Eastern Asia

Reluctant Dragon: The Chinese Intelligence Condition


While China has accepted human security as a new framework to study modern security challenges, it has been very busy trying to show how the implications of human security can be intrusive and even invasive of state sovereignty. Indicative of its confidence in projecting its own power outward across the global community, ‘non-traditional security’ includes not just people and populations but actual state security as well. Thus, China definitively inserts…

Two Chinas

The problem of the two separate Chinas interacting is by no means new and generally it pertains to issues with…

The Strange Case of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization


This piece investigates the unique peculiarities of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Instead of being a Eurasian counterpart to the EU, an additional IO bridge between East and West, or even influenced by organizations like ASEAN, the SCO is dominated by micro-agendas that work in opposition to the theoretical literature explaining international organization purpose. Consequently, this particular IO is not only failing to become a nexus…

China’s Palette of Opinions on North Korea

In modern China, a fairly wide range of opinions may be observed about what the policy towards Pyongyang should be,…

“Sweeping All Away To War…”

On 24 April, during a visit to Tokyo, US President Barack Obama declared that his country has an obligation to…

Barack Obama’s Asia Tour

New Eastern Outlook collage
Barack Obama’s Asia tour, which took place from April 23-29, 2014, was planned in the autumn of last year. It…

The Next Phase of Russia’s Policy on the Korean Peninsula and in Relations with the DPRK

110623_North Korea_border4_109415512
At present, Russian-North Korean relations are experiencing a sort of renaissance, which stands out in contrast against the background of…

Current Political and Economic Relations between China and North Korea

The strengthening of traditionally friendly relations with China, “formed by previous generations of leaders of the two countries remains the…

Eastern Countries and The Risks of Green Development

The problem of green development continues to generate a great deal of controversy. This was evident during the course of…

Kim Jong-un and a flamethrower

Another piece of news from North Korea has been spreading in media and the Internet. Kim Jong-un “burns enemies with…

Second Wind for China’s String of Pearls Strategy. Part 2

Foreign scholars could not help but notice that by the implementation of a special policy of conducting anti-piracy campaigns around…

Second Wind for China’s String of Pearls Strategy. Part 1

The naval maneuvers conducted from January 29 to February 14, 2014 by a small squadron of the PCR's navy in…

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