Eastern Asia

Overseas Chinese and Their Role in China’s Policies

Chinese diasporas are among the most numerous and well organized diasporas in the world. There is a special term “Huaqiao”…

Chinese factor in the Korean Peninsula

НВО 21
Some experts are starting to think about how Beijing will maintain its position as the guarantor of stability and strength…

Results of the first year of Park Geun-hye’s presidency

It has been a year since Park Geun-hye became President of the Republic of Korea (RK). Although the year was…

China’s Global Expansion: Kingdom of Tonga as a Testing Site

The early 21st century was marked by a number of conceptual notions: “globalization”, “clash of civilizations”, “East-West confrontation”... Later on,…

China’s Economy in 2013: Preparation for reforms? Part 2

The real estate market and financial sector Foreign analysts tend to believe that these two areas are the most problematic…

China’s Economy in 2013: Preparation for reforms? Part 1

On February 24, 2014, China’s State Statistical Office published a detailed report on the economic and social development of the…

West’s Muted Response on Terror Attack in China

Saturday March 1, 2014's horrific terror attack at China's Kunming railroad station left 29 victims dead and over 100 wounded.…

Human Rights in DPRK and the UN commission Part 2

Kim Jong-un - on trial?  Kirby hopes that the materials of the Commission will activate the international community. Guided by…

Human Rights in DPRK and the UN commission Part 1

This is for the third time that we turn to the subject of the UN Commission of Inquiry into human rights…

Relations between China and Russia

Today, bilateral relations between China and Russia, actively developing on the principles of mutual respect, are drawing the attention of…

South Korea–North Korea: a step forward without a step backwards

1322980199_41738 (1)
On February 12, 2014, a very significant event occurred in the inter-Korean relations, which was immediately compared with the inter-Korean…

Is Japan’s Abe Taking his Cues from Cheney’s Washington Friends?

8652453168_a8757714a4_b (1)
Since a dispute over ownership of a group of barren and remote islands in the East China Sea—China calls them…

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