Israel Demonstrates its Disregard for Human Rights


Once again Israel demonstrates to the world its utter disregard for human rights. And this is not only in the ongoing airstrikes on Syrian territory and the suburbs of Damascus from Lebanese territory or the Golan Heights, as a result of which Syrian civilians suffer. For example, this April alone, Israel’s F-16 fighter jets carried out another missile strike. On April 9…

The Making of an ‘Arab-Israel NATO’ in the Middle East


The recent meeting of Arab and Israeli leaders in Israel in the southern Negev Desert is a remarkable event, not just because it signifies how Arab states and Israel are increasingly normalising their ties but also because this summit could be the first serious step towards establishing a joint security mechanism against common threats i.e., Iran. Most importantly…

Israel, Ukraine, and Black Market Transplant Surgeons


The topics of local military conflicts and illegal human organ trade always go hand in hand, since military actions are not just about solving geopolitical issues and commonplace profiting off the arms trafficking but also about illegal human organ trade. Organ buyer-ups and black market transplant surgeons have long become ordinary elements of the military…

Israel Tries to Forge an anti-Iranian Coalition Yet Again


Despite Israel’s lack of success so far in its attempts to “fundamentally resolve” the issue of Iran’s nuclear program, it is actively trying to exploit its recent favorable relations with individual Arab states to bring such countries together in an anti-Iranian coalition it leads. To this end, amid improving Israeli-Egyptian relations, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett visited Egypt for a new…

Israel Defends Kiev’s Nazi Authorities


Russia’s recognition of the independence of the LPR and DPR caused some confusion in Tel Aviv, where at first nobody was in a hurry to make a statement. Moreover, after intense consultations in Israel’s Foreign Ministry and National Security Council, local officials were forbidden to provide comments by the ruling coalition, leaving the Jewish nation-state…

Israel is an Apartheid State, says Amnesty International


The human rights organization, Amnesty International, published a report detailing the “true extent of Israel’s apartheid regime” and strongly called for an arms embargo on Israel and for Israel “to recognize the right of Palestinian refugees and their descendants to return to homes where they or their families once lived.”  In this landmark report, the influential organization said…

Can We Expect Saudi Arabia and Israel Normalizing their Relations in the Near Future?


After Israel signed the Abraham Accords in 2020 to normalize relations with the UAE and Bahrain, and then with Morocco, whether Saudi Arabia will be next in line in this process is being actively discussed in the United States, Israel, and the Middle East in general. The intensity of such discussions increased…

Tel Aviv Insists on a Radical Solution to Iran’s Nuclear Program


On December 10, at the annual Israeli-American Council (IAC) National Summit in Miami, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz met with senior US functionaries about a radical solution to Iran’s nuclear program. He warned his American counterpart Lloyd Austin, and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken that he had ordered…

Israel’s Illegal Occupation of the Golan Heights Remains an Obstacle to Peace


During the period of the last Labor government in Australia, the general policy of that government, which was in power for six years from 2008 to 2014, was to abstain on votes in the United Nations critical of Israel. When the Liberal government has been in power, as it has continuously since 2014, the vote is almost invariably against any motion…

Israel Once Again Provocatively Hides behind Civilian Aircraft in its Attacks on Syria


Despite repeated statements at the UN by official Syrian authorities, Israel continues regular airstrikes against Syrian civilian targets, including provocative airstrikes when its fighter jets start hiding behind civilian aircraft. In early September alone, Israeli Air Force fighter jets fired 24 missiles at targets inside Syria. The Syrian Air Defense…

The Iran Nuclear Saga: US-Israel Hammer Out a “Plan B”


Even though the presidential candidate Joe Biden had vowed to “move quickly” to re-join the Iran nuclear deal, this has not happened. The Biden administration’s deliberate strategy to kill the previous deal by following the framework of talks it inherited from the Trump administration has contributed massively to the present deadlock, leading the US and Israel…

Israel Continues a Difficult Relationship With its Neighbours


The state of Israel has long suffered a difficult relationship with its Arab neighbours and a look at its history provides a clue as to the reason why. The Balfour declaration of 1917 marks a significant turning point. The declaration favoured the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine. That declaration was made without reference…

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