Eastern Asia

A Year of CIO Activity


On the pages of our online magazine, we have repeatedly written about The Corruption Investigation Office for High-ranking Officials (CIO), formed in South Korea under Moon Jae-in as an alternative to the Prosecutor’s Office. It was established as an independent agency directly subordinate to the president and responsible for investigating crimes from VIPs to the country’s leader…

The Declaration of the End of the Korean War in the Current Environment


On December 13, 2021, during a visit to Australia, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said that the United States, China, and North Korea agreed in principle to declare a formal end to the 1950-53 Korean War. According to Moon, such a statement would help revive the stalled talks between South and North Korea, as well…

Sino-Japanese Relations in 2021


The development of the situation in the Indo-Pacific region, where the entire global political map of the 21st century will be increasingly determined, is significantly influenced by the state of affairs in each side of the Asian Triangle: China, India, Japan. Moreover, one should expect only an increase in this influence as the significance of the US presence…

Ten Years of Kim Jong-un’s Rule


It’s known that the former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il died suddenly at his workplace on December 17, 2011. The man who had the difficult task of taking the country out of a difficult situation caused by a set of natural disasters and radical changes in the international environment, which the DPRK calls “the hard march.” Kim Jong il “took North Korea…

Legislative Election Held in Hong Kong


Election to the Legislative Council, the local parliament in Hong Kong, was held on December 19 of this year – an event that observers outside China should be interested in from an academic point of view. It is always curious to see how one of the two leading world powers solves its internal problems, which inevitably become a matter of concern for other countries of different…

Diplomatic Boycott of the Beijing Olympics is Washington’s Self-inflicted Wound


The confrontation with China taken by Washington in recent years is being pursued not only on the economic front, with numerous sanctions against Chinese companies, but in politics as well, with the US creating various anti-Chinese blocs, such as AUKUS, provoking Taiwanese separatism…

A Referendum that was Held in Taiwan


On December 18, a referendum was held in Taiwan, to which four questions were submitted. Since both leading parties of the country, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and the Chinese National Party (Kuomintang), in increasingly tough opposition to each other in almost all aspects of domestic and foreign policy, called for directly opposite answers…

Even More Chronicles of the Taiwan Issue


Last time the author left the Taiwan problem with a sense of faint hope for possible glimpses into the general gloom which has been lingering for a long time. But nothing particularly reassuring happened either then or as a result of subsequent contradictory events, which have been flowing around the almost central point of the said problem…

Beijing and Moscow Strengthen Cooperation in Response to the West’s Incitement of Hatred Against Russia and China


The United States’ and the European Union’s desire to increase pressure with sanctions and hostile rhetoric on Russia and China has resulted in the tightest possible partnership between Moscow and Beijing, which are already united by years of extensive ties in various areas. Bilateral trade exceeded…

Anti-Chinese Sentiment Continues in South Korea


We have mentioned more than once how anti-Chinese sentiments are nurtured in today’s South Korea, and although according to conservative circles, Moon Jae-in’s administration pursues a pro-Beijing course, an incitement of hatred towards China comes not only from below but also from above. According to a joint survey conducted…

“War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea” in China’s Most Expensive Film


In the fall of 2021, the center-left pro-government South Korean newspaper Hankyore published an article titled Why South Korea Should Fear China’s Renewed Interest in the Korean War on a Chinese blockbuster film, The Battle of Chosin Reservoir, about the actions of Chinese volunteers in the winter of 1950…

A Recent Case in Point of What anti-Chinese Sanctions Could Bring


“One gets an impression that the West has lost a culture of political dialogue. The partners have forgotten how to address problems in a civilized manner,” said Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Pankin on December 8. Pankin explained that the West most often responds to any decision that does not conform…

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