Can China Lead a World Economic Recovery?


At the beginning of December China’s Xi Jinping officially declared that China had eliminated poverty entirely, part of his priority program. Western financial pundits have praised the remarkable economic recovery of China following the severe lockdowns a year go to combat the coronavirus. Predictions that China would once again, as it did in 2008, lead the rest…

Is the US Isolating China? Or Itself?


Washington’s predictable answer to Beijing’s ongoing efforts to uproot US-funded unrest in its Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has been more sanctions. The New York Times in its article, “US Imposes Sanctions on Chinese Officials Over Hong Kong Crackdown,” would report: The United States imposed travel bans and other sanctions on…

The United States has Yet Again become Concerned over a Host of Tibetan Issues


It should be stated right away that the very presence of “Tibetan issues” in contemporary international politics is almost entirely due to those phobias that are whipped up by the United States due to the fact that the PRC is turning into a second global power. Whereas as far as the latter is concerned, there are no significant transnational “Tibetan issues…

On the “Tiananmen Square Protests”


In December 2020, the Japanese press published classified diplomatic documents that were made in preparation for the 1989 G7 Summit, which took place in Paris on July 14-16. These documents show that already at that time there was a crack in the informal bloc of countries, which is still often referred to by the generalized term The West…

The Geo-politics of EU-China Investment Deal


The recently announced EU-China principally agreed investment deal is a watershed moment, marking a first EU-China investment deal of its kind that would open the doors for the EU to make direct investment in China. China will also have opportunities to expand its reach in the European market. While the deal would yield numerous benefits to the parties involved, it also has very visible…

Russia and China are Fostering Military Cooperation


At different times, relations between Russia and China have evolved in different ways, but in recent years they have grown increasingly close, both against the backdrop of growing disagreements with the West and owing to the growing threat of international terrorism. The problem of terrorism is particularly acute in Eurasia, and the fight against it requires uniting the efforts…

Russia-China Prepare to Challenge US World Domination Bid


While a widely shared expectation was that Joe Biden will bring a positive change to the state of US bi-lateral relations with Russia & China, it has already become evident that the only change that the Biden administration will bring would be a relatively increased focus on the military aspects of bi-lateral tensions. While the military aspect…

The Political Impact of Medog Power Plant being planned for Construction in Tibet


It should be noted right away that there is no “construction” of any “hydroelectric power plant” in the Medog Administrative Region of the Tibet Autonomous Region of the PRC. Moreover, so far there is not even a preliminary design for the construction of a hydropower plant, though it is already often designated by the name of the said…

China’s Economy of Peace


China, about a decade ago, has deliberately embarked on an Economy of Peace. A strategy that China pursues, unimpressed by constant aggressions from the west, which are mostly led by the United States. Is it perhaps this Chinese steadfast, non-aggressive way of constant forward-creation and embracing more and more allies on her way – that has made China such a success…

China Completes its Beidou Satellite Navigation Network


Earlier this year China launched the final satellite in its Beidou satellite navigation network. The completion of China’s Beidou network makes it the fourth network of its kind and capabilities alongside the US Global Positioning System (GPS), Russia’s GLONASS, and the European Union’s Galileo network. Conceived in the 1990’s with the first and second versions…

China’s Space Progress Both Amazes and Frightens


As the American editorial The Hill recently noted, China’s success in research and exploration of a natural satellite of the Earth is both amazing and frightening. In the spirit of the general aggressiveness of Western propaganda, the publication claims that “the transformation of totalitarian China into a dominant space power will be a historical tragedy” for the countries…

A String of Pearls at the Present Stage of Great World Politics


The term “string of pearls” is commonly used to denote the extensive strategy of the PRC to comprehensively expand its presence in the Indo-Pacific region. We note right away that although such a strategy is undoubtedly present (for example, in the form of its most important element, which is the political and economic concept of the Belt and Initiative), this term…

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