Eastern Asia

Is the Deterioration of US-China Relations Temporary or Permanent?


The policy that the United States has recently been pursuing towards China would give you the impression that America’s political elite are suffering from a form of political schizophrenia. Moreover, not only can the signs of political division be seen in the deepening divide in American politics, but even the behavior of individual…

A Dangerous Precedent Set in South Korea


On July 7, 2020, the Seoul Central District Court obliged Kim Jong-un and the North Korean government to pay damages to two former prisoners of war for forced labor during the time they were held captive in the northern part of the country. This was the first case when a South Korean court declared its jurisdiction over North Korea. Let this author explain…

China’s Vision in a Post-COVID World


On 13 July an international newscast reported that the European Commission will discuss as a priority on how the EU should react to China’s national security law for Hong Kong, a sovereign decision taken by Beijing to protect the citizens of the Chinese territory, Hong Kong, from western instigated riots and acts of terror. This is apparently an issue…

What Stephen Biegun was Doing in Seoul


From July 7-10, Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun, US Special Representative for North Korea, made a visit to Seoul. While the entire makeup of the delegation is not clear, Biegun was accompanied by Alex Wong, deputy special representative for the North. The goal of the visit was to highlight the US commitment to find a diplomatic solution…

Hong Kong Security Law is Common Sense, Not Controversial


China’s special administration region of Hong Kong saw the passing of a security law outlawing acts universally recognized as criminal and threats to any nation’s security and sovereignty. Despite what would appear to be common sense legislation, the Western media has cried “controversy.” While the West claims…

A Chronicle of Inciting Hatred


This author has written more than once about how state-sponsored anti-Japanism is one of the cornerstones of the ideology put forth by the Republic of Korea, and unfortunately these processes elicit similar reactions in Japan, thereby creating a vicious circle. Here are a few recent narratives. In September 2019, the Korean police started an investigation on Liu Seok-cheon, a conservative sociology professor…

China’s Economy – and Globalization – A Look into the Future


After the corona crisis, may the world be facing a monumental paradigm shift of power towards a more balanced civilization – more social justice and equity? The global almost total lockdown, chosen by most governments around the globe in response to mastering the Covid-19 crisis, devastated the world economy, as we know it…

Hong Kong is Symptomatic of Wider Issues


On the 7th of July 2020 Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jin Ping held one of their regular telephone conversations. The fact of the call, let alone its content, received scant coverage in the western mainstream media. This was unfortunate because what the two men had to say conveyed major geopolitical decisions…

The Economic Aspects of a Trade War between Japan and Korea


On 4 July 2020, it will be exactly one year since Japan introduced export restrictions on South Korea on three types of chemicals critical for the microelectronics industry: fluorinated polyimide, hydrogen fluoride, and photoresists. South Korea called that step the start of a trade war. We should recall the essence of the issue: Japan highlights…

ROK President is Making Changes to his Team… or Is He?


On July 3, 2020, South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in partially reshuffled his staff in leadership roles by replacing the Unification Minister, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) Director and the Director of the Blue House National Security Office. Some experts viewed the changes as a sign the government was seeking “to focus on inter-Korean exchanges and cooperation…

On the Problems with Japan’s Course of Movement “Toward the Southwest”


In the strategic game that is playing out in the area around the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the presence of Japan is growing more prominent. The nature of this presence is reflected in both the aspect of Japan re-establishing itself as a leading world power and the swift transformation of the political puzzle taking shape here. Back…

South Korea Trapped between China and US


Tensions between the United States and the PRC keep rising. In fact, the confrontation is starting to resemble a “new Cold War”. The relationship appears to have reached a turning point on May 20, 2020, when the White House delivered a report, “United States Strategic Approach to the People’s Republic of China”, to members of Congress. A substantial portion…

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