Britain Lost a Symbolic Figure with the Death of Queen Elizabeth II and Gained Nothing with the Appointment of Liz Truss


Around the world, condolences are being expressed on the death of 96-year-old British Queen Elizabeth II. Among the leaders of countries, the first foreign leader to congratulate Charles III on his accession to the British throne and express condolences in connection…

How the US is Breaking Up the EU


Today the United States, because of the growing global criticism of White House policies, is desperately seeking to maintain its leadership through destructive actions against not only its adversaries, but also allies in all directions. This is evidenced both by the numerous armed conflicts and aggressions around the world instigated by the United States…

Why are the US and Europe Legalizing Marijuana?


Recently, there have been increasing reports in the American and Western media about the legalization of marijuana in various countries. Although using marijuana is illegal in many countries, in the US the process has been very active in recent years, giving a major boost to an entire industry. The process of drug legalization in violation of international law…

Europe’s Energy Armageddon From Berlin and Brussels, Not Moscow


On August 22 the exchange-traded market price for natural gas in the German THE (Trading Hub Europe) gas hub was trading more than 1000% higher than a year ago. Most citizens are told by the Scholz regime that the reason is Putin and Russia’s war in Ukraine. The truth is quite otherwise. EU …

The War in Ukraine is a Foretaste of Much Wider Changes


When viewing the war in Ukraine one has the experience of reading the Western media and having to ask oneself, where do these people gather their information from? There is almost a complete detachment from the events on the ground and the way it is reported in the Western media. This is more readily apparent in the British press…

Did Scholz Go to Canada to Take a Shower?


On a 10-point scale, the current energy crisis in Europe has already received 8 points and a “frightening” forecast from the renowned consulting firm Rystad Energy. As the energy situation in the EU has steadily worsened in recent days, the number of problems facing Europeans is unwaveringly increasing. Europe is now very afraid of freezing to death …

An Assassin’s Bomb and the Death of the West


In September 2018 I wrote an essay about the brutal murder of Alexander Zakharchenko, the leader of the Donetsk Republic, by Kiev agents, backed by NATO, who was killed by a bomb on August 31 of that year, signalling the death of the Minsk Agreements and the inevitability of Russia’s special military operation to free Ukraine from the Nazi-NATO yoke. That essay…

In Addition to Gas, Drinking Water is Becoming a Strategic Resource


The sanctions war on Russia, inspired by the Russophobic policies of the United States and its allies, has plunged the world into not only economic and energy crises, but also ecological collapse. To comply with instructions from Washington to reduce Russian gas deliveries, the authorities of the Western states have considered reviving…

Why is the Flow of Migrants Changing Direction?


As Washington has expected in its use of migration flows to damage its political and economic rival, the European Union, the influence of this factor has indeed been increasing of late. And it is becoming increasingly dependent not only on the state of armed conflicts already unleashed by the United States in the world, but also on the energy…

The Migration Crisis is Tearing Europe Apart


In the past decade, Europe has faced its biggest migration crisis since World War II. It escalated significantly in the autumn of 2015, when the flow of refugees and irregular migrants from North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia into the European Union increased dramatically and the EU was unprepared to receive and distribute them. More recently…

Liberal World Order Dies of Logic Deficiency


The people who live under the striped woke boots of western leadership are treated like clueless cattle in route to the slaughterhouse. The mainstream media has become useless to anyone after the truth for a long time. However, it is useful for mirroring the state of affairs of our world. Read the following headline from CNBC, and decide for yourself what’s wrong. Let’s look, briefly…

At Last, the EU Wakes Up – And Finds Out It’s Doomed Anyhow


Finally, at long last, it appears the European Union may come to its senses. All it took was for German elites to understand they’re about to lose billions and risk upheaval. News from the IMF that halted gas supplies to the country will cost Europe’s largest economy 1.5 percent of its GDP in 2022 scares the Olaf Scholz puppet worse than communist smart girl Sahra…

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