Is the Current Climate Catastrophe Irreversible?


The year 2020 was one of the three warmest years in the history of climate observations. The year saw catastrophic natural disasters of devastating proportions. There were record high temperatures in Australia, leading to massive wildfires, the same happened in Brazil and the west coast of the United States, and drought in South America. Large-scale flooding…

Propaganda is all London has to Offer Today


The pious and noble image of “good old England,” conjured up for centuries by royal propagandists in the minds of the British, is an utterly false picture, which has very little to do with reality and of which everyone, at least outside Britain itself, is undoubtedly well aware. And one need not go far to find examples. Suffice it to recall that the world owes the emergence and intensification…

Why the “Brain Dead” Transatlantic Alliance Cannot be Revived


While the Transatlantic alliance continues to exist and even wield some military power, last four years have seen it becoming increasingly irrelevant in terms of its ability to shape bi-lateral relations between the US & Russia, EU & Russia and EU & the US. Its ability to influence the outcomes of different conflict zones, including Afghanistan…

After COVID, Davos Moves to Great Reset


With the USA Biden Presidency, Washington has rejoined the Global Warming agenda of the Paris Accords. With China making loud pledges about meeting strict CO2 emission standards by 2060, now the World Economic Forum is about to unveil what will transform the way we all live in what WEF head Klaus Schwab calls the Great Reset. Make no mistake. This all fits…

How Nord Stream 2 Could ‘Liberate’ Europe


More than anything else, riots in Washington D.C. showed that the US politics, while apparently shifting from the ‘mad’ Republicans to the ‘wise’ Democrats, is likely to remain in the grip of intense internal power struggle between what have become ‘pro’ and ‘anti’ Trump groups. The Biden administration is most likely to remain, at least for some time, focused on diffusing…

UK’s Renewed Focus on Children


Recently, in many countries, there has been a growing interest in child-related policies, including those that encourage the creation of optimal conditions for children’s overall development and their rearing. According to a study conducted by professors at Harvard University, low-income families seemed “to benefit from moving to better neighborhoods,” with…

The ‘European Challenge’ for the Biden Administration


The EU-China investment deal is a major breakthrough, one that would allow both actors to expand their economic power. For the EU, its China-policy, largely ‘independent’ of the US, stamps its own rise as a major global player in today’s increasingly multi-polar world. For China, an enhanced access to Europe means a major leeway for its economy in the wake…

Will Great Britain Face Penalties for its War Crimes?


Against the backdrop of Australia, a member of the British Commonwealth, officially recognizing the war crimes committed by the Australian military inside Afghanistan, the position taken by the UK authorities in London, which continue to hide genuine information on this issue, and are trying to evade responsibility for them. At the same time, the British and US…

Two-faced Germany is Selling Weapons to Regions where there is Armed Conflict


At the end of 2020 Germany, as its temporary membership in the UN Security Council was drawing to a close, was criticized in this pivotal UN body by Russia and China because of Berlin’s policy in Syria; it was pointed out that Germany and a number of Western countries there are “leaving the Syrian population in the lurch” due to their…

German Government Uses Lockdown to Sneak Deadly Pesticide


Using the conditions of the most recent coronavirus lockdown, the German government’s agriculture minister has made a stealth decision, without open debate, to re-instate a banned class of systemic insecticides known as neonicotinoids. The German move follows a similar move by the French Macron government…

Boris Johnson: Ridi, Pagliaccio!


Many people have predicted the demise of Boris Johnson, who has fallen many times, only to rise again on a wave of bluster and ignorance. According to some he will finally make one gaffe too many and have to resign. According to others, he will be forced out by his own party when the consequences of Brexit get too serious, and they won’t want a clown any more. Usually however such concerns are brushed…

What Will the Year 2021 Be Like?


The end of the year is usually the time when people recap the results of the year gone by, make predictions for the following year, and talk about the future joys that they anticipate, or the possible obstacles on the path toward them. Quite a lot has been written about the year 2020, now reaching its end, which was a leap year, causing many to be wary. The American…

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