Eastern Asia

China Shale Gas Strategy a Fiasco

Two years ago the government of the Peoples’ Republic of China staked a major hope for their energy future on…

No Kim Il-sung image on North Korean 5000 won bill

North Korea hits the headlines yet again in several foreign news outlets. The 5000 won bill design is without the…

The American military presence in Korea and its prospects

On August 6-7 at the Pentagon in the United States, a second meeting was held of the South Korean-American Council…

On South Korean Justice Again

This is not the first time we have touched upon the high-profile trials on the pro-North Korean conspiracy in South…

The Eurasian initiative by the President of South Korea

On October 18, 2013, in her opening speech at the International Conference on Cooperation in Eurasia, South Korean President, Park…

Is DPRK going to become the second China?

"I am dying to find a way to invest in both North Korea and Myanmar. Major changes in these two…

Japan Joined US-India Military Exercise

From July 25 to August 1 Japan joined  joint naval exercises of United States and Indian warships codenamed "Exercise Malabar". This…

Shinzo Abe’s tour across Latin America

From July 27 to August 3 Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made ​​a tour of several Latin American countries, during…

GMO Golden Rice: The Scourge of Asia

Asia's dependency on rice cultivation for both subsidence and income is intuitively understood. The Food and Agricultural Organization of the…

Deforestation in South-East Asia (SEA)

Among the many reasons leading to the deforestation in SEA countries, accounting for a quarter of all the world’s reserves…

The Hunchun International Cooperation Zone

The establishment of the Hunchun Border Economic Cooperation Zone (ECZ) is not news and already has a long history; however,…

The growing “grey zones” in the Japan-US relations

The new interpretation of the "anti-war" chapter 9 of the Japanese Constitution of 1947 that was adopted on July 1…

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