On the Virtual Meeting between the US and China


One of the major events of current world politics was the November 16 virtual meeting of the two leading world powers, the USA and China. It lasted three and a half hours and went beyond the scheduled time. This fact along with the content of the issues discussed and the parties’ positions on them as outlined by the White House served as a basis for the Chinese Global Times…

China and Russia Face a Difficult Future in the Face of American Hypocrisy and Intransigence


One of the overhyped events of recent times has been the 3+ hours of telephone conversation between the presidents of China and the United States of America Xi Jinping and Joe Biden respectively. There are two major reasons to doubt the sincerity of the Americans over their accounts of the meeting…

Chronicles of the Taiwan Issue


The various developments accompanying the Taiwan issue, the most dangerous one on today’s political map of the world, require constant attention and as accurate a description as possible. That is, without distortion, and with the minimum author’s comments. Their simple chronological presentation speaks for itself. It depicts the relations between the two leading world powers…

America’s Eager European Provocateurs Visit Taiwan


In what at first glance looked like the European Union getting onboard with the US-led confrontation with China, a recent delegation led by Raphael Glucksmann sent to Taiwan supposedly representing the EU tells a story less of supposed mainland “interference” within the island territory, and instead, a story about US interference within the EU. Glucksmann is a French…

On the 50th Anniversary of PRC’s Membership in the UN; the Taiwan Factor


The eve of the 50th anniversary of PRC’s membership in the UN served as a pretext for another propaganda attack by Washington against its primary geopolitical opponent. Recall Resolution No. 2578, “Restoration of the lawful rights of the People’s Republic of China in the United Nations,” adopted by the General Assembly on October…

To Prove China is a “Global Threat,” US Threatens Global Games


China is set to host the 2022 Winter Olympics in its capital city Beijing beginning in February. The country has been busy with preparations taking into consideration all the baseline concerns required for such an event with the addition of managing risks related to COVID-19. However, the event stands to benefit China in many ways including…

US Using its Allies to Start a War with China?


The situation in the Indo-Pacific Region (IPRDahJTkfw has become noticeably more complicated in recent years, primarily due to the openly provocative actions of the United States towards Taiwan. China is wary of a series of US-Taiwan military exchanges initiated by the Biden administration. One of these was the recent visit to Washington by Taiwanese army…

On the Celebration of the 110th Anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution


The reason for another address to the Taiwan problem, perhaps the most dangerous today in terms of maintaining (at least relative) stability in the global political system, was the celebration of the 110th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution in Beijing and Taipei. Successful completion of the Revolution interrupted more than 2,000 years of monarchical…

On the “1992 Consensus” in PRC-Taiwan Relations


The NEO’s increasingly frequent reference to one of the key and perhaps most dangerous issues in contemporary global politics, the situation surrounding Taiwan, is accompanied by a sense of considerable discomfort. How to designate the parties directly involved, which the Taiwan Strait separates? With one of them, everything is more or less…

A Resolution of the Taiwan Issue Looks Increasingly Imminent


In 1949 when the Communist Party succeeded in the Civil War in China the nationalist regime fled to the island then called Formosa. They did not however, forsake their seat on the United Nations Security Council and continue to represent China in that body until 1972. This history is too readily forgotten in the current discussion about the status…

What Could Taiwan’s Application to Join the CPTPP Mean?


Once again we have an excuse to use the phrase “the NEO did not have time…”. This time in connection with the official appeal to the regional association Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPPDahJTkfw, which was made on September 17 this year by the leadership of the PRC. Just one week later…

China is Joining the CPTTP: What this Means for the Situation in the Indo-Pacific Region


On 17th September 2021, Xinhua News Agency of the Peoples Republic of China reported that on the previous day the countrys Minister of Commerce, Wang Wentao, had sent a formal request to join the regional alliance of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement…

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