Is the CIA’s ISIS Cult Already Collapsing in Iraq?

Since the early 1950’s, when the CIA station chief in Munich became aware of the effective use of radical Jihadist…

Iraq Conference in Paris: Pros and Cons for Russia

An international conference on the security of Iraq was convened on September 15 in Paris and included foreign ministers and…

ISIL is following the Taliban path

Since the beginning of their occupation of Mosul the islamists from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)…

Washington Menaces America With Its ISIS Creation

The Washington Times in an article titled, "Intel believes 300 Americans fighting with Islamic State, posing threat to U.S.," makes…

ISIS and WMDs: Who Wants to Destroy What in Iraq?

Western veterans of the Iraq War have long objected to the fact that they were sent there on the basis…

Iraq and the Situation in the Middle East

Iraq has become yet another burning trouble spot in the Middle East that weighs on everyone and is a threat…

Iraq: New Officials and Total Uncertainty

New Eastern Outlook COLLAGE 556
A major change of all the senior officials of Iraq - the president, prime minister and the speaker of parliament sparked controversy…

Kurds at forefront in fight against Islamic State

Up until recently remaining neutral to the civil wars in Syria and Iraq, the Kurds, amidst the devastating offensive of…

Staged Provocations Ahead Possible US-Syrian War

With the alleged brutal murder of American journalist James Wright Foley, a wave of anger and aggression across Western audiences…

Order Out of Chaos: The Global Elites Plan for a “Middle Eastern Union”

The Middle East has been engulfed in a state of chaos for decades now, with the region becoming increasingly unstable…

The ISIS Crisis and the Fall of Maliki

Since the overthrow of the Baathist government in 2003, by means of a direct US military invasion, the primary goal…

Can the new Iraqi Prime Minister save the country from its final disintegration?

After lengthy consultations with all the political blocs and factions within the Iraqi parliament, Iraq’s President, Fuad Masum, appointed Haider…

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