The Factor of the Unification Church in Japan’s Current Domestic and Foreign Policies

This magazine has already discussed Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s radical reshuffling of his cabinet on August 10 this year…

Japan in Africa


On August 27-28, a conference organized by Tokyo and conceived as a Japan-Africa summit was held in Tunis. The intention was big: to hold the eighth edition of the event called TICAD (held since 1993) in such a way as to declare Japan’s significant activism in dealing with the development problems of the African continent. And at first, expectations of the event were fulfilled. More than…

On the Yasukuni Shrine Factor in Another Ceremony in Japan Marking the End of the War in the Pacific


At the outset, a few words about the dates by which countries mark events of international significance. It is quite common for something to be perceived as the same event, but its beginning and end are dated differently by different countries. In Japan, the date August 15, 1945 is significant because …

Fumio Kishida “Reformatted” the Cabinet of Japan


On August 10, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced the new personal composition of the country’s 19-minister government. Only five members of the previous cabinet, including Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi, retain their previous posts. Of the 14 new ministers, nine had never been at this level of government, the other five had previously…

Where is the Deterioration of Relations between China and Japan Leading?


In recent years, Japanese attitudes towards China have deteriorated amidst Tokyo’s policies, and the deterioration is directly related to China’s growing influence in the world. As a result, today, according to a public opinion poll, 86% of Japanese already have a generally poor view of their great neighbor. There are several…

Another Delegation of Japan Visited Taiwan


It is hardly an exaggeration to say that the most high-profile action of world politics in recent months carried out (and probably planned) in the style of a Hollywood hard thriller was the visit to Taiwan of the speaker of the lower house of the US parliament Nancy Pelosi. But the information noise raised by the world media long before, during and after this trip itself, served…

Japan Publishes Yet Another Defense Whitepaper


On July 22 this year, the Japanese Ministry of Defense published a concise (English-language) version of the annual Defense White Paper update. The 500-plus page original usually appears later. However, the concise version already mentioned provides an indication of the innovations in the assessment of Japan’s political and military environment…

Japan Faces Catastrophic Consequences of its anti-Russian Sanctions


While the US and its allies in their Russophobic frenzy are actively discussing tougher anti-Russian sanctions and, in particular, the possibility of limiting the price of Russian oil, the said Western sanctions policy is doing more and more damage to the Western countries themselves. And this is already particularly…

On the Results of the Upper House Elections in Japan


On July 10 Japan held elections for 125 of the 248 seats (i.e. 50%+1) in the House of Councillors, the upper house of the Japanese Parliament. The results of these elections have attracted special interest owing to a number of different factors. These factors include both immediate and long-term issues, and relate to both domestic and foreign policy. The main long-term…

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida at the NATO and G7 Summits


The density of foreign policy activities by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida cannot but attract attention. At the end of April, he received German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Tokyo. Immediately after that, he went on a week-long tour to three countries in Southeast Asia and a subsequent flight to Europe. There, he held talks with…

A Few Words about Sexism – Japan’s Experience


In the current stage of the Great Game – the global geopolitical power struggle in which the contestants are behaving more and more like the inmates of a madhouse – the world is seeing words take on new meanings. And one of the most important words in this Newspeak is “sexism.” This term, or rather a marker – a bit like the code words used by fighter pilots…

Shangri-La Dialogue on the Issues of International Security


A new (19th) Shangri-La Dialogue was held in Singapore on June 10-12 to discuss regional security issues. It was initiated and co-organized by the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies, which is rightly seen as one of the world’s most respected “think tanks” specializing in research on a wide range of issues summarized by the Institute’s name. Its most famous…

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