Quo Vadis, Lebanon?


Good bye, Lebanon, metaphorically and truly. Good bye to a country which, many believe, actually has already ceased to exist. For five long years I have been commuting between the Asia Pacific and the Middle East.And Beirut, for all that time, was one of my homes. I arrived in Beirut when the situation in the region was beginning to be unbearable; when destabilized…

Crisis in Lebanon — a Manifestation of Global Discontent with Growing Inequality


Residents of this small confessional Arabic-speaking country on the Mediterranean Sea have been protesting for over a month now, blocking the country’s main roads. Almost one and a half million people have been taking part in these demonstrations, in a state…

Lebanon: The Israeli Parking Lot We Helped Make


It was the morning of 9 January 1984. The command “Battle Stations” came over the 1MC of the USS New Jersey. As we took our stations I remembered the conversations aboard ship in the preceding days. I remember wondering about these “enemies” our officers and comrades seemed so anxious to eradicate. And then New Jersey’s main…

Beirut is Burning: Rebellion Against the Elites has Commenced


Tires are burning, smoke is rising towards the sky. It is October, the 18th day of the month, the capital city of Lebanon, in the past known as the “Paris of the East”, is covered in smoke. For years I was warning that the country governed by corrupt, indifferent elites, could not hold together, indefinitely. For all those five years when…

BC: Syrian Refugees ‘Abandoned’ in Lebanon


Syrian refugees. There are several million of them all over the region: in Turkey and Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon, even in Egypt. Clearly, a “Syrian refugee crisis” has been triggered by the West and by its allies, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. For years, all of these countries have been hard at work, destabilizing the secular and socially oriented…

Putting it in Perspective: “Lebanon Takes its Time, and So it Should!”


So the agony lingers on in Lebanon. Yet again, it is taking months to form a government acceptable to everybody, or which the government can sell to everybody. In public, the sticking point is the six Sunni MPs who are allied with the predominantly Shia Hezbollah. Having been…

Hello – They Lied to You About Iran!


Have you ever considered the possibility that almost everything that you have been told about the world by the Western mass media is a lie and fabrication? I am sure you have, at least lately, when the insanity of Western propaganda is becoming very clear and obvious. But what…

Will Lebanon Be the Next Energy War?


A new geopolitical confrontation is shaping up in the Middle East, and not only between Israel and Syria or Iran. Like most conflicts there, it involves a fight for hydrocarbon resources—oil and gas. The new focus is a dispute between Israel and Lebanon over the precise demarcation…

Round-Up The Usual Suspects: Lebanon is, Once Again, A Necessary Diversion


Many of the problems of today’s Middle East stem from one act – the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri. But it wasn’t the assassination itself which caused these problems, but the blame game afterwards…

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