The Nexus: “COVID-19, Gig Economy or Expendable Employees”


For two generations society has been built of the concept of the regular wage earner. Housing, commercial development and politics have all been based on the presumption that most people will have regular jobs, bringing in regular incomes, and that they can expect this to continue until they retire. This presumption was…

Coronavirus Scandal Breaking in Merkel’s Germany


The widely-praised German model of the Angela Merkel regime to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic is now engulfed in a series of potentially devastating scandals going to the very heart of the testing and medical advice being used to declare draconian economic shutdowns and next, de facto mandatory vaccinations. The scandals involve a professor at the heart…

NATO, as an American Project, does Not Hold Up to Criticism


Against the backdrop of the events that have unfolded in recent years, and due to which the United States has effectively already lost its dominant position not only in the political economy, but also in the military industry, the countries that really founded NATO, and a number of its other members today, have begun to talk more and more frequently about leaving the alliance…

Behind Viktor Orban’s Defiance of a Brussels ‘Rule of Law’


Within the European Union in recent weeks the governments of Hungary and Poland have come under massive pressure from the EU Commission in Brussels for their threat to veto the extraordinary €1.8 trillion EU Budget on grounds that it contains provisions regarding mandatory immigrant or refugee quotas each country must accept. Both Hungary…

The World is on the Brink Yet Again


It’s all so sensational, I am sure there is no journalists or playwright who can begin to express how messed up the world is today. In America, a president acts like a petulant adolescent. In Europe, a league of nations cannot cope with anything, at least not effectively. Even a global pandemic has not been able to galvanize humanity onto a single course of action. Instead…

The Earth’s Population is Shrinking – the Only Thing Increasing is the Number of Billionaires


Just recently, it was possible to see a substantial number of reports in various media outlets predicting the growth of the birth rate throughout the world. These projections for many countries were explained by increased migration flows, and specifically reports spoke about a spike in the total…

The “Eastern” Policy Adopted by Britain and its Army


Great Britain, doing the best it can to regain its past influence in the international arena, is trying to showcase how active it is in the affairs of Middle Eastern countries. However, besides the UN Security Council, Britain is not actually included in any of the negotiation mechanisms for resolving conflicts in the world’s eastern regions, including the Middle East. But this does…

COVID-19: A Silent End to the World As We Knew It


The news that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is against closing EU borders to halt a second deadly wave of coronavirus cases made me realize – they just don’t get is yet. Forty-five million people have been infected, and over a million have already died, and the best our leaders can come up with is guesswork and prayers. This is the feeling on the streets…

British PM has “Other Things On His Mind!”


In English law there is a strange and very expensive device known as the super-injunction. This goes beyond an ordinary injunction in one important respect: not only can no one discuss the issue the injuction concerns, but no one is even allowed to refer to its existence A number of prominent people (journa- lists, captains of industry have taken out these super-injunctions…

Western Propaganda Over Skripal and Navalny Show Remarkable Similarities


There was once a notion that enjoyed wide acceptance throughout the world, especially in those countries that shared a common heritage with the United Kingdom, that was known as “British justice”. It was probably always a flawed notion, but such was the power of British colonialism that it enjoyed a reputation nonetheless…

Grosswirtschaftsraum as It Is


The truth often hurts, especially when it comes from an unexpected source. The reality of the European Union’s perpetual crises is hurting the very people the bloc was created to protect and comfort. Lest we forget why we put governments in place, let me remind every reader that our leadership is supposed to make us happy. The EU simply cannot operate as a democracy. This is the first and foremost…

The Empire’s New Clothes – or How Britain is NOT dealing with COVID-19


With news over the weekend that the UK registered over 22,000 new cases of coronavirus in a single day it may be time to look the Empire in the face and state the obvious: Britain’s new attire is not exactly flattering…“ I don’t want to blind them, I just want them to blink a little.” The Emperor’s New Clothes And blink we have…

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