Qatar is on the Verge of Scoring New Victories


Saudi Arabia, overtaxing itself in its vain efforts to establish dictatorial control over all the countries on the Arabian Peninsula, has recently moved toward a compromise with Qatar to end a devastating three-year conflict. However, as practice still shows – and many sources close to the negotiations say – a complete resolution remains unattainable, despite the offer…

Gulf Normalisation is not “Arab Unity”


While Saudia Arabia/UAE and Qatar have been successful in bringing their more than 3 years old diplomatic stand-off to an end, and the moment has been called a “big breakthrough”, there is no gainsaying that the ground realities of the Gulf have already changed to an extent where a mere normalization wouldn’t automatically produce the so-called “Arab Unity.” Past three years have…

Will Trump Have Time to Reconcile Qatar with its Arab Neighbors?


Against the backdrop of Trump’s already recognizably disastrous policy along many foreign and domestic vectors, he has nevertheless been vigorously looking to leave “a significant mark in American history” as his legacy. One of the areas of focus for this activity has been reconciling certain Arab and Muslim countries with…

Qatar Draws Widespread Attention


Over the course of the last decade, Qatar’s media coverage was due to its role in staging and putting into motion a number of Color Revolutions. The country acted as a sponsor for training and preparation programs for influencers and bloggers on organizing mass protests via social media. In addition, according to multiple media reports, the Emirate’s authorities…

Qatar is Successfully Fighting against all Types of Hardship


The coronavirus pandemic, which has rapidly swept across almost all the countries in the world, has also demonstrated the abilities of individual rulers and the ruling elite to resist this scourge.  Quite a few countries, such as the United States, have failed to properly withstand this attack, and have fallen victim to COVID-19; others, such as Qatar, the small but…

Qatar: What Future Awaits the Emirate


Inexplicable Arab sanctions against Qatar are now in their fourth year. At the present time, only Saudi Arabia and its satellites – Egypt, Bahrain, and the UAE – maintain the embargo, and accuse Doha of some types of sins that those countries themselves don’t understand. At the same time, during all three years, the Emirate has constantly declared its readiness to cooperate…

Qatar: Small Country, Big Deeds


The COVID-19 pandemic currently ravaging most of the world’s nations has surely placed ensuring global unity (without which it will be impossible to win against this evil quickly enough and with more or less no grave consequences) in the fight against the virus on the planet’s agenda. Many politicians and experts believe that the current situation worldwide will only…

The Qatari Teeterboard of Washington


More than 100 days of conflict around Qatar have passed and, as they say, it is now there. All the efforts of a number of countries to resolve the conflict peacefully by means of negotiations between the parties concerned have not yet…

Qatar: The New Victim of “Regime Change” Agenda?


Some recent development have shown in unequivocal terms that the Gulf crisis is far from a negotiated end; rather the geo-political fault-lines it has caused seem to have hardened into new regional configuration. That mutual…

Gulf Crisis leaves open big cracks in Saudia’s Islamic Military Alliance


The diplomatic spate, engulfing the Gulf States, have left wide open cracks in the otherwise all-Sunni house, led by Saudi Arabia. It appears that the Islamic Military Alliance (IMA) has set Qatar…

Persian Gulf – What is Happening in the Region?


The Persian Gulf region continues to surprise and keep the entire world community on its toes. Yet again, a dangerous tension in relations between a number of countries and Qatar has developed. Six Arab countries, namely Yemen…

Qatar is Advancing in the LNG Battle


In the circumstances when oil prices are dropping, some countries, including Russia, Iran and Qatar, are staking on gas in an attempt to balance their budgets. But if Russia supplies natural…

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