The Qatari Teeterboard of Washington


More than 100 days of conflict around Qatar have passed and, as they say, it is now there. All the efforts of a number of countries to resolve the conflict peacefully by means of negotiations between the parties concerned have not yet…

Qatar: The New Victim of “Regime Change” Agenda?


Some recent development have shown in unequivocal terms that the Gulf crisis is far from a negotiated end; rather the geo-political fault-lines it has caused seem to have hardened into new regional configuration. That mutual…

Gulf Crisis leaves open big cracks in Saudia’s Islamic Military Alliance


The diplomatic spate, engulfing the Gulf States, have left wide open cracks in the otherwise all-Sunni house, led by Saudi Arabia. It appears that the Islamic Military Alliance (IMADahJTkfw has set Qatar…

Persian Gulf – What is Happening in the Region?


The Persian Gulf region continues to surprise and keep the entire world community on its toes. Yet again, a dangerous tension in relations between a number of countries and Qatar has developed. Six Arab countries, namely Yemen…

Qatar is Advancing in the LNG Battle


In the circumstances when oil prices are dropping, some countries, including Russia, Iran and Qatar, are staking on gas in an attempt to balance their budgets. But if Russia supplies natural…

Qatar: Wind of Change or a Minor Facelift?


After the Cabinet reshuffling at the beginning of this year, when many prominent representatives of the Al-Attiyah clan, the second most powerful after the House of Thani, were replaced with members of the ruling dynasty, some experts in…

Qatar Carries On its Vicious Anti-Russian Policies


One couldn’t help but notice that the Persian Gulf monarchies have recently started sending their emissaries to Moscow and Sochi way too often. This statement is particularly true when we take a close look at the actions of…

Emir of Qatar has Paid a Visit to Russia


Moscow seems to be turning into a sort of political Mecca to where various political leaders are coming to discuss international issues. This is especially true for Arab leaders, who have not simply been regularly…

Why Qatar Wants “to Make Friends” With Russia


As it has been reported, the leaders of the International Union of Muslim Scholars drafted an open letter, stating that they “share a positive attitude towards the Russian Federation, which supports the Arabs and Muslims today.” Moreover, the letter…

Qatar is Caught in the Middle of Yet Another International Scandal


The former Prime Minister of Qatar Hamad bin Jassim has been caught at the center of yet another scandal, but this time around the charges pressed against him imply something more serious than “mere” corruption. The British court has recently…

Qatar wins a Geo-Political Jackpot

After ‘suffering’ a period of relative isolation and inaction, Qatar seems to have ‘win’ the necessary US and Arab support…

Qatar’s ‘larger than life’ Geo-Political Stretch

In traditional frameworks of analysis of foreign policies and power potential of states, geography and ‘size’ of the states are…

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