The Role of Modern China in a Changing World


We are currently witnessing the greatest change in the Geo political landscape that has ever occurred in the lives of those alive today. At the end of the Second World War there were two major powers in the world: Russia and the United States. Only one, the United States, then had the atomic bomb, which they had used in July 1945 in a live experiment on the people of two Japanese…

Deteriorating China-Japan Ties amidst Rising Global Tensions


Despite the fact that China and Japan are neighbors with thousands of years of cooperation, their relations in the modern history have actually begun only after World War II: the military operations in the East Asia were so hard, and the Japanese committed such atrocities against the Chinese people that relations between the two countries had to be built almost from scratch…

As in Ukraine, so Too in Taiwan


Just as the the United States and its allies created an existential threat to Russia through the transformation of Ukraine into a highly militarized proxy of Western military power – so too is such a threat being deliberately and systematically created on the island of Taiwan vis-a-vis Beijing. From 2014 onward, the United State had installed into power regimes in both Ukraine and Taiwan disrupting the status…

Yet Another Chronicles of the Taiwan Issue


There are good reasons to start another “Chronicles of the Taiwan Issue” with the noteworthy recent events on the island itself and turn first of all to the results of the survey on the generalized topic of the distribution of Taiwanese sympathies towards the PRC, the US and Japan. That is, to those three major world powers that are (to varying degrees and in different…

Global Arms Market Dynamics and its Effects on the International Developments


For several years now, the world economy has been showing signs of a global crisis, affecting not only underdeveloped economies but also fully developed states such as the US or the EU. One of the signs of instability and unease increasing around the world is the rapid growth of the arms trade. Data on arms transfers are often…

On the 50th Anniversary of the Signing of the Shanghai Communiqué; Lessons for Russia


February 28, 1972 was marked by a major event that would shape the development of global political trends for decades to come. We can still notice the impact that this event had today, but it is now viewed very differently by the major powers that were behind it some five decades ago. The author…

China Adopts a New Defense Budget


Against the backdrop of the seriousness of Ukraine’s Western-backed preparations for a dramatic escalation and aggression against Donbass and Luhansk, including with US-funded biological weapons, China has rolled out its defense budget for 2022. It happened on the opening day of the fifth annual session of the 13th National People’s Congress…

A second US Front against China


Ukraine-related events in recent days have clearly exposed Washington’s criminal policy and its desire to solve its financial and geopolitical problems by unleashing armed conflicts on foreign territories. It is quite remarkable that the crisis around Ukraine itself, according to even US analysts, was engineered by the US and they are fully responsible for it…

US is Now Provoking Taiwan


Expansionism knows no bounds. After taking Europe to the verge of a major war by pushing for NATO’s expansion further into Eastern Europe to encircle Russia, the US is now increasingly focusing on Taiwan for what the US officials have been, for over a year now, calling an ‘increasing possibility’ of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. There is a flurry of activity going on around Taiwan to prevent it from suffering…

US Tries to Fragment and Destroy China


China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi told US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in a phone conversation that took place on February 22 about China’s concerns over the worsening of China-US relations that in his opinion was a direct result of Washington’s actions. According to the Chinese foreign minister, Beijing is ready to build relations with the US “based on three principles…

US Plans to Destroy Taiwan to “Save” It


Tensions between the United States and China exist across a wide spectrum of areas, from economics to geopolitics. Among the many flashpoint issues defining this growing confrontation is the “Taiwan question.” Officially, the United States recognizes what is known as the “One China Policy.” The US State Department’s own webpage regarding…

Diagnosis: Why the China Containment Policy is Failing


For the past 4 years – especially since the US ‘trade war’ on China started by the Trump administration in 2017 – Washington has been seeking ways to contain, roll-back on its gains and encircle China. The US ‘trade war’ was not something entirely new; in fact, it was a continuation of the Obama administration’s ‘Asia Pivot’ that focused on shifting…

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