North Korea

Let’s Talk About Korea: The Dangerous Tone of US Media


Often, when people are first becoming personally acquainted with me and my political views, I will be asked point-blank: “Do you support North Korea?” I always respond, “No, I don’t support North Korea. I support all of Korea.” Among average Americans…

Syria and Korea: The Logic of Peace and War


The bold initiative by the Russian government to withdraw some of its forces from Syria is a lesson in the use of limited military means to achieve limited political ends. With the finesse of a skilled surgeon, the Russian intervention saved…

North Korea Punished for Helping to Liberate Africa

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Soon, most likely, there will be new brutal sanctions imposed against North Korea. And there will be massive provocative military exercises held, involving the US and South Korean (ROK). In brief…

On the Importance of Staying Cool in the Face of Provocations


On March 7, the Republic of Korea (ROK)-United States joint military drills known as Key Resolve and Foal Eagle began. The goal of this year’s exercises is to practice pinpoint strikes on the North Korean (DPRK) leadership and…

Will the DPRK be Recognised as a Nuclear State?


Inter-Korean relations have reached their nadir. Following the North’s fourth nuclear test in January and subsequent long-range rocket launch that placed a satellite in orbit, Seoul has closed the Kaesong Industrial Complex. Pyongyang has cut military…

Have We Witnessed a Dramatic Change in the Military Doctrine of the DPRK?


As it was reported on Friday by the KCNA, during a visit to a closed firing range where advanced multiple rocket launchers were tested, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un announced that the country should be prepared to use…

Reality and Hypocrisy: DPRK Nuclear Test Condemned By Nuclear Powers


The news of another nuclear weapon test by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, often referred to in the west as North Korea, has been met with condemnation from the most powerful nuclear armed state of them all, the United…

North Korea and the Hydrogen Bomb


Talks about a North Korean hydrogen bomb were successfully superimposed on a new round of speculations that the North was about to lash out again. Way back in late October the South Korean media, citing a source in the government, reported that work on the construction of a new tunnel was being conducted at a nuclear test site in northeastern North Korea…

Kim Jong-un and Hydrogen Bomb


Sensational news! Pyongyang has another superweapon! On December 10, Kim Jong-un delivered a speech at the country’s first weapons factory in the Phyongchon District of Pyongyang, which commenced operations in 1945. Today the factory…

Could the DPRK Abandon Its Nuclear Program?


I am frequently asked in interviews whether North Korea can abandon its nuclear program and what Russia thinks about it. Recently, these questions have become even more frequent for two reasons. First, the South made the latest in a series of “ambitious…

The current state of China-North Korea relations


Discussions on “How soon will China surrender North Korea” are the topic of the day of South Korean or American political analysts, expecting that sooner or later Beijing will get bored of the Pyongyang’s provocative behaviour (“pragmatism will…

On the Issue of the “North Korean Slaves”


The past year of 2014 is best remembered for a serious attempt to put pressure on North Korea for its observance of “human rights” in the country. And although the projects of Marzuki Darusman and Sonja Biserko, on the whole, failed, because of…

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