Lebanon and Israel Start New Fight Over Bottomless Depths


In 1983 American radio personality Gary Byrd released The Crown. This is now regarded as a rap record, but the genre barely existed then, so at the time it was more an oddity than anything. The Crown tells the story of human socio-political development, and the specifically the African role in it, and the omission of this from the history books. Not surprisingly, given the scope…

Lebanon: Hard Choices after the Elections


Despite recent parliamentary elections in Lebanon, which are seen as a success, albeit a modest one, the small Mediterranean country is still frozen in suspense and chaos could return to the country. After the held elections, the Lebanese are now at a difficult crossroads: they must immediately appoint a prime minister, form a government and the parliament must…

Lebanon Plagued by Social and Economic Woes


Almost three years of political, economic and social problems and disastrous policies have transformed life in Lebanon, once known as the “Paris of the Middle East”, and this land of hope now looks like a textbook example of how not to run a state. In a cogent analysis, the Lebanese newspaper As-Safir blames the failures on a political system which is focused…

Lebanon Crisis: The Threat They Don’t Want To Talk About 4-Obvious Reasons


The December 27th speech of Lebanese president Michel Aoun has attracted some international interest. It is to be hoped that it would, given the situation there at present. Lebanon is a country facing many problems, as if unending, and previously reported in NEO. The Lebanese pound has lost 90% of its value, and…

Who is Responsible for the Deteriorating Situation in Lebanon?


For many years, Lebanon was considered the safe haven of the Middle East plagued by wars, instability, and colored revolutions. Many have referred to the country as the Middle East’s Switzerland, including investments in Lebanon’s economy from countries of the region where the political crises were raging. The country’s banks…

Has Saudi Arabia Decided to Put an End to the Small and Defenseless Lebanon?


Recently, Saudi Arabia and its satellites Bahrain and Kuwait have decided to expel Lebanese ambassadors amid the rising tensions between Beirut and some countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC). In addition, Riyadh severed economic ties with Lebanon, which looks like a deliberately…

Lebanon – Far Too Busy at War with Itself: No Time for War with Others


One country that suffers from everything is Lebanon – location, wrong choice of friends, corrupt and inept government, water supply, energy problems and pending social, economic and moral collapse. Many of its problems are self-inflicted, but most others are the result of the intentional policy of its neighbours and the international…

Lebanon’s Problems Are Only Getting Worse


Lebanon’s current problems directly result from the absence of a strong state, as the country has relied on aid instead of building a solid economy. The UN estimates that 78% of the country’s population currently lives in poverty. Where warring factions have empowered and enriched their leaders, the state has consistently refused to provide the essential…

A Window of Opportunity Opens Up for the Lebanese


After 13 months of political vacuum, a new government was finally announced in Lebanon, led by Najib Mikati, a 65-year-old Lebanese billionaire who headed the cabinet in 2005 and also in 2011-2013. He ranks 446th in the list of the world’s wealthiest people with at least $2.6 billion in capital. Initially, he played the role of a compromise prime minister to lead…

Lebanon on the Verge of a Possible Solution to the Ongoing Crisis


A high-level Lebanese government delegation held talks in Syria in an attempt to solve the severe fuel crisis that has paralyzed the entire country. This is the highest level of official visit since the civil war in Syria started, unleashed by the West and the Gulf monarchies, more than a decade ago. The Lebanese delegation, headed…

Lebanon: Trouble and Misery Keep On Piling Up


At a time when Lebanon is facing a severe economic and political crisis, new border tensions between Hezbollah and Israel are, quite naturally, particularly undesirable for the country. But this week, both Israel and militants of the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah attacked each other across the Israel–Lebanon border.  It is unclear why each side decided…

The Internal Crisis Continues to Tear Lebanon Apart


One year ago, a huge explosion occurred in the port of Beirut, killing 217 people. On the anniversary of the tragedy, thousands of Lebanese took to the streets to commemorate the victims and express their discontent about what is happening. The Lebanese people demand that those responsible for the tragedy be punished. As noted by the American news channel CNBC…

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