Turkey Begins its “Hunt” in Iraq


After becoming actively involved in conflicts in Syria and Libya, on June 14, President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan launched operation Claw-Eagle in Iraq against PKK’s (the Kurdistan Workers’ Party) bases in the Qandil Mountains (in northern Iraq) as well as in the town of Sinjar and several other settlements.  Anadolu Agency (an international news outlet headquartered in Ankara) reported that as a result…

Iraq: New Realities but Old Problems


Since the US invasion in 2003, Iraq has experienced a number of political upheavals. And to date, the nation has been unable to recover – despite Iraq’s vast crude oil reserves, the citizens’ living standards have not returned to even their basic levels. The illegitimate presence of US occupation troops continues to contribute to a noticeable destabilization…

Forgotten History of the Persian Corridor


“The Red Army: for the Sake of History and Generations” and “The Historical Significance of the 75th Anniversary of Victory over Fascism” are some of the headlines appearing in the Iraqi media these days. These are echoes of the Soviet people’s celebration of victory which has not been forgotten in Iraq. And although the Iraqis did not directly participate in the battle against…

“Iraqi Pandemic” for USA


The Coronavirus pandemic in the United States, which is having a devastating effect on many nations, has shown just how incapable the current US administration is when it comes to solving any problems, including those related to foreign policy. It seems that the time when Washington was able to resolve many issues on the world stage by waving a magic wand are over. We live in a different world…

At What Cost are the US and its NATO Allies Withdrawing from Iraq?


Numerous news outlets have been reporting that discontent is growing among the public in Middle Eastern countries with the presence of coalition forces on their territory, and the most frustration being caused by the American troops stationed there. This is particularly evident in Syria and Iraq, where the real reasons for this military presence are…

The Illegal United States and Allied Invasion of Iraq & Syria Reaches Crisis Point


The onset of the coronavirus has had a number of consequences in the health and livelihoods of millions of people. There has however, been another consequence that is little remarked upon, and that is the almost total disappearance from the news cycle of the ongoing wars in Syria and Iraq. The western media have long ignored…

US Kills Iraqis For Demanding End of Illegal Occupation


CNN in its article, “US conducts airstrikes against multiple Iranian-backed militia sites in Iraq,” would report: The US carried out airstrikes on Thursday against multiple Iranian-backed militia sites in Iraq, according to the US Defense Department. The strikes come one day after the US assessed an Iranian-backed group was responsible for a rocket attack on a base where coalition…

Iraq’s Stability Hedge on Ayatollah Sistani’s Longevity in Power


News this Thursday of Ayatollah Sistani’s health issues very much put in focus the matter of his succession, and maybe more pertinently yet, Iraq’s ability to weather such a catastrophic loss to the integrity of its institutions. “His Eminence was subjected to a twisting in the left leg that led to a fracture of the thigh bone, and he will be…

Who will Protect Iraq?


After Afghanistan, the Republic of Iraq became the second country in the Greater Middle East to suffer a US military invasion in recent years. Many years have since past, yet war rages on in this country, between the new government and various ethnic and extremist groups, and it has become a staging ground for American military operations in neighboring Syria. Apart from Syria, Iraq borders with Turkey and Iran…

Who Is the “Color Revolution” in Iraq Directed Against?


Since October of last year there have been ongoing mass demonstrations in Iraq, which have not yet subsided. As a result of clashes with law enforcement agencies, at least 600 protesters have died and over 16,000 have sustained injuries. Iraq’s President Barham Salih cited these statistics during his speech at the recently finished World Economic Forum…

What Does the US Hope to Achieve in Iraq Through Maintaining its Illegal Presence?


In 2019, when the US announced to ‘withdraw’ its forces from Syria, it did this only to relocate them to Iraq, which was, as I had written then, to become the main territory for the US military entrenchment in the region against Iran, as also Russia and China. This was decided in the wake of the…

Is Iraq between the Hammer and the Anvil?


“Iraq caught between a rock and a hard place”, “Iraq between the hammer and the anvil” and similar headlines in Iraqi news reflect public reactions towards recent events within the nation. We are referring here to the assassination of Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al‑Muhandis, the deputy head of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces…

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