On Iraq Crisis: The Plan to Re-make the Middle East

On June 15, 2014, former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, denied the accusation that the attack on Iraq in 2003…

Ahmad Chalabi: The Return Of The “Bad Penny”

An English expression refers to a "bad penny" as someone who keeps turning up and causing trouble no matter how…

Iraqi Kurdistan on a difficult road towards independence

NEO collage - 46
Set against the backdrop of complex geopolitical processes that are now taking place in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq,…

Iraq: Is it a Sunni-Shiite clash or a political conflict?

There are some political scientists and analysts who continue to view the current armed conflict in Iraq as a clash…

Iraq: American “democracy” and Bedouin democracy

The latest events in Iraq have shined a spotlight on the unseemly role that Washington played when it threw all…

The global implications of the Iraq crisis


These days, when Europe and the Middle East are remembering the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War, a few historians and political scientists are giving due attention to the study of the effects of the Sykes – Picot…

Turning point in the fight against radical Islam in Iraq

The ISIS group, which has previously seized part of the territory of Iraq and Syria, announced on June 29th the…

The new aggressive strategies of the US in Iraq

The recent, supposedly unexpected events, unfolding in the Middle East, especially in Iraq, shed some light on the subsequent “grand”…

The Strange Case of Nouri al-Maliki

While the world’s attention has been fixated on the rapid advance and conquering of territory by ISIS/ISIL in Iraq, a…

Russia, Iran and Syria is Coming to the Aid of Iraq

When, a little while ago, the author of this article repeatedly claimed in his previous publications that, U.S. supremacy in…

As Iraq Burns, US Plans $500 Million to Terrorists in Syria

The New York Times in its article, "Obama Requests Money to Train ‘Appropriately Vetted’ Syrian Rebels," stated: President Obama requested…

The political dimensions of the current conflict in Iraq

To the extent that the battle in Iraq continues between the coalition of ISIS and other Sunni militant groups, tribal…

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