Iran: What is the Future of the Nuclear Deal?


While many around the world hoped for a positive reaction from the United States to Iran’s latest response, the European trio at the talks in Vienna (E3 – the UK, Germany, France) have separately issued a statement that could undo all the positive results of a year of painstaking negotiations. After Tehran responded to an American text submitted through the European Union…

Iran’s Membership in the SCO Only Strengthens It


The irreversible fundamental changes that have recently emerged in world politics and economics make the growing role of the new centers of power increasingly clear. They interact with each other based on the universally recognized principles of the primacy of international law and the Charter of the UN, to ensure equal and indivisible security, respect for mutual…

A Decisive Moment for the Iranian Nuclear Deal


Just a short while ago it seemed that the new Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between Iran, the USA and a number of other major world powers was on the point of being signed, and all over the world people breathed a sigh of relief and welcomed the end of fear, doubt and uncertainty. But unfortunately that did not happen, and now the talks have turned into a political…

US is “Concerned” about a Rapprochement between Russia and Iran


Despite the steps taken by Washington in recent years to isolate Iran from the outside world, and despite the imposition of crippling sanctions, Iran continues to lead an active foreign policy. And those policies are not confined to opposing the USA’s attempts to isolate it. Tehran is also concerned to counter…

US Criminal Activities against Iran


The United States, true to its tactic of exacerbating the situation in any region of the world, has also left a rude “mark” in the Middle East. This is a region that the Biden administration, after its disgraceful flight from Afghanistan, is losing day after day. The day before giving its long-awaited response to the European Union’s proposal for nuclear talks…

Progress in JCPOA Talks has not Diminished the Number of Those Opposing It


The emergence of real signs of a possible settlement of the most acute crisis in the Middle East is linked to the possible signing of a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, which is based on numerous compromises, could become a major victory for international…

Iran-US: Last Chance for a New Nuclear Deal


The United States has recently gone rapidly down a political slope towards its world-anticipated collapse. Nancy Pelosi’s hysterical visit to Taiwan, which triggered a new aggravation of the China-Taiwan confrontation, Washington’s gross escalation of global tensions over the Russia-Ukraine conflict and its direct involvement by providing intelligence to Ukrainian…

Russia Formed a Peacekeeping Axis in Tehran


As predicted on the eve of Joe Biden’s Middle East visit and Putin’s trip to Tehran, the Russian president clearly demonstrated the significant difference between Russian and US foreign policy.  First of all, it lies in Moscow’s aspiration to create humanitarian conditions for peacebuilding that meet global requirements, while the White House has…

US is Actively Trying to Undermine Iran


Iran has been living under US and EU sanctions for over four decades now. Over time, foreign food left the country, with the Danish and Dutch milk, English teas and cereals, coffee, and Swiss chocolate familiar to Iranians in the past having disappeared from store shelves. But there was no famine, as Iranian farmers did their best, baked bread, and bought rice…

Iran-Armenia Relations Continue to Strengthen


The Republic of Armenia occupies an extremely difficult geopolitical position. To the east it is bordered by Azerbaijan, with which Armenia has conflictual relations because of the unresolved territorial dispute over Nagorno-Karabakh, ongoing since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. To the west, it is flanked by Turkey, which is friendly towards Azerbaijan and actively…

Iran and the US – When Will We See a New Agreement?


Extensive negotiations on the so-called Iranian nuclear deal have been conducted in Vienna over the last 12 months, many highly complex drafts have been prepared, a lot of obstacles have clearly been overcome, and now, at last, it appears that there is light at the end of the tunnel. However, media organizations around the world agree on one point: the final result…

The Geopolitics of the US-Iran Rapprochement


The US push to revive the JCPOA with Iran has accelerated in the wake of the Russian military operation in Ukraine. As many reports have indicated, the ongoing talks in Vienna are very close to a successful outcome. As other reports have also indicated, the US is also willing to lift sanctions on Iran, including removing the Revolutionary Guards’ designation…

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