Election Wakeup Call: Germany Offers To “Finally Cut The Crap”


One of the truisms of modern life is that some aspects of the past are beyond nostalgia. Keynesian economics have gone forever, so has the Soviet Union, even if people still hanker for certain things it provided. So when a major country starts getting nostalgic for things which it should have binned long ago, the rest of the world should start taking notice. When that country…

British Advice Given to Afghanistan Could Soon Come In Handy for Brits


In recent years, Great Britain has increasingly become known not as the heir to the fighting traditions of the former British Empire but as a country of “advice.” And what, indeed, does it do facing the shameful failure of policy in Afghanistan, for example? However, Great Britain did not fail to “give advice” Afghans, indecently…

Will Europe be Saved by Its Own Army?


The fact that Europeans need their joint armed forces can be heard more and more often in the European Union lately. The number of such statements has increased noticeably, especially against the backdrop of the US and NATO’s failure in Afghanistan. “America is leaving Afghanistan not only defeated but humiliated,” writes the French Le Figaro…

NATO and the EU: Will Dad’s Army Become a Rapid Reaction Force?


Did you ever hear of the old British TV show Dad’s Army? If not, it is high time to see it—and have a good laugh in the process. The show is about the Home Guard, the volunteer civil defence force established in the UK during World War II in case the Germans invaded. A succession of bumbling civilians from a wide variety of occupations comes…

The Collective West Fears an Increased Role for Germany


Over the last hundred years, oil and gas have often been the cause of numerous conflicts and wars. They have given rise to ad hoc strategies to seize energy deposits or prevent adversaries from gaining control of a vital resource to industrial nations and modern armies. And more than once, invader countries have learned by their own bitter experience that the price they have to pay…

Afghanistan Withdrawal Puts the US-Europe Ties On the Line


While the return of the “wise” and “experienced” Biden to the White House in 2021 was expected to be a pleasant change from the “erratic” and “unstable” era of Donald Trump, the extremely unstable nature of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan – which remarkably tells the state of crisis the US polity has been in for the last many years – has quickly vanished the euphoria…

How Will the Investigation into the Shameful British Evacuation from Afghanistan End?


On August 16, the head of the British TV channel LBC, Ben Wallace, the UK’s Defence Secretary, could not hold back tears in his commentary on the situation in Afghanistan. During the interview, Wallace revealed that “all of the ministry’s efforts were devoted to helping compatriots stranded in the Islamic republic.” However, he cautioned…

Ukraine to Help Britain?


In the face of collapsing British policies and actions in the foreign arena, the recent joyful publication of the British authoritative publication The Telegraph brought to attention that London had signed an agreement with the Ukrainian Navy “that will contribute to the development of British shipbuilding.” As the newspaper points out, a tragicomic situation has developed in Ukraine in recent years…

The Calm before the Storm: the World Will Soon be Overwhelmed by Afghan Refugees


On August 16, 2021, the entire world was stunned by gruesome footage from Kabul. Locals, struggling to leave the country, run after a US Air Force plane, trying to get a hold of it to leave Afghanistan, overrun by the Islamist terrorist movement Taliban (banned in RussiaDahJTkfw. Washington’s failed policies are resulting…

The Pandemic has Caused Many Countries and Politicians to Lose their Standing


Since the time the virus started to spread, the death toll from the COVID-19 pandemic has reached 4 million people! The United States, the country that would seem to have the most technologically advanced healthcare system in the world, takes the lead in terms of the number of deaths from COVID-19 (more than 600,000 peopleDahJTkfw. And India…

The UK: Official Secrets Are Not Worth The Lies They Are Written On


Do you know how pigs live in your local government district? You deserve a prize if you do. But if you are in the UK, and you tell anybody how many there are, you can be prosecuted for breaching the Official Secrets Act. The reasoning behind this is that an enemy of the UK could use this information to attack the country, by disrupting…

Empty Supermarket Shelves in Britain – What Will the Consequences Be?


The COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit have swept across Britain’s supermarket shelves like a hurricane, exacerbating the food poverty that afflicts millions of people in the country. Members of the Parliamentary Committee for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs consider that ecological problems may cause the situation…

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