Eastern Asia

China to sell submarines to Pakistan


In the complicated geopolitical game unfolding currently in the “expanded” Asia-Pacific region, the primary focus is on Eastern Asia, which is quite reasonable. Tensions have been escalating and now cover the entire subregion which…

A New Chinese “Tea Empire” on the Silk Road


It is on China’s agenda to establish a “Tea Empire” in the Russian Federation in the near future, particularly, in the area encompassed by the infrastructure project, the “Silk Road Economic Belt.” The future “Tea Empire” will stretch from Chinese city of…

On China’s “Neighbouring Diplomacy”


Due to the significant strengthening of China’s all-round national strength and also in light of changes in China’s immediate surroundings, over the past few years, Beijing’s foreign policy and approaches towards its closest neighbours are subject to…

US Pacific Hegemony vs. a Rising China


The complexity and history behind the current tensions in Asia Pacific are belied by simplistic narratives underpinned by superficial nationalism. China’s portrayal across the Western media as a regional “bully” versus its victims across Southeast Asia is…

RAND Co on US and China’s Military Power


Evaluation of the balance of military capabilities of the two leading global players (the US and China) has long been in the focus of global “think tanks.” At the beginning of October this year, RAND Co. published a report titled, the U.S.-China Military…

China’s Achilles Heel is Her Golden Chance


The Peoples’ Republic of China has an Achilles Heel, a weakness in spite of her enormous strength that could be fatal to her survival as a vibrant, sovereign nation. That Achilles Heel, which since this past June has been visible for all the world, is also her golden chance to turn…

Reaction to the New Japanese Defense Legislation


Final approval of the raft of defense laws that was effected by the Upper Chamber of the Japanese National Diet (Japanese Parliament) overnight into September 19 2015, received an overall negative reaction of the Japanese society. An opinion poll…

Summary of Xi Jinping’s visit to the US


On September 23-26 the President of the PRC Xi Jinping’s government visit to the US took place. It had been preceded by a number of bilateral preparational measures. At first glance, the course and outcomes of the talks between two leading world governments leave…

Japan Spotlight: Is a Militant Red Sun Rising?


The 70th anniversary of the end of World War II has been momentous for many reasons. A new law enacted by the Japanese last week is not the least of a string of consequences of a new Cold War that threatens our world.  For the first time since 1945 Japanese…

Why Kim Jong-un wasn’t in Beijing?


In one of the previous articles we reviewed the reasons for which the heads of the Korean states were absent on May 9 in Moscow, but Kim Jong-un didn’t go to the Beijing celebrations either which were nominally much closer and more important. Moreover, if North Korea…

New Legislation in the Field of Defense Has Now Been Adopted in Japan


Thus, during the night of 18–19 September 2015, in situation of extreme nervousness the upper house of the Japanese parliament finally ratified a number of laws in the defense sphere, which were approved two…

On the Forthcoming Visit of Xi Jinping to the USA


The first official visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the USA, on September 21-22 of this year, will be the most important event in current world politics, during which he will also make a speech at the plenary session in the beginning of the next…

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