Iran versus USA


As the US presidential election draws near, the “beacon of democracy” appears to be plunging deeper and deeper into chaos, with violence, lawlessness and rights abuses reaching levels previously unseen over the past 70 years.  Ill-advised and heavy-handed actions taken by current US President Donald Trump and his administration have resulted in very serious domestic…

Latest Acts of Piracy by US Against Iran


A new intense confrontation between Iran and the United States is expected to take place in the future. And it could very well turn into a full-on war. It is common knowledge that Tehran sent five tankers with fuel to Venezuela, and this caused quite a stir in Washington.   US media outlets have reported that Donald Trump’s administration, angered by Iran’s act of defiance…

Why are Arab States No Longer Bound to Follow Washington’s Policy on Iran?


With the US military presence in the Persian Gulf dwindling on the back of Pentagon’s recent withdrawal of troops from Saudi Arabia, an important question that the Gulf Arab states need to consider is whether they are to follow the US-imposed anti-Iranian line. For the US, Iran remains an enemy state. Accordingly, the US…

Iran – Powerful and Determined


I refuse to describe Iran as a victim. It is not. It is one of the most influential and strong-minded nations on Earth. When facing mortal danger, its people unite, harden themselves and get ready to face invaders, no matter how threatening they might be. Iran is home to one of the oldest and deepest cultures in the world, and it’s precisely this culture…

How Threatening Iran Works for Trump


According to ‘System Survival Theory’, country leaders often postulate an external enemy to create powerful distractions to hide their incompetence and/or to stay in power and maintain their regime. Behind Trump’s recent, though not unusual, threat to Iran lies the same ‘system survival’ logic. Facing extreme pressure at home due to his administration’s extreme…

Iran is Fighting Back and Winning


In Luxembourg, Tehran scored a victory in its court case over $1.6 billion of Iranian funds that were frozen earlier at the request of the United States. In particular, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani noted that the country was able to triumph in the European Court of Justice against Washington’s attempt to block and confiscate Tehran’s assets in order to transfer…

Why the US wouldn’t Ease Iran Sanctions


Past two weeks saw the US officials moving from first issuing an alert to their military commanders to make plans for a retaliatory strike against Iranian targets to talking about ‘easing’ sanctions on Iran if Iran ‘wants it.’ It’s obvious that there is no reason why the Iranians wouldn’t want to see sanctions against them being eased up. Yet, Trump’s desire for…

US Policy Vs. Iran: Apex Desperation


US policy versus Iran has reached new heights of desperation and new lows in terms of undermining international law and norms. In Washington’s losing battle to maintain hegemony in the Middle East at the expense of the actual people and nations that exist there – it has resorted to high-level assassinations, unilateral strikes against targets within…

United States and Iran, So What’s Next?


A fairly dangerous situation involving Iran has seemingly remained unchanged for some time now. Each side is waiting for its adversary to make the next move, but no one is taking any decisive actions as yet. They are, at present, equalizing their positions and evaluating pluses and minuses. In the meantime, more and more questions are arising among members…

More to the Flight 752 Tragedy Than First Appearances Suggest


On 3 January 2020 a drone, believed to be operated by the United States, fired a missile upon a convoy of cars departing Baghdad airport, killing at least nine persons. Amongst the victims was Major General Qassem Solemani, a high ranking Iranian general who at the time of his murder was engaged in what is accurately described as a peace mission. He was carrying documents…

Iran Successfully Defends Its Right to Exist


In 2019, the Middle East was the stage of a fierce confrontation between Iran and the US. The Iranians wish to live by the laws of their ancestors and centuries-old customs, having made it clear that they are prepared to oust any overseas aggressor. This confrontation has been taking place against the backdrop of Sunni-Shia…

When Will Washington’s Assassination Spree be Universally Condemned?


The treacherous US assassination of a senior Iranian leader – General Qasem Suleimani, which violated all norms of international law provoked a storm across international media with pretty much everyone opposing this criminal act committed by Washington. A lot of criticism has also been voiced regarding the entire US foreign policy posture…

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