Unsuccessful Maneuvers of the US-European Allies on the Iran Nuclear Front

Europeans’ hopes of reviving the Iran nuclear deal are rapidly fading, forcing them to seriously consider how to limit the…

The Speech Delivered by Truss and the Taiwan Issue


It makes sense to start telling another chronicle of the Taiwan issue with the sensational speech of the UK Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss at the residence of the Lord Mayor of the City of London on April 27. The topic of Taiwan in this speech (undoubtedly a keynote statement with a rather obvious personal and domestic political background…

The Geopolitics of NATO’s Expansion


What was, until a year ago, a “brain dead” organisation according to the French President has suddenly found not only a working brain but also a conflict to revive itself. The Russia-Ukraine conflict, while originally pushed by the US/Western insistence on expanding NATO to include Ukraine to encircle Russia, has become a direct source of oxygen for the organisation…

Islamophobia and Pan-European Racism Escalate in Sweden


For many centuries racism was part of the ideology of Euro-Atlantic civilization. It was Europe and the United States, where the most terrible racist and Nazi theories were born. An especially remarkable example of this ideology was Hitler’s Nazism, aimed not only at Jews and Gypsies, but also at the Slavic peoples, who were…

After the Fiasco in Africa, Macron “Improves” His Image via Ukraine


The President of France, amidst the failures of his policy in Africa, after just taking up the rotating post of President of the European Union, tried without much success to “restart” relations with the Dark Continent, in particular through strengthening the EU’s ties with the African Union. However, in reality, apart from declarative appeals…

Boris Johnson Supports Ukraine to the Detriment of the Brits


A highly sensationalist article by Bloomberg clearly shows that the British government left more than 5 million Britons without support in the current crisis in implementing its pronounced Russophobic policy! As the publication emphasizes, a significant part of the British population feels the consequences of the cost of living crisis especially…

Ukrainian Refugees in Europe Fall Prey to Criminal Networks


In the last decade, the refugee problem has become the bane of European countries. While 2.4 million asylum applications were submitted mainly from refugees from Syria and Iraq at the peak of the migration crisis in 2015-2016, Ukrainians now dominate the refugee population arriving in Europe, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Out of 4 million…

NATO Sanctions and the Coming Global Diesel Fuel Disaster


Amid the ongoing global inflation crisis, NATO heads of state and mainstream media repeat a mantra that high energy prices are a direct result of Putin’s actions in Ukraine since end of February.  The reality is that it is the western sanctions that are responsible. Those sanctions including cutting SWIFT interbank access for key…

Who is Blocking the Supply of Oil Needed by Europe?


The global energy crisis and the US anti-Russian sanctions due to the special operation in Ukraine have led to the fact that Europe is now spending about 10% of GDP on energy resources, according to analysts of Black Rock, one of the world’s largest investment companies. The last time the Old World spent this much was more than 40 years ago…

World Conflicts: What Comes After Racism?


Most of the world’s conflicts take place without anyone noticing, unless you happen to be one of the unfortunates caught up in it. Even when other countries send in troops, the most anyone offers is fine words, and the casualties are accepted as collateral damage, or less than human when they flee to another country from events anyone can see on the news in that…

Why the EU is Confronting China


The EU is clearly on a diplomatic war path vis-à-vis China. In the most recent (April 1, 2022) virtual EU-China summit, the Europeans clearly told Beijing that the latter’s support for Russia in its ongoing military operation in Ukraine will have a serious cost i.e., a rupture in the EU-China economic ties. China, on the other hand, emphasised the need to treat EU-China ties separately…

Economic Reality Confronts Europe With Some Hard Choices


After a brief period of depression, the Russian rouble has recovered back to the position held in December 2021 and is currently trading at around 84 roubles to the US dollar. It was not a recovery foreseen by the Americans who have made a determined effort to attack the rouble and by that means mount an attack upon the Russian…

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