The US-Russia-China Triangle’s Key Role in Global Politics

Even before the current US President Donald Trump took office, he was vocal about the vital issue of power balance…

Why is China Painted as ‘Capitalist’ by Western Propaganda?


Let us start with the punchline: “Mass media in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia is depicting the People’s Republic of China as ‘capitalist’ because ‘capitalist’ is now a dirty word. Even people in the West see ‘market economy’ as some sort of filth.” To call China ‘capitalist’ is to smear China. It is as if to say: “Chinese…

US-China Relations: The Picture Remains Extremely Paradoxical


In general terms, relations between the world’s two leading powers, despite the strain in recent months (which, in the author’s view, is almost exclusively down to the intensifying political climate within the United States), now and then are illuminated by glimmers of positivity. This gives us cause to hope that the situation between both of the…

China-EU Relations during SARS COV-2 Pandemic


Several noteworthy events linked to the China-EU ties have taken place recently. At first glance, they appeared to be routine in nature because during the past decade these events have been held on an annual basis. They are particularly relevant nowadays due mainly to the current geopolitical context. The events the author is referring to include…

The Geopolitical Power Balance is Tilting from West to East


Most global crises and disasters compel countries and people to join together to tackle the troubles they are faced with more successfully, and to build a better society and wider world. However, the response to the coronavirus pandemic that has engulfed the world has been the complete opposite so far. Many analysts including those in the United States…

Hong Kong’s Response to Washington


A fierce confrontation between the United States and China, which has further intensified during the Coronavirus era, has become a staple in recent years. In order to exacerbate this conflict, Washington has employed numerous tools, such as pulling out of a number of bilateral and even international agreements; aggressively using sanctions; ramping up propaganda efforts…

Anti-Communism is a Fundamentalist Religion, Now Followed by Billions


150 years ago, on April 21, 1870, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, alias Lenin, was born. According to many, he was the greatest revolutionary of all times, a man who gave birth to both internationalism and anti-imperialism. It is time to “revisit Communism”. It is also time to ask some basic, essential questions: “How is it possible that…

Can China Silk Road Survive Coronavirus?


China’s priority infrastructure project, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), faces enormous problems just seven years after it was proclaimed in 2013. Serious problems and charges of China luring poorer nations into what a leading Indian analyst termed a “debt trap diplomacy,” began to appear already in 2018 when Malaysia and Pakistan, under new governments demanded…

Drawing Battlelines: US Openly Targets China’s OBOR


Judging by US foreign policy – China is a massive global threat – and by some accounts – the “top” threat. But a threat to what? AFP would report in its article, “Trump nominee to lead intel community sees China as top threat,” that: President Donald Trump’s pick to lead the US intelligence community said Tuesday that he would focus on China as the country’s greatest…

How the Middle Kingdom is Bringing Down the Greatest Empire


Americans need to stop equivocating and admit that China is in a payback situation vis a vis the Western world that abused it for centuries. As a geographic point of comparison, after bringing war to both Asia and the United States, the other major Pacific power, Japan benefitted from America’s determination to spread neo-liberal ‘democracy…

The World’s Reaction to the Corona Virus Missing a More Fundamental Point


The current COVID-19 pandemic has generated an enormous amount of media coverage, effective closing down of multiple economies, and an increasing barrage of propaganda aimed at apportioning blame to China. Whether any of these reactions are justified by the actual figures is a moot point. When the panic has subsided…

On the Situation in Hong Kong as US-China Relations Worsen


On the card table where modern world politics are played, the state of affairs in Hong Kong remains a barometer which can provide a rough idea of the current trends in relations between the United States and China. Both of these superpowers play a major role in shaping the bigger global picture of today’s game. That is why NEO has been monitoring how the situation…

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