South Korea

How to Capture South Korea in 7 Days

The new "insidious" plan of Kim Jong-un has been exposed. Another and, needless to say, anonymous defector revealed his plans…

Can the Republic of Korea be Called a Role-Model of Democracy?

Against the background of “tightening the screws” in Russia, the topic of Russia just catching up to the North Korea…

The Ban on the United Progressive Party in the Republic of Korea

The opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) quits the political arena. On December 19, 2014, the Constitutional Court of the Republic…

Korean Peninsula: Christmas “Tree of Discord”

We have not once described the process of inter-Korean relations and rather complicated and very volatile. The course of President…

The American military presence in Korea and its prospects

On August 6-7 at the Pentagon in the United States, a second meeting was held of the South Korean-American Council…

On South Korean Justice Again

This is not the first time we have touched upon the high-profile trials on the pro-North Korean conspiracy in South…

The Eurasian initiative by the President of South Korea

On October 18, 2013, in her opening speech at the International Conference on Cooperation in Eurasia, South Korean President, Park…

An unprecedented level of anti-Semitism in South Korea?

Similar headlines described reactions to the May issue of the Japanese magazine The Diplomat which contained an article with what…

The Next Phase of Russia’s Policy on the Korean Peninsula and in Relations with the DPRK

110623_North Korea_border4_109415512
At present, Russian-North Korean relations are experiencing a sort of renaissance, which stands out in contrast against the background of…

China and contradictions on the Korean Peninsula

In order to forecast the development of the situation on the Korean Peninsula and China’s policy in the region, we…

On South Korean Justice

Continuing to follow the high-profile trials in the Republic of Korea (RK), I would like to draw your attention to…

Results of the first year of Park Geun-hye’s presidency

It has been a year since Park Geun-hye became President of the Republic of Korea (RK). Although the year was…

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