“European Spirit” and the Manufactured Migrant Crisis


It is hard for a better comment on the refugee issue than what Germany recently did. Due to lack of place for refugees, they sent them to the Buchenwald concentration camp, where 70 years ago, the same nation murdered people from the whole Europe…

On BBC’s Credibility Seppuku


Nasty, that’s the tone of western media these days, and BBC is the nastiest of all. Type into Google or Yandex the term Vladimir Putin, and you’ll quickly be able to discern this. If the Russian president is not vilified over mythical invasions, or an invisible…

Great Britain is a centre of “money laundering”


As it appears from the report recently published by the Bank of England, half of British banknotes are used for money laundering by criminal structures, or circulate abroad. The British shadow economy covers, primarily, criminal activity which in addition to…

Who Is Going to Solve the Refugee Crisis?


The unprecedented wave of migrants that has swept Europe in recent months is now affecting the relations between European nations, since no one seems to be willing to address the issue of accommodating them. This crisis has become a mental shook up for the European…

Italy’s Role In a New European Disorder


The burden of leadership is an unbelievably complex and cumbersome role these days. Every day we see evidence of ineffectual direction in the world, and at a time when the world needs guidance most. Perpetual conflicts, paradigm shifts in politics and policy…

Is ISIS Conquering Europe With Immigrants ?


I am talking with Witold Gadowski, a well-known Polish journalist and co-author of Insha Allah Martyrs blond. The first picture tells the story about the Islamic State and suffering of Christians. The film premiere will be held in Spain and Paris. Whether…

The BBC’s Credibility Crisis is Terminal


The BBC is seeking to establish a Russian version of its World Service. It claims it must do so to counter the well-funded “propaganda” of Russia’s RT. The UK Independent’s article, “BBC to face down Vladimir Putin with plan for new World Service Russian TV…

Immoral British Leaders Exploit Refugee Crisis to Demand Military Action in Syria


Just in case you thought UK leaders couldn’t get anymore morally bankrupt, the British establishment is exploiting the tragic refugee crisis that has gripped Europe to push for even more military intervention in the Middle East…

Remember I Told You: All Our Problems Came from the Illuminati!


The world is in a mess, in case you did not notice. For any journalist out there, one look at the headlines mirrors a reality right out of a Stephen King psychological horror. Migrants swarm into the European…

Great Britain is Violating Human Rights


The deeply critical attitude of current United Kingdom politicians in relation to other countries’ violations of fundamental human rights is widely known. However, while criticizing other countries, the United Kingdom, with its characteristic stance of…

Sanity Prevails: Scotland to Ban the Cultivation of GMO Crops


Fantastic news; the Scottish government recently announced it will take advantage of the amendment to EU rules and ban the growing of genetically modified organisms (GMOsDahJTkfw in the country. Scotland’s Rural Affairs Secretary, Richard Lochhead, stated…

Anti-Russia Campaign Drives Rising German Extremism


Germany has been recently swept by a wave of anti-immigrant violence. Over 173 arsons have taken place, most of them targeting buildings intended to house asylum seekers. The German government has officially condemned the violence, and voiced concern about…

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