influence in this country. One of the key destabilizing elements is the presence of members of the Muslim Brotherhood movement…

A Continuation of the Libyan Political Dialogue


The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMILDahJTkfw has called on participants in the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDFDahJTkfw to hold an in-person meeting in Switzerland from June 28 to July 1 to “develop proposals on how to hold the national elections in Libya, especially in regard to the constitutional platform for the upcoming voting”. Right before this meeting…

When Will the US and its NATO Allies Answer for the Looting of Libya?


In 2011 Libya, as a result of the armed aggression unleashed by the United States and its NATO allies instead of the “democracy and freedom” that the West promised, ended up in a serious economic and social crisis – and turned into a hotbed of extremists and international crime. As the American publication Diario…

10 Years of Libyan Suffering at the Hands of Washington


Ten years ago, Washington unleashed full-on armed aggression against Libya. On March 17, 2011, Washington managed not only to mislead the world community, creating a picture of universal support and legality of military operations in Libya, but also to actually wage the war using someone else’s hands. The armed invasion of this North African…

How the US and Great Britain Instigate Coups Nowadays


Recently, the United States and Britain, actively using the propaganda tools that they possess, have increasingly begun to accuse Russia and China of interfering in their domestic affairs and election campaigns, and of effectively preparing coups in these countries. However, apart from making proclamatory statements, neither Washington nor London has…

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