FIFA Scandal Punches Hole in Our Daily Fantasies


Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFADahJTkfw appears to most as yet another monolithic institution constructing one of many walls of our modern, civilized world. Above questioning, it is an institution many depend on for…

FIFA, Blatter and Weaponized Sport


Incumbent FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter was re-elected to a fifth term in office by the 65th FIFA Congress in Zürich. Shortly before the Congress, Swiss police units cooperating with the United States’ FBI launched a series of arrests of FIFA officials on…

Macedonia: Europe’s Camel Doesn’t Want To Be A Domino


We’ve all heard it – “a camel is a horse designed by a committee”. It’s designed that way because everybody has their own agenda and their own use for the camel. It is hardly surprising; it comes as no surprise that Europe’s camel state…

Britain is Set to Open the Door to Cancerous GMO


This summer, British scientists are expected to begin field trials of a genetically modified (GMODahJTkfw potato dubbed by proponents the ‘super spud’, whose developers boast will be free of fungal diseases and other pest problems. GMO maize and oil seed rape could…

Evacuation Plans of the Polish Government: What For?


For some unspecified reason, the Polish government recently performs many movements which suggest that it is preparing for something bigger. Of course, the media continue calming the whole society because as we know Poland is still…

Will American LNG Help Europe Out ?


Given the rapid growth of gas production in the United States and the number of LNG plants under construction there, the strengthening of American influence in the global gas market is just a matter of time. The fact is undeniable. However, the capabilities of…

Russia Turkey and the New Greek Sirtaki


The European Union has an uncanny knack for shooting itself in the foot these days. Under strong pressure from a Russo-phobic Washington administration and various Russo-phobic EU governments, Brussels last year decided to take steps to block the bilateral agreements…

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Europe’s Propaganda Mess Creates the Enemy Within

The threat of radical Islam is being used to justify all kinds of political positions, real and feigned. Moslems only…

French Surveillance Law Amid Terror of Own Creation

Can a new surveillance law help stop terrorists the government is already tracking and simply choosing not to stop?  France…

UK Elections: EU Rejoicing Over its Fifth Column

A century ago the United Kingdom’s parliamentary elections would garner the same international interest as the US presidential ballot. One…

EU vs. Google: When Two Goliaths Meet

The European Commission has opened a formal investigation into Google to ascertain whether or not the company’s operating system, applications,…

UN Peacekeepers: Defenders of Law or Felons?

The recent scandal involving the sexual abuse of African children carried out by members of a UN peacekeeping mission, despite…

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