De-Listed Anti-China Terror Group “Rises from the Dead”

Suspicions were raised when in late 2020 the US de-listed as a terrorist organization the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM),…

On Biden-Xi Phone Conversation and Some Thoughts on “Climate Science”


The telephone conversation that took place on 9th September between the presidents of the People’s Republic of China and the USA, initiated by the latter, is well worth commenting on. Notably, this was only the second interaction between the leaders of the world’s two leading powers in over six months. During the first of these calls, carried out…

The Strange China Feud of Soros and BlackRock


A bizarre war of words has erupted in recent days in the pages of financial media between billionaire hedge fund and color revolution specialist, George Soros, and the gigantic BlackRock investment group. The issue is a decision by BlackRock CEO Larry Fink to open the first foreign-owned mutual fund in China presumably to attract the savings of China’s new…

The Shadow of Afghanistan Affects the Taiwan Problem


World politics can be compared to the sea, periodically subject to perturbations of varying intensity and duration. Some of them occur entirely unexpectedly. Others seem to be expected but most often do not proceed as predicted. The second class of perturbations referred to above includes everything that has accompanied the act of completing 20 years of US involvement…

US Huawei Claims Regarding Pakistan: A Perfect Propaganda Storm


The Western media has been reporting on a US-based software maker, Business Efficiency Solutions (BES), and its allegations that Huawei not only “stole” its technology, but also built in “back doors” into a law-enforcement project built in Pakistan. It’s a three-for-one allegation, cementing further an ongoing and so far…

Why has China Revised its Demographic Policy?


China has faced demographic problems for several decades now. For a long time, the Chinese authorities have been forced to take various large-scale and costly measures to regulate the birth rate in accordance with the needs of the state at the time. In 1979, when the birth rate was recognized dangerously high, the government launched the “One family…

China’s Place in the Current Host of Issues around Afghanistan


The accelerated military (this must be underscored) US withdrawal from Afghanistan, after a 20-year stay in this country that was extremely expensive, remains one of the main events in modern global politics. Which is quite understandable, because this entails a sharply increased level of uncertainty surrounding the situation at one…

Xi Jinping Visited Tibet Autonomous Region


The trip made by the PRC’s leader Xi Jinping to the country’s Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) on July 21-23 turned out to be among those particularly significant events that were covered and commented upon by the world media with particular attention, and which occurred in the world political arena during a specific period of time. Among other things, this once again illustrates…

China’s Xiaomi Passes US’ Apple Despite DC’s Dirty Games


Xiaomi went from a startup smartphone company competing in China’s domestic markets in 2010, to entering global markets between 2014 and 2015, to this year surpassing Apple in global smartphone sales, with only Samsung selling more.  CNN in a July 2021 article titled, “Xiaomi has Samsung in its sights after overtaking Apple…

Global Shipping Crisis Far Worse Than Imagined


Over the past decades world ocean trade has expanded almost exponentially as major manufacturing outsourcing from USA and European corporations has blossomed under the advent of economic globalization. The result has been that Asia, most especially China, has become the essential manufacturing source for everything from iPhones…

A Strategic Rapprochement between Beijing and Moscow Accelerates


Twenty years ago, President Vladimir Putin and Chairman Jiang Zemin signed one of the most important international agreements in the post-Soviet history of Russia – the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation. The concept of a traditional lasting…

Carbon Neutral Green Finance – China May Take the Lead into a Post-Pandemic World


How the pandemic will be reshaping the world, especially in terms of economic recovery and especially the western world, remains to be seen. So far, western economic, social and health restructuring policies are chaotic, disorganized and totally uncoordinated. Western countries are skipping from lockdowns to “opening up…

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