North Korea

North Korea: The Grand Deception Revealed


In 2003 I had, along with some American lawyers, members of the National Lawyers Guild, the good fortune to be able to travel to North Korea, that is the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, in order to experience first hand that…

How the Radio Free Asia released the whole set of baloney


It could be noted that recently, such an organization as Radio Free Asia has masterfully come out on top on the author’s ranking of baloney sources. This non-profit entity has its headquarters…

North Korea is an Pentagon Vassal State


If it weren’t for the fact that he is absolute dictator of a country with a formidable army and nuclear missile technology, North Korean President Kim Jong Un, the 290 pound, 32 year-old ruler would be a clown figure. Unfortunately…

Who is Driving Tensions on the Korean Peninsula?


With North Korea’s recent nuclear weapon test, it appears the East Asian state is transitioning from possessing a demonstration capability toward hosting a functional nuclear arsenal. While analysts believe North Korea has yet to…

North Korea’s Alleged Execution by an AA Gun, version 2.0


On August 30, 2016, The Chosun Ilbo, a news agency well known for publishing privately concocted “fakeries”, citing its anonymous sources as per its usual ritual, reported on North Korea’s…

North Korea: Guess Who’s Got its Fifth Nuclear Test


On September 9 at 9:30 AM, as it had been forecasted by numerous South Korean and Western experts, Pyongyang proceeded with its fifth nuclear weapon test. The site used for this test was just the same - near the village of…

Does North Korea Engage in Human Trafficking?


Alongside the sanctions against the Kim Jong-un, North Korea have been accused of another crime that sounds plausible to the average citizen of the civilized world. Human trafficking! The annual…

New Sanctions On North Korea: An Act Of War By Any Measure


International law prohibits the use of food as a weapon. However, the new sanctions declared by the United States drastically inhibit the ability of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to export coal and other commodities on…

North Korean Missile Launches


On June 22, 2016, North Korea conducted two unsuccessful launches of medium-range presumably Musudan-type missiles. According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Korea, the first missile was…

Another Resurrected General and Other “Pyongyang canards”


In February 2016, the list of repressed DPRK officials included the Chief of North Korea’s General Staff, Lee Yong-Guillem, who, as was reported by South Korean media with reference to sources in the South Korean government…

How Russia Implements Sanctions Against North Korea


According to the press reports, Russia has made the decision to suspend its financial relations with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and discontinue importing products of the North Korean mining sector. A draft presidential decree…

Western Kim-Phobia & The Danger of War


In almost every US aligned Gulf State, you can find an autocratic monarch who rules over a small, oil-rich corner of the world via an outdated, pre-democratic legal system that grants him absolute authority. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia…

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