Egypt’s Growing International Renown is Undeniable


Egypt, which has been steadily strengthening its role in the Arab world since the second half of the twentieth century, has uninterruptedly enhanced its authority on the international stage, and is now firmly in a noteworthy position on it. Recently, very important talks were held in Cairo between Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Egyptian…

The Great Nile and the Controversy Surrounding its Waters


After more than a month of consultations, the UNSC adopted a chairman’s statement calling for the resumption of the African Union (AUDahJTkfw mediation to reach “a binding agreement on the filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERDDahJTkfw.” The adoption of the resolution coincided with the arrival…

Egypt: a Glorious Date in the History of the Suez Canal


July 26, 1956 is an important date in Egyptian history – it was the day President Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal. In his annual address to the nation from Manshia Square in Alexandria, he said that the famous canal would now become Egypt’s exclusive property and its people. Until then, the country had no control over it because a foreign firm ran…

Russia is Actively Working on an Alternative to the Suez Canal


For economic success, as we know, it is not enough to produce goods. It also needs to be delivered to the buyer. That’s why transportation routes are becoming more and more critical every day. And why, along with the use of already well-known transport routes, China, for example, is creating its own New Silk Road, building an alternative to the Panama Canal in Nicaragua…

Are Egypt and Turkey on the Path to Reconciliation?


In recent years, relations between Egypt and Turkey have been complicated on several fronts. There has been no relationship between Cairo and Ankara since 2013 (i.e., when the Egyptian coup d’état took placeDahJTkfw. Much of the foreign policy conflict between the countries is due to the fact that Turkey is actively seeking to take control of the Arab world, in which Egypt sees…

Bilateral Ties between Egypt and Russia Grow Steadily


Despite many factors that have attempted to alter the balance of power in the Arab world, and the Middle East, in recent decades, including “color revolutions” imposed on the region from outside, Egypt remains an influential state, both in the Arab world and on the African continent. Russian leadership aspires to reinforce the country’s diplomatic, economic…

Impact of Egypt’s Growing Influence in the Middle East


Not only is the Middle East one of the cradles of civilizations but also a region with the largest natural gas and crude oil reserves on the planet. It is a place where different cultures collide, a focal point of international trade and an important political arena. Interests of three continents (Asia, Africa and EuropeDahJTkfw merge in this region, where the United States continues to pursue…

Egypt and Israel are Contemplating Alternatives to the Suez Canal


The now infamous blockage of the Suez Canal, along with the incident that nearly led to its repetition that occurred in early April, as well as a series of terrorist attacks committed by Israel against Iranian ships, has forced the international community to actively look for a possible alternative to this vital maritime transport artery. Against…

The Suez Transport Collapse a Look into the World’s Fragility


The March 23 traffic collapse in the Suez Canal due to the grounding of the giant container ship Ever Given has inadvertently become one of the hottest topics of discussion of late. It has brought additional world attention to our vulnerability and direct dependence on the state of current transportation routes in various parts of the world. The accident blocked…

Egypt-Sudan: Strategic Cooperation


The just-concluded visit of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to Sudan and the positive outcome of his talks with the top leaders of the neighboring country have created a new solid political-military situation in North Africa. Unlike the West, who solve various disagreements and disputes in the foreign arena only through threats, sanctions of various kinds, the construction…

LADA Cars in the Middle East


Russia is one of the world’s main suppliers of technologies and high-technology products related to the defense, space, nuclear energy, etc. industries, meaning strategically important areas of activity in which only qualified professionals can fully appreciate what has been achieved. As far as the production and export of everyday products for ordinary people are concerned, for example cars, the Russian Federation…

Egypt Assumes an Active Role in the Middle East


Recent events and Cairo’s policy in this context clearly show that Egypt is steadily reclaiming its major role in the Middle East, not as a tool in the hands of the US and Israel, but as it was before, standing on all-Arab patriotic positions. And these vectors of Cairo’s foreign policy are clearly visible in Egypt’s participation in the 2019 coup d’état in Sudan, in its approaches to resolving the Libyan…

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