Who Could Organize the Paris Attacks?


Now that public outcry provoked by the terrorist attacks in Paris has begun fading away, different analysts and intelligence agencies are trying to establish why France has been chosen as the target for these attacks. In a country where intelligence agencies are…

The ‘Shadow Aspects’ of the Paris Massacre


A series of bloody attacks in Paris exposed a handful of aspects that have so far been hindered by the official rhetoric of Western politicians and media sources in order to show the so-called “success” of “anti-terrorist campaign” unleashed by Washington…

The French 9/11: Reasons and Lessons


The policy of double standards and blatant hypocrisy of the European Union have led to what would have happened sooner or later - international terrorism striking back in the center of civilized world – Paris. On November 13…

Attack in France – State Sponsored Terror, But Which State?


Reports indicate an unprecedented terrorist attack has unfolded in France, with over 150 dead, many more injured and reports still trickling in regarding the full-scale of the violence. The  BBC in its report, “Paris attacks…

A Paris Horror Prevails Today: Our Tomorrow Demands Caution


On Friday night the unthinkable happened. An unprecedented act of terrorism stunned the French capital, and now the world awaits some clarity and stability in the wake of utter carnage. French President Francois Hollande has declared a national state of…

Cyprus is at the Crossroads of the “Civilization Clash”


The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is a place where Europe and Asia converge in a struggle for geopolitical influence. Now its importance in the international arena has increased as never before: the war in Syria, attempts at NATO expansion and the Chinese…

Does the UK’s Athletics Boss Need a Fix of His Own?


Recent allegations Russia’s athletes are somehow more doped up than their western counterparts are the latest political slings aimed at a people sick to death of the endless lies. The UK’s Athletics Chairman, Ed Warner called for…

On the Current Duality in the UK’s Political Direction


People in the United Kingdom are fed up with war, waste, and leaning on wishful thinking. For those unsure of this fact, you only need to refer to the growing popularity of the Labor Party’s Jeremy Corbyn. As further evidence, the recent dissent on…

Europe: Welcome to a United Police State


The next step of the change from the current European Union to what could be called a European Police State might be the infectious diseases which are coming to us from Asia and Africa. It’s not just about long-extinct epidemics such as the plague…

Portugal, the Eurozone’s Next Greece


The illusion that all is well in the Euroland following the brutal Greek austerity agreement this summer is soon to be rudely disrupted by a new Eurozone crisis, this in what was hailed as the IMF and ECB “success story”–Portugal. Very soon, perhaps in…

Cameron Establishes “Total Control” Over UK Citizens


In the 21st century the political scene of most Western countries has been heavily dominated by oligarchs and their obedient puppets who are desperate to corrode the rule of law and radically restrict the personal freedoms of local residents. This…

Can Pan-European Hysteria Save NATO’s Syrian War?


After over a decade of war and destabilization waged by NATO stretching from North Africa to Central Asia, with the recent destruction of Libya and the 4-year war NATO and its regional partners have waged against Syria, an influx of refugees…

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