Iraq’s Kurdish Problem Leaves the US No Way Out


The latest developments in Iraq have put the US in another dilemma. It wants out of that country, but can’t actually leave because everything which is going on there is the product its own US foreign policy. It is affected by everything that goes on there, it can’t just walk…

Arbaeen – The Untold Largest Pilgrimage in History


Far from the public eye, carefully blanketed by mainstream media silence, the holy city of Karbala saw this early November its numbers of inhabitants swell by an estimated 17 million and counting. From all four corners of the world…

West’s “Kurdistan” Policy Not Adding Up


On one hand, the United States is demanding that Iranian-backed militias “leave” Iraq, claiming the fight against the self-titled “Islamic State” (ISDahJTkfw is over. On the other hand, the US and its European partners are still funneling…

US Mercenaries, Iraqi Highways and the Mystery of the Never-Ending ISIS Hordes


While the US and European media provided little explanation as to how militants from the self-titled Islamic State (ISDahJTkfw managed to appear, expand and then fight for years against the combined military power of Iraq, Syria…

As Two US Clients Squabble in Iraq, Tehran Emerges as the Winner


Notwithstanding the overwhelming vote the Kurdish referendum for independence received, there is no gainsaying that regional circumstances were far from suitable for such an undertaking, let alone its materialization. Iraq has…

Iraqi Kurdistan: Referendum Over. What Next?


Despite calls by the international community and the central government in Baghdad, an independence referendum for the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan was successfully held. As expected, the vast majority of the Kurds cast an affirmative…

Liberation of Mosul: What’s next?


With the fall of Mosul – the ISIS bastion, a gloomy page in the life of its residents, who spent 1,125 days under the yoke of jihadists, was turned over. Left behind were great human sacrifices and material losses. According to unofficial data…

Lessons from Mosul: Double Standards, War Crimes and Lack of Accountability


Last week the Iraqi government announced that Mosul has been ‘liberated ‘ from the control of ISIS. The major campaign for Mosul’s liberation began in October 2016 when the US led coalition massively increased both…

American Aggression Against Syria: A Casual Admission of Guilt


The propaganda release that is listed below of the US Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve news release posted on the US Department of Defence website of June 19th regarding the shooting down of a Syrian…

What Future Awaits ISIS in Iraq?


In mid-January, Pentagon spokesman Geoff Davis announced that ISIS militants were surrounded by superior forces and, therefore, demoralized. As if to confirm this statement, the Iraqi TV station Al Sumaria recently reported that…

The Terrible Price of the Mosul Operation


Mosul is the second most populated city in Iraq and mainly inhabited by Sunnis. It fell under ISIS’ full control back in June 2014, largely due to the deep mistrust that the indigenous population had…

Curious Alliances Taking Place Amid Mosul Operation


As it always happens, a major military offensive in a country where multiple interests collide and converge, alliances take place. Some new are formed and some old suffer a set-back. Iraqi army’s operation in Mosul, the erstwhile…

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