US Officially Makes Israel the New Middle Eastern Hegemon

Two years ago, when the Abraham Accords were signed and Donald Trump hailed them as a truly historic moment, there…

Israel and the US are Creating a “Middle East Alliance”

According to Israeli Minister of Defense Benny Gantz, Israel and the US have recently been working hard to establish a…

US Tries to Open a “Second Front” in Syria


It is well known that US politics, and American politicians themselves, have long thrived not on “diplomatic successes”, but on considerable cash profits from the unleashing of numerous armed conflicts in one part of the world or another. And this is particularly evidenced by the recent allocation by the US Congress of $40 billion to prolong the war in Ukraine and the new supply of US arms…


US and Israel are to Blame for a Real Risk of a Catastrophic War in the Middle East


Amid growing uncertainty about Iran’s return to the 2015 nuclear deal, and in light of protracted negotiations with the United States, the Israeli Army, with Washington’s direct support, has stepped up efforts to create a real military threat to Iran and unleash a large-scale war in the Middle East. To this end, the Israeli military has begun…

Why is Israel Helping the US against Russia Now?


Even though Israel had previously refused to oppose or condemn Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine– which was provoked by the West’s irresponsible expansionism associated with NATO’s enlargement plans – the situation has changed in the last few days. Israel has clearly altered its previous status, as Jerusalem not only criticised Moscow’s military operation…

Tensions Flare in the Palestinian-Israeli Relations


The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has reaffirmed its commitment and support for the rights of the Palestinian people to sovereignty over their occupied land. The OIC member states held an extraordinary meeting in Jeddah on April 25 and called for coordinated efforts to protect Quds (Jerusalem) and its holy sites from “crimes committed by the Israeli military.” The OIC member states stressed that the Holy Quds and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are a red line for the Islamic Ummah and without liberating it from the “occupation of the Zionist Israeli regime” security and stability in the region will not be achieved.  The Israeli military aggression against the Palestinian people and the illegal actions…

Israel Demonstrates its Disregard for Human Rights


Once again Israel demonstrates to the world its utter disregard for human rights. And this is not only in the ongoing airstrikes on Syrian territory and the suburbs of Damascus from Lebanese territory or the Golan Heights, as a result of which Syrian civilians suffer. For example, this April alone, Israel’s F-16 fighter jets carried out another missile strike. On April 9…

The Making of an ‘Arab-Israel NATO’ in the Middle East


The recent meeting of Arab and Israeli leaders in Israel in the southern Negev Desert is a remarkable event, not just because it signifies how Arab states and Israel are increasingly normalising their ties but also because this summit could be the first serious step towards establishing a joint security mechanism against common threats i.e., Iran. Most importantly…

Israel, Ukraine, and Black Market Transplant Surgeons


The topics of local military conflicts and illegal human organ trade always go hand in hand, since military actions are not just about solving geopolitical issues and commonplace profiting off the arms trafficking but also about illegal human organ trade. Organ buyer-ups and black market transplant surgeons have long become ordinary elements of the military…

Israel Tries to Forge an anti-Iranian Coalition Yet Again


Despite Israel’s lack of success so far in its attempts to “fundamentally resolve” the issue of Iran’s nuclear program, it is actively trying to exploit its recent favorable relations with individual Arab states to bring such countries together in an anti-Iranian coalition it leads. To this end, amid improving Israeli-Egyptian relations, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett visited Egypt for a new…

Israel Defends Kiev’s Nazi Authorities


Russia’s recognition of the independence of the LPR and DPR caused some confusion in Tel Aviv, where at first nobody was in a hurry to make a statement. Moreover, after intense consultations in Israel’s Foreign Ministry and National Security Council, local officials were forbidden to provide comments by the ruling coalition, leaving the Jewish nation-state…

Israel is an Apartheid State, says Amnesty International


The human rights organization, Amnesty International, published a report detailing the “true extent of Israel’s apartheid regime” and strongly called for an arms embargo on Israel and for Israel “to recognize the right of Palestinian refugees and their descendants to return to homes where they or their families once lived.”  In this landmark report, the influential organization said…

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