How China is Countering US Sanctions


For many years there has been a rivalry between two world superpowers, namely, the United States and China. In recent years, it has developed into an outright struggle, during which the parties use various political and economic instruments against each other. Usually, the sanctions imposed by Washington against its rivals attract the most attention…

Taiwan: Washington Plays with Dragon’s Fire


Tensions continued to build between the United States and China with the recent trip of US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan against Beijing’s warnings. The unfolding row is depicted with immense ambiguity by the Western media in what is otherwise a clear-cut case of America violating China’s sovereignty. US publication Newsweek…

China Defies US Sanctions with Computer Chip Breakthrough


The Western media lamented China’s most recent breakthrough in computer chip manufacturing, achieving standards in production that were thought impossible because of sanctions imposed by the United States specifically designed to stifle Chinese advances. A report from early July by CNBC would discuss these sanctions. In their article, “US mulls…

Revisiting the Chronicles of the Taiwan Issue


In the series of noteworthy events of the past few weeks, the Taiwan issue has once again been marked by the presence of several of its major players. These are primarily the two major world powers, i.e. the PRC and the US. Among the “secondary players” in the Taiwan issue in particular and in the region as a whole, Japan continues to gain weight…

BRICS Challenges the ‘G7 Vision’ of the World


If the Russia-Ukraine war has seemingly ‘united’ Europe and the US at a time when Europe seemed to be weaning away from NATO to establish ‘European autonomy’, this war has also led to multinational alliance configuration elsewhere as well – an alliance that supports altering the west-centric international system. Its major manifestation came through the recently held…

On the 25th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s Incorporation into the PRC


On July 1, the PRC celebrated the very remarkable event that occurred exactly 25 years earlier with the return of Hong Kong to the country. It was not only extremely important for China itself, but also had a significant foreign policy component. And the importance of foreign politics only increases with time. This was borne out by the varied…

Russia-China Ties Defy Western Predictions for an Alternative World


For years, the West has made every effort to predict the fall of Russia-China ties. The frenzy reached its climax when Russia began its military operation in Ukraine in late February 2022. Many in the West – both politicians and the media – saw this war as the beginning of the end of Sino-Russia ties. A New York Times report said that…

China-Solomon Islands Relations will Change the Balance of Powers in the Pacific


In April 2022, the world learned that China and the Solomon Islands had concluded a framework security treaty allowing China to deploy its naval forces in a small but strategically important nation in Oceania, just 2,000 km off the coast of the largest state in the South Pacific, Australia. At this point, however, the Chinese authorities…

No End to the Chronicles of the Taiwan Issue


In the new commentary on the most significant developments one way or another related to the Taiwan issue, first of all it is worth re-emphasizing what in the author’s view is the most important thing. Namely, despite the continuing general trend of thickening clouds in the picture reflecting the issue, there are still glimpses…

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet visits PRC


In light of the current stage of the “Great Game,” which has already brought humanity to the brink of a nearly global catastrophe, what significance does the week-long trip (outwardly a purely “humanitarian” one) to China at the end of May by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet hold? As it turns out…

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s Tour of Pacific Ocean Nations


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s ten-day tour of a number of countries in the Pacific Ocean, which began on May 26, has provoked considerable commotion in the camp of Beijing’s regional opponents. The words “led by the United States” would be logical, and generally speaking, corresponds to fundamental realities.Yet, when we…

Wang Yi’s Pacific Tour: China Takes Over


On May 26, 2022, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi began a landmark 10-day tour that included visits to seven independent countries in Oceania – the Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea, as well as East Timor. This development has greatly troubled the traditional players in the South Pacific – the US, Australia and New Zealand…

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