Eastern Asia

Japan in “Grand Manoeuvres” of May 2015


The strategic situation in the Asia-Pacific region is shaped during the course of “The Grand Manoeuvres” held by the main actors of the regional “Great Game.” The main act of the Japanese manoeuvring this May was undoubtedly the state visit of…

China’s New Roads to Russia


I know of no comparable global Great Project to equal what is now unfolding, bit-by-bit, as China reveals more about her Silk Road Economic Belt high-speed railway infrastructure network. And it’s now clear that the road will be filled with entire new cities, industrial zones…

Can an Osprey Jeopardize US-Japan Relations?

An Osprey is a unique-fish eating bird of prey. This very name is given to the convertiplane V-22, built by Boeing…

Guidelines for Japan-U.S. Defence Cooperation

Winter CruiseCleared for public release by Lt.Cmdr. Brook DeWalt, USS Kitty Hawk Public Affairs Officer
On April 27, 2015, the heads of the U.S. and Japanese Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs, through the work…

Countering the West in the Black Sea and Beyond

A previous article entitled Battlefield: Black Sea examined the development of US and NATO military deployment in the Black Sea…

East Asian Tour of Modi in Context of Regional ‘Big Game’

From May 14 to 19 this year, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid state visits to China, Mongolia and South…

A South Korean Series or Following Our Publications

As usual, we track news on hot topics that were the focus in our previous publications. A possible escalation against…

Shinzo Abe on American Tour

Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe paid an official state visit to the United States, which lasted an unprecedented seven days…

Behind The Chinese Dream: The Rise of Xi Jinping and Its Global Conte

Amazon.com, Pearson PLC, and CBS are all well known to be US-owned corporations. However, under a loophole in Chinese law,…

Elections in Japan and Consolidation of the Japan Communist Party Position

On April 12th and 26th in Japan two rounds of elections to local authorities were held. In the first round,…

Elaborating on the issue of “North Korean hackers”

Fight against North Korean cyber threats benefited from a series of significant events. First and foremost, the Sony pictures documents…

China: Where Do We All Go From Here?

China has transformed from a backwater which produced cheap goods into one of the great economic powers in a very…

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