Does the UK’s Athletics Boss Need a Fix of His Own?


Recent allegations Russia’s athletes are somehow more doped up than their western counterparts are the latest political slings aimed at a people sick to death of the endless lies. The UK’s Athletics Chairman, Ed Warner called for…

On the Current Duality in the UK’s Political Direction


People in the United Kingdom are fed up with war, waste, and leaning on wishful thinking. For those unsure of this fact, you only need to refer to the growing popularity of the Labor Party’s Jeremy Corbyn. As further evidence, the recent dissent on…

Europe: Welcome to a United Police State


The next step of the change from the current European Union to what could be called a European Police State might be the infectious diseases which are coming to us from Asia and Africa. It’s not just about long-extinct epidemics such as the plague…

Portugal, the Eurozone’s Next Greece


The illusion that all is well in the Euroland following the brutal Greek austerity agreement this summer is soon to be rudely disrupted by a new Eurozone crisis, this in what was hailed as the IMF and ECB “success story”–Portugal. Very soon, perhaps in…

Cameron Establishes “Total Control” Over UK Citizens


In the 21st century the political scene of most Western countries has been heavily dominated by oligarchs and their obedient puppets who are desperate to corrode the rule of law and radically restrict the personal freedoms of local residents. This…

Can Pan-European Hysteria Save NATO’s Syrian War?


After over a decade of war and destabilization waged by NATO stretching from North Africa to Central Asia, with the recent destruction of Libya and the 4-year war NATO and its regional partners have waged against Syria, an influx of refugees…

EU: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised


It seems that the majority of the Christian world are celebrating the Russian victory over ‘moderate rebels’ – pardon me, over US ‘assets’ – in Syria, as Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski beautifully put it. In Russia, they have even begun wearing t-shirts…

Trident Juncture and the No To NATO Movement


The NATO war machine is now engaged in its biggest military exercises since the end of the Cold War. Exercise Trident Juncture began on September 28 and continues through to November 6 with exercises taking place in all NATO countries but with…

Slavery in Great Britain


It is a known fact that slavery is the first and crudest form of exploitation in history of mankind, where a human (slaveDahJTkfw is owned by another human (the masterDahJTkfw. Colonial powers and especially Great Britain actively participated in the slave trade and the use…

EU: Cashing in on the Refugee Crisis


Against the backdrop of the ongoing refugee crisis that Europe has been facing in recent months, one can clearly notice the desire of certain European politicians to earn some serious money from the human suffering. If workers…

MH17: Lack of Evidence and Political Chess Games


Following the Dutch Safety Board’s publication of the final report on the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, the political positioning and posturing about the tragedy continues. The Dutch Safety Board is…

Major No to GMO by Majority of EU States

Photo Credit: Bidness Etc

Monsanto and the GMO agribusiness cartel have suffered a major new defeat as two-thirds of the 28 EU member states have opted for a full ban on GMO crops according to the terms of new Brussels rules allowing national decision on the toxic agro-technology…

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