Eastern Asia

North Korea: Nuclear Testing in Exchange for Military Drills

The beginning of 2015 was marked with the usual offers from the North Korean government to reduce tension on the…

A continued analysis of the anti-North Korean leaflets

We continue to look at the continued release of agitational leaflets released into the DPRK by a variety of anti-North…

Angela Merkel’s Visit to Japan: the Aspect of Recent History

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “blitz visit” to Japan on March 9-10 garnered interest on various aspects. Only an urgent need…

China and Japan in the Struggle for Regional Leadership

Early in January 2015 bilateral agreements on free trade between Japan and Australia entered into force, while China announced its…

Special commission to assess the role of Japan in World War II

The issue of the forthcoming speech of Japan's Prime-Minister Shinzō Abe on the 70th anniversary of the end of World…

Chinese ‘Assault’ on the Middle East

Amidst the US led chaos in the Middle East, China continues to expand its geo-economic stretch, exporting a reasonable chunk…

US “Pivot” Sends Asia Fleeing Toward China

When former-US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the US "pivot to Asia," she and the policy wonks who dreamed…

Behind the Putin Invite to Kim Jong-un

Russian President Vladimir Putin raised many eyebrows in the west recently by confirming that he had invited the pariah North…

Why Now North Korea?

I try to start from the premise that people do certain things for a reason, although often not for the…

How to Capture South Korea in 7 Days

The new "insidious" plan of Kim Jong-un has been exposed. Another and, needless to say, anonymous defector revealed his plans…

What Message is Contained in the Execution of Two Japanese Citizens?

The execution "on video" of two Japanese citizens late in January of this year, carried out by "Islamic terrorists," like…

The South China Sea: The Situation May Aggravate

It seems we are actually observing the process of the development of a series of alarming events in the "Indo-Pacific…

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