On the Results of the G7 Ministerial Meeting


From May 3 to 5 this year in London there was a ministerial meeting of the G7 forum member countries, which, rather out of inertia are still sometimes called the Group of Seven Industrialized Nations. Such a designation was to a certain extent justified in the first two or three decades after its creation in the mid-1970s. The main motive for the formation of the G7 was…

US-led G7 Up Against Russia and China


Ever since Biden’s ascendance to the White House as the US President, the rhetoric against China and Russia has not only become more belligerent, but the Biden administration, using the ‘positive image’ of Joe Biden, has also started to enlist the support of as many countries against Russia and China as possible. When Biden’s defense and foreign secretaries…

Queen versus Knave: The Battle for the Soul of the United Kingdom


The death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, after a long and fulfilling life as consort to Queen Elizabeth II, provoked the usual debates about whether the British monarchy should continue, and what it actually does. Then just when everyone was getting involved in these debates they were given a sharp reminder of why the monarchy continues…

It’s High Time to Assess the “Ethical Standards” Professed by EMA and EU Bureaucracy


The World Health Organization (WHO) has once again reiterated that the situation with the spread of the novel coronavirus infection across the globe remains alarming. The number of confirmed cases has already exceeded 130 million, while over 3 million people perished. What is particularly troubling is than 41% of the infections reported…

Sweden Axes Gates Mad Global Warming Scheme


For more than a decade Bill Gates has funneled millions of dollars into a scientifically mad scheme allegedly to study the possibility of “manmade global cooling.” The project, led by a Harvard physicist, proposes to send satellites into the atmosphere in order to drop tons of chemicals in an attempt to block the sun. Now a strong resistance within Sweden has forced Gates…

Britain is Back to Murdering Foreign Politicians Yet Again


Just recently, a non-factional Ukrainian MP Andrii Derkach filed an appeal to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Irina Venediktova claiming there’s an assassination attempt being prepared on him and on the ex-prosecutor of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine Konstantin Kulik. According to Derkach, this attempt is being staged by a group of nine people…

The Great Power Democracy Con: Promising the Moon to Destroy Humanity


The United Kingdom is rightly proud of its National Health Service. When London hosted the Olympics in 2012, the opening ceremony included a little tableaux about the NHS, which was presented as one of the finest achievements of the host nation. However for over 40 years, whenever some public figure says “NHS” the next word is…

The Great Coronavirus Lesson: Many Leaders Have Failed the People


It’s coming down to this. Whose side will you be on when the coronavirus pandemic finally destroys nations, businesses, and innocent families unable to protect themselves? Will you side with the greedy politicians and corporate elites manipulating the situation? Or, will the stacked bodies and boarded-up shops finally make you realize what this situation…

Who are AstraZeneca, Supposed Saviours of the World?


The AstraZeneca Company, once famous only within its sector and in the places where its plants are, has now developed a global profile as a result of developing a controversial COVID-19 vaccine. Suddenly everyone is an expert on the company, saying “AstraZeneca” in the same tone they use to say “Fourth of July” or “Lamingtons” when talking to people they know…

The Problem of Refugees will Not Solve Itself on Its Own!


Even though the number of migrants observed globally has been steadily increasing over the last couple decades, a report released by the United Nations in the middle of the last year showed that COVID-19 reduced their total number by two million. Generally, this phenomenon can be attributed to border closures and travel restrictions. As a result, experts reported a 27% drop from…

New Scandals are Only Making the British Royal Family Stronger


Once again the British Royal Family is in the news. As always, there is a chorus of, “Why are they so important? Who cares about them?” … and then followed by a frenzy of eagerly devoured media reports about these uninteresting, unwelcomed people. This process demonstrates exactly why the royals are important. They are…

The Pandemic Could Lead to Extreme Poverty and Famine


With the coronavirus pandemic derailing economic growth everywhere, there is growing concern worldwide about hunger and malnutrition and the catastrophic impoverishment of populations. The World Bank predicts that there will be 150 million more people living in extreme poverty by 2022. The proportion of the world’s population living on less than…

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