Bahrain: the Tough Struggle Continues for Human Rights Activists


The situation in the small emirate of Bahrain, situated in the waters of the Persian Gulf, has once again caught the attention of media outlets worldwide. The matter at hand is that the country’s Supreme Court upheld the death penalty against two people accused of killing a police officer, despite international concerns about their confessions…

Bahrain: the Deadly Lasso of US Diplomacy

Donald Trump’s administration has, through its diplomacy, achieved a “resounding success” in the Persian Gulf. Bahrain, a small emirate with a tiny population which US diplomats could scarcely even find on the map, even after repeated attempts, has, under US pressure…

Bahrain: the Continuation of the Pearl Revolution


The Persian Gulf is a turbulent region where something happens on a daily basis that can have a negative impact on world politics. This time, it was the small Emirate of Bahrain in the thick of things: in the midst of the “revolutionary”…

ISIS-Linked Autocrats to Host British Navy


US and British leaders love to invoke the concept of human rights when promoting their latest neoliberal crusade. UN Ambassador Samantha Power’s career has consisted almost entirely of this strategy…

Bahrain and its Uncertain Future


Recently Bahrainis filled streets across the country to protest the sentencing of the Al-Vafak opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman. It’s reported that civil unrest broke out in some neighboring countries. It should be noted that since the events of the Arab Spring, all across…

Bahrain: The Parliamentary and Municipal Elections

The first parliamentary and municipal elections since 2011 on the small island nation of Bahrain were just recently held. A total of 419 candidates was registered for this…

Bahrain-Russia-USA: clarifying the relationships

The current administration of Barrack Obama, considering itself the new ruler of the world à la Napoleon, in an attempt…

Pakistan – Bahrain: Investments in exchange for assistance in the field of Defense and Security 

Relations between Pakistan and Bahrain are developing in the direction of overall revitalization and further diversification, by the current administration…

Bahrain: the Tensions Remain

Almost three years after the mass unrest in Bahrain, the situation in the kingdom has become strained once again. The…

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