Japan’s Nuclear Power Industry: a Bumpy Road after Fukushima


Japan is the third most economically developed country in the world and one of the most technologically advanced nations on the planet. Up until 2011, it was also among the world’s leaders in nuclear power. There were 54 nuclear power reactors operating throughout the country that generated 30% of the energy consumed…

“Ainu Factor” in Japan’s Expansionist Strategy


Nowadays, Japan is viewed as a country with a seemingly good economy. And the Japanese yen has long had a reputation of being a trusted currency that people convert their savings into in difficult times in order to avoid losing their money. But, at the same time, the nation is facing many problems with its economy, the environment and within society, such as population…

Dumping Contaminated Water from Fukushima Plant Into Ocean – the Lesser Evil?


In February this year, a number of media outlets reported that the Japanese authorities intended to drain more than one million tons of radioactive water from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the Pacific Ocean. According to some experts, this method is the lesser evil because the ocean is able to dilute…

60th Anniversary of US-Japan Treaty


January 19, 2020, marked the 60th anniversary of the signing of an agreement with the wordy title of “Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States of America and Japan”. Incidentally, Nobusuke Kishi (the maternal grandfather of current Prime Minister Shinzō Abe) penned his signature on the document on behalf of Japan. At present, there are 54,000…

Shinzō Abe’s scheduled tour of Greater Middle East


From 11 to 15 January of this year, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe was on a scheduled tour of a number of Greater Middle Eastern (GME) nations, a region of growing importance in Japan’s foreign policy course. This is evidenced by, for instance, the increasing frequency of visits by high-level government officials from Japan to the GME and vice versa…

Japan’s Collaboration with Washington – Everything Goes as Long as it is Against China


Officially, the relationship between Japan and China is “somehow improving”. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is even expecting a visit by President Xi Jinping this spring. But, frankly, the relationship between the two mightiest countries in Asia is up and down, still very complex and hardly transparent. To date, the US nuclear-armed air force bases…

Dumping Radioactive Water into the Pacific Ocean — a Hypothetical Scenario for Tokyo?


It was not so long ago that we wrote about how radiophobia is being stoked up as part of the trade war between Japan and South Korea. Having brought this topic to the public’s attention, I would like to go into more detail and highlight people’s fears that “Japanese authorities are about to flood…

Japan is Becoming More Active in Greater Middle East


We have pointed out on more than on occasion in the New Eastern Outlook that one of the most distinctive features of the current stage of the Big Game of Politics has been the gradual return of both losers of World War II to it, i.e. Japan and Germany. And it is important to highlight that they are re-entering…

Former Kamikaze Pilots Address Japanese Youth


On more than one occasion, NEO has highlighted one of the most remarkable contemporary trends in the “Great Global Game (politics)”, the gradual comeback Japan and Germany, the biggest losers in World War Two, have been making to return to the inner circle of the game’s top players. There are plenty of different signs that prove this trend exists. Just..

BC: Okinawans Rebel Against the US and Tokyo

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“Any man in combat who lacks comrades who will die for him, or for whom he is willing to die, is not a man at all. He is truly damned.” – William Manchester, in Goobye Darkness The game has changed in Okinawa. The usual apologies for the latest gruesome crime, with promises to see that such things never happen again, has been thrown…

Certain Aspects of Trade Deficit Issue between the US and Japan


A noteworthy event during the current stage of the Global Chess Game occurred when, on 25 September of this year, US President Donald Trump and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe signed a US-Japan trade deal on the sidelines of the scheduled United Nations General Assembly. We would like to highlight straight away that this document…

Japan has a New Cabinet


On 11 September, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reshuffled his cabinet yet again. As a result, one of the most respected politicians in post-war Japan will be the head of his fourth Cabinet since his triumphant return to Japan’s political arena (at the end of 2012). We would like to remind our readers that Shinzo Abe first became Prime Minister as far back…

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