A Few Words about Sexism – Japan’s Experience


In the current stage of the Great Game – the global geopolitical power struggle in which the contestants are behaving more and more like the inmates of a madhouse – the world is seeing words take on new meanings. And one of the most important words in this Newspeak is “sexism.” This term, or rather a marker – a bit like the code words used by fighter pilots…

Shangri-La Dialogue on the Issues of International Security


A new (19th) Shangri-La Dialogue was held in Singapore on June 10-12 to discuss regional security issues. It was initiated and co-organized by the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies, which is rightly seen as one of the world’s most respected “think tanks” specializing in research on a wide range of issues summarized by the Institute’s name. Its most famous…

In Japan, Criticism of the Government Grows Over the Losses Caused by Sanctions against Russia


Against the background of the current Japanese government’s clearly ill-conceived policies, which are causing ever greater misery for its people, criticism of Fumio Kishida’s cabinet has increased markedly, with his rating dropping by a further 4.6 percentage points to 56.9% over the month…

How Washington is Turning the Pacific into a New Theatre of NATO’s Conflict


In April, at a press conference in Poland, the US Secretary of Defence Austin Lloyd openly declared that the core US objective in the Russia-Ukraine conflict was/is to weaken Russia militarily in ways to make its recovery difficult if not impossible for a long time. Austin said, “we want to see Russia weakened to the degree that it can’t do the kinds…

Another Phase in Japan’s Relations with Europe; But with Which?


Japan is increasingly marking its presence at the table of the Great Game as a significant participant. To be more precise, Japan is returning to the pool of leading world players in which it was in the first half of the last century and which it left in 1945 due to certain circumstances. Roughly the same process can be observed in the positioning…

What Would an Amendment of the “Anti-War” Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution Mean?


The NEO tracks more or less regularly any significant developments in the evolution of Japanese defense policy, construed broadly. That is, attention is drawn to the long-standing debate on (possible) changes to the existing legal framework, the remarkable trends in military buildup itself, and the highly practical nature…

Tensions between South Korea and Japan Hit US Plans


On April 22, 2022, the Japanese Foreign Ministry called the Southern Kuril Islands, ceded to Russia as a result of World War II, “illegally occupied” for the first time since 2003. This wording, which has not been used for 19 years, has put the final nail in the coffin of the current phase of Russian-Japanese peace negotiations, leaving them without result. At first glance…

Japan is Suffering due to its Own Sanctions and its Ukraine Policy


Tokyo is experiencing more and more problems as a result of its reckless adherence to Washington’s Russophobic dictates. And as Tokyo continues to adopt new anti-Russian sanctions these problems are rapidly getting more and more serious. For example, Japan has already announced a number of sanctions packages…

Japan’s Population Opposes Kishida’s Intention to Rally APAC in an Anti-Russian Frenzy


Given that the risk of the US strategic confrontation si- multaneously with Russia and China would be, as even US experts rightly point out, a “geopolitical nightmare” for Washington, the US is trying harder and harder to draw its allies into this struggle, especially in Asia. This is why the White…

Deteriorating China-Japan Ties amidst Rising Global Tensions


Despite the fact that China and Japan are neighbors with thousands of years of cooperation, their relations in the modern history have actually begun only after World War II: the military operations in the East Asia were so hard, and the Japanese committed such atrocities against the Chinese people that relations between the two countries had to be built almost from scratch…

On Position of Japan in Ukrainian Conflict


As was noted in NEO, the conflict in and around Ukraine has started long before February 24, and has a quite ambiguous goal-setting. From the general positions, the current bloody phase of this conflict (where Ukraine itself is only “the place and the fuel” for the all-European fire) is the key link of the long emerging reformation of the “unipolar” world order, that has shortly settled in after…

Japan, a Land of the Rising Sanctions


Although Japan used to be associated with the poetic name “Land of the Rising Sun,” it has recently been increasingly turning, through the fault of its current political authorities, into a “Land of the Rising Sanctions.” Until recently, under former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, relations between Russia and Japan were consistently good and even warm. Regular…

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