Eastern Asia

GMO Golden Rice: The Scourge of Asia

Asia's dependency on rice cultivation for both subsidence and income is intuitively understood. The Food and Agricultural Organization of the…

Deforestation in South-East Asia (SEA)

Among the many reasons leading to the deforestation in SEA countries, accounting for a quarter of all the world’s reserves…

The Hunchun International Cooperation Zone


The establishment of the Hunchun Border Economic Cooperation Zone (ECZDahJTkfw is not news and already has a long history; however, the development of this project always attracts certian interest. Here the economies of virtually all countries in Northeast Asia are…

The growing “grey zones” in the Japan-US relations

The new interpretation of the "anti-war" chapter 9 of the Japanese Constitution of 1947 that was adopted on July 1…

Air Pollution May Deal a Fatal Blow To China And India

Climate change has to some degree taken priority over other ecologic problems humanity faces. But the World Health Organization's recently…

Restoring Sino-Japanese Contacts and Russian Interests

The development of the political situation in the Asia-Pacific region is heavily influenced by the system of relations in the…

About the Malaysian Boeing Situation

The situation surrounding the crashed Malaysian Airlines Boeing has recalled for many the events of September 1st 1983, when a…

China’s Hydroelectric Policies

China has built the largest number of dams in the world, but the implementation of its plans for hydropower development…

Why Japan’s Rearmament Might Not Matter

Acrimony and elation erupted on opposing sides of a growing geopolitical rift in the Pacific following Japan's decision to sidestep…

An unprecedented level of anti-Semitism in South Korea?

Similar headlines described reactions to the May issue of the Japanese magazine The Diplomat which contained an article with what…

Baloney on the pitch

In one of our previous articles about North Korea, we mentioned the so-called “Stonefish Rule” which dictates that any crazy…

Merkel Goes to China

German Chancellor Angela Merkel flew to China with an official visit from July 6 to 12. It was her seventh…

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