North Korea

“The Struggle for Human Rights in the DPRK“ in 2020


The year 2020 was formally rich in events related to exposing the DPRK from the perspective of human rights. As early as January 15, 2020. Human Rights Watch has called on the ROK government to assess the human rights situation in North Korea: although “North Korea remains one of the most repressive countries in the world,” President Moon Jae-in’s administration has…

DPRK’s Battle against Novel Coronavirus


Earlier, the author wrote an article about North Korea’s battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, whose spread within the nation was halted owing to its strict and unprecedented in nature public health measures. By the end of 2020, this topic has become even more politicized because a totalitarian regime is not meant to show better outcomes than those of democratic nations…

On the Development of DPRK’s Nuclear Capabilities


Having recently reported on the development of the nuclear missile arsenal possessed by DPRK the author would like to touch upon the capabilities that North Korea has regarding weapons of mass destruction. Number of nuclear warheads According to a report from the US Army Training and Doctrine Command, North Korea has from 20 to 60…

North Korean Hackers or Not?


The next text about North Korean hackers is provoked by three incidents. On July 24, 2020, the US Army released a guide regarding the Korean People’s Army, describing what to expect from North Korea as an enemy.  Hackers were “placed full-time,” and it turned out that North Korea may have more than 6,000 cyber fighters working on its behalf abroad, including India and China. First of all, these are…

Development of North Korea’s Missile Program and Prospects for New Tests


As a result of the article about the military parade in Pyongyang, the author has received several requests to explain in more detail what North Korea’s missile development program is at the present stage. In this context, it should be noted that North Korea is actively developing its program. Mike Pompeo was right when he said that this project…

Relations between China and DPRK in Summer-Autumn 2020


At a time when the confrontation between the United States and China is ongoing, and the nations on the Korean Peninsula are in the process of choosing whose side to take in the approaching conflict, DPRK’s stance appears to be more certain, as evidenced by its political and economic ties during the period in question. Let us start…

The Wait for New Tests of North Korean Weapons


During the summer and autumn 2020, the author has, on more than one occasion, come across reports by analysts or statements by politicians about the possibility that North Korea could conduct a nuclear weapons test or at least, fire a submarine-launched intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of carrying a nuclear warhead in the run-up to the presidential…

US Presidential Elections and the Korean Peninsula


In the United States, participants in the presidential election that will be held on November 3, have been determined. The Republican nominee is the White House’s current head, Donald Trump, and the Democratic nominee is former Vice President Joe Biden. In this context, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea has launched a working group…

Kim in a Coma, Stressed Out, or New Fairy Tales from South Korean Intelligence


On August 20, 2020, behind closed doors, South Korea’s National Intelligence Service presented to the National Assembly a report that evoked the latest round of commotion regarding the North Korean leader’s fitness to serve. Members of the media reported that Kim Byung-kee, a representative of the ruling Democratic…

Is Kim Jong-un a Killer of Small Dogs or a Victim of Yet Another Smear Campaign?


On August 12, 2020, South Korea’s newspaper The Chosun Ilbo reported that the DPRK had “launched a clampdown on the ownership of pet dogs among the Pyongyang elite” as food supplies ran short. An unnamed source cited in the article stated that Kim Jong-un had “issued a ban on pet ownership in July, denouncing it as a tainted trend by bourgeois…

Is the Coronavirus in North Korea, and if so, How?


On July 26, 2020, North Korea reported for the first time a case of a person suspected of having COVID-19. According to the Korean Central News Agency, a person with suspected virus symptoms “illegally crossed” the border of the DPRK on July 19. He was detected in Kaesong City, which is located close to the border with South Korea. His tests showed an inconclusive…

Secret Nuclear Sites of DPRK? Or is Everything Visible from Above?


Since 2018, North Korea has continued to adhere to its moratorium on nuclear, and medium- and long-range missile tests. This has created an impression that DPRK’s missile and nuclear weapons program has been put on hold. Still, analysts have been asking whether this is actually the case and the answer…

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