Middle East

Strengthening Ties Between Turkey and Qatar Cause Unrest in the Region


In addition to the United States and Qatar’s active development of relations and cooperation, observers’ attention is drawn to the growing ties between Qatar and Turkey, which are perceived ambiguously in the region. Today, Turkey and Qatar are militarily, intellectually and ideologically intertwined. A security cooperation agreement signed…

Israel to Retain Military Supremacy in the Middle East


While the Abraham Accords may have made Israel a friend of the UAE and Bahrain, kicking off a ‘peace process’ that may ultimately include other Gulf Arab states as well, a growing possibility of US physical retrenchment from the Middle East logically leaves Israel as the sole regional power, capable of militarily handling Iran, Turkey and Qatar—the chief rival bloc…

The Confrontation in the Eastern Mediterranean is Not Subsiding


The standoff taking place in the Eastern Mediterranean, despite attempts on the part of the international community to reduce its intensity, is unfortunately not calming down. In the beginning, in September, the first preconditions arose for Ankara to tone down its demonstration of intransigence in its efforts to gain access…

Qatar Draws Widespread Attention


Over the course of the last decade, Qatar’s media coverage was due to its role in staging and putting into motion a number of Color Revolutions. The country acted as a sponsor for training and preparation programs for influencers and bloggers on organizing mass protests via social media. In addition, according to multiple media reports, the Emirate’s authorities…

US Seeks to Prolong Terrorism in Syria, Not Defeat It


Recent attacks on Syrian positions from terrorists of the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (ISIS) and the release of thousands of prisoners in US-occupied eastern Syria illustrate how Washington is demonstratably prolonging instability in Syria as part of its promise to transform the nation into a “quagmire” for Russia and Iran. Newsweek itself, in an article titled, “US Syria…

Bahrain in the Wake of US and Israeli Policies


Bahrain, a small emirate located in the Persian Gulf, became the next country following the UAE to establish peaceful relations with Israel, after heavy pressure from the US. Of course, King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa called this step a “historic achievement” designed to serve not only the interests of his kingdom, but also to help establish peace in this turbulent region of the world…

The Libyan Conflict Takes an Alarming Pause


Despite the fact that there are no messages that would cause any alarm from Libyan media outlets in recent days, the situation in this country is still far from normal, but rather has only taken a temporary (and alarming) pause. According to reports from Libya Al Ahrar TV channel, the split in Tripoli has become even more pronounced due to the talks being held…

The UAE-Israeli Connection: Who Benefits from All This?


The normalization of relations between countries in the Arab world and Israel is an extraordinary event, and therefore signing the peace agreements with the UAE and Bahrain – in Washington under Donald Trump’s hawk-eyed gaze – caused a flurry of comments, analytical articles, reports, and just plain speculation. But there is something that all these…

Palestine – Anniversary of the Death of a Child


Palestine under siege for 72 years. A UK-prompted UN decision in 1947 allowed David Ben-Gurion, then the head of the Jewish Agency, to proclaim on May 14, 1948, the establishment of the State of Israel. The United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine, a UN proposal, recommended a partition of “Mandatory Palestine” at the end of the British Mandate…

Turkey: Erdogan Continues to Pursue an Old, Failed Course


Turkey’s great, imperial past, and the ideas associated with neo-Ottomanism, are quite popular and widespread in various strata of Turkish society. This all forces its political elites, and the country’s leadership, to proceed from the point of this sociopolitical dream, and act more decisively to try to revive this project of neo-imperialism. This course, as politicians see…

Washington is Using Israel to Reinforce its Politics of Confrontation


It is commonly known that the United States has included the Middle East in the strategic areas of focus for its foreign policy due to economic, political, strategic military, demographic, and energy-related factors. Despite how the situation is changing, Israel has remained the main US partner and outpost in such an important region…

Middle East: When will Palestinian Issue be Resolved?


President of the State of Palestine and Palestinian National Authority Mahmoud Abbas asked the United Nations to convene an international conference on the Middle East in 2021, after two Gulf states normalized their ties with Israel and once the US presidential election has taken place.  According to his statement, “a genuine peace process” will lead…

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