Red Storm Rising! Germany Buys Russian Gas!

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is jumping up and down, screaming the US, German deal on Nord Stream 2…

France Faces an Existential Crisis

Once hailed the future of the Fifth Republic for he promised to reform France’s stalling economy and reclaim some of…

Both the British and the Americans Are Having to Confront New Realities


Brigadier Mark Totten of the British Royal Marines recently gave an interview to the Times newspaper of London. In the interview he revealed that the British were going to embark on covert tasks focusing on Russia and China. The British SAS and SBS forces were planning on new missions directed against both Russia and China…

The Consequences of the Coronavirus Pandemic are Dire


More than four million people worldwide have died from COVID-19, according to Johns Hopkins University. Three countries account for more than one third of all the deaths in the world: the largest number is in the United States, with 606,000, accounting for 15% of all deaths, followed by Brazil and India. However, given the difficulty of accurately tracking the spread…

Will EU Form its Army to Reinforce Sovereignty?


In 2012, the European Union received the Nobel Peace Prize for “advancing the causes of peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe”. But in less than ten years, instead of continuing to promote the aforementioned values, the EU “is taking two big steps to bolster its defense capacity and engage in military conflicts through training…

Fit for 55 — EU Green Deal and the Industrial Collapse of Europe


One of the rare honest statements by Bill Gates was his remark in early 2021 that if you think covid measures are bad, wait until the measures for global warming. The European Union is in the process of imposing, top-down, the most draconian measures to date, that will effectively destroy modern industry across the face of the 27 states…

Why’s Europe Divided on Positive Ties with Russia?


In a recent EU summit held in Brussels, the bloc overwhelmingly rejected joint French-German proposal to normalise EU-Russia relations. The bloc, instead of paying heed to the Franco-German message of redefining EU-Russia relations as a means to increase the bloc’s strategic autonomy in the international arena and reduce its dependence on the US…

Great Britain – the Queen of Lies and Provocations


Global media outlets have been busy reporting about an incident involving British servicemen who, in a provocative move, intentionally entered Russian territorial waters and failed to comply with a request from the Russian military until members of the latter were forced to fire warning shots. On June 23, 2021, HMS Defender, a British warship, sailed near Cape…

HMS Defender: No One had Blundered!


So what went on with this British warship in Crimea? Nothing, according to London. A great deal, according to those who were there, on both sides of the argument—and for you to be the judge. HMS Defender was sailing from Odessa (the smuggling port which Mikheil Saakashvili was made governor of after being granted instant Ukrainian citizenship by the government…

The British Are Having Trouble Adapting to the Realities of the 21st Century


Reports are coming through of an incident in the sea off the coast of Crimea involving a British warship and fighter jets of the Russian Air Force. The British denied that they were doing anything wrong, and similarly denied that the ship had been fired upon by the Russians. To counter that latter argument the Russians have released video…

Northern Ireland Foreshadows the Future – Just Maybe!


To the monumental disinterest of the outside world, the people of Northern Ireland woke on June 18th to discover that Edwin Poots, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, had resigned. He had been in the job three weeks. As far as we know, he was not forced out through a vote of no confidence but because he himself understood that the MLAs (members of the Northern…

The Uyghur Tribunal: Inciting Hatred Against China


The fascists are very active these days and one of the proofs of this dark shadow looming over the world is the recent so-called “peoples’ tribunal” put on in London over three days in early June. Otherwise called the “Uyghur Tribunal,” it is headed by Sir Geoffrey Nice, Q.C, the Machiavellian British barrister, knighted by the Queen for his services to Britain…

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