Israel and chemical weapons

In the variety of articles, diplomatic negotiations, resolutions and fears about chemical weapons in the Middle East, with which the…

Israel’s Congressional and GOP Intel assets exposed

Hamas-e1306269812303 (1)
This is a sad and embarrassing column to have to write, about Israeli espionage penetration into our highest levels of…

Iran-Israel Relations Yesterday and Today

Reading the reviews and comments on an article about the current tensions between Iran and Israel, which sometimes are on…

Likud Extremists facing total defeat

“And as far as the Jews controlling America is concerned, look at it this way. If it isn't true, you…

Are Netanyahu and Foxman holocaust deniers?

“I won’t allow the Israeli delegation to be part of a cynical public relations charade by a regime that denies…

Israel’s elections and the “russian street”

The “Russians” are coming The issue of “Russian” Israelis has reemerged in the Israeli media as the early parliamentary elections…

The Israeli elections, Netanyahu and the Iranian factor

Knesset dissolved On the evening of October 16, after convening for its winter session, the 18th, Israel’s Knesset finally voted…

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