Eastern Asia

The cancellation of Park Geun-hye’s visit to the 70th celebration of WWII victory

So "she will not be coming" The Foreign Minister of the Republic of Korea said on April 11 that Seoul…

Fight against corruption in South Korea and resignation of Prime Minister

Let us follow up on the subject that we touched upon earlier, since the events, causing a scandal in South…

Battle for Okinawa-2

Since last November, the conflict has sharply escalated between the central government of Japan and local authorities of Okinawa in…

Russia and Japan in the Face of Sanctions

One eloquent expression says: ‘The East is a delicate matter’, and in the contemporary world it is also influence-prone. Japan,…

More Undercover Pastors Arrested in DPRK

As a number of news agencies from Reuters to KCNA informed, on March 26 a press conference with participating representatives…

Japan to offer submarines to India following flying boats

A number of important aspects of the modern international policy touch on the seemingly specific issue of Japan's potential participation…

A new Round in the Anti-corruption Drive in South Korea

The South Korean government approved ratification of a new anti-corruption law passed by parliament on March 24, 2015, already informally…

The USA and China: Contradiction Growth in Security Sphere in the APR

With Chinese building up comprehensive national power, a variety of contradictions between Beijing and Washington are continuously expanding. Over the…

Political Aspects of AIIB Establishment

March 31, 2015 was the deadline for filing applications to become a member of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).…

Сhina Expands Influence in African Media

The Chinese Government, in the interest of broadening its political-economic expansion, has recently begun to pay particular attention to strengthening…

AIIB: Guess Who’s Got Back in Business?

In the recent decades Beijing has made every effort to ensure that it has the resources, markets, and the strategic…

New American Front against China

Apparently, at some point, the Burmese generals feared the scope of their growing dependence on China and concerned into renewing…

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