Eastern Asia

Futenma Remains a Thorn in the Side of US-Japanese Relations

The fate of the US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, one of several operated by the US military on Okinawa,…

“Sensitive Issues” in PRC-ROK Relations: the Problem of THAAD and the Issue of KADIZ

From the general political aspects of PRC-ROK relations, let us move on to the “sensitive” ones. The main one is…

“Sensitive Issues” in PRC-ROK Relations: Issues of Sinophobia


This topic has been raised many times by this author in his NEO articles, and its manifestations are manifold. People’s dislike On December 28, Yoon Suk-yeol stated that most South Koreans, especially young people, dislike China despite President Moon Jae-in’s administration’s pro-China policies, adding that most young Chinese also dislike…

The Factor of the Unification Church in Japan’s Current Domestic and Foreign Policies


This magazine has already discussed Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s radical reshuffling of his cabinet on August 10 this year and the extent to which this decision may have been influenced by various contacts between former Japanese ministers and a certain quasi-religious cult. The cult in question is an offshoot…

Yoon Suk-yeol: A U-Turn to Nuclear Power


One area where the difference in strategy between the old and new presidents is particularly evident is the attitude towards the role of nuclear power.

It should be recalled that the Moon administration, under the guise of a green agenda, attempted to destroy the country’s nuclear power industry…

PRC-ROK Relations from the End of 2021; the Economic Aspect


The Chinese market, including Hong Kong, accounts for 33% of Korea’s total trade, but several distinct trends can be identified in the two countries’ economic relations. The first trend is the development of economic cooperation in several areas. For example, on December 22, 2021 South Korea’s SK Hynix received Chinese approval…

PRC-ROK Relations after the Election of Yoon Suk-yeol; the Political Aspect


We begin our digest of “PRC-ROK relations in the Yun Suk-yeol era” with interactions in the political sphere.  On March 10, 2022, the Chinese government congratulated South Korean President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol on his election victory and expressed hope for further development of relations between the neighbors…

New Fakes about Russia-DPRK Military Cooperation


More recently, the author analyzed misinformation that North Korean special forces were about to appear in the Donbass, but the global media soon encountered another misinformation launched from the West: it turned out that North Korea was preparing to supply Russia with shells and possibly military equipment on a massive scale. Or it is already supplying…

DPRK’s New Nuclear Doctrine


On September 8, 2022 the DPRK passed a new law on the DPRK’s Policy on Nuclear Forces, which was adopted at the 7th session of the 14th convocation of the country’s Supreme People’s Assembly. Although this news was portrayed in the media, including in Russia, as “the DPRK having declared itself as a responsible nuclear power”, the nuclear status had already been included in the country…

Japan in Africa


On August 27-28, a conference organized by Tokyo and conceived as a Japan-Africa summit was held in Tunis. The intention was big: to hold the eighth edition of the event called TICAD (held since 1993) in such a way as to declare Japan’s significant activism in dealing with the development problems of the African continent. And at first, expectations of the event were fulfilled. More than…

South Korea is Leaving behind the Dark Heritage of its Past


On October 17, 1972 Park Chung-hee, President of South Korea, masterminded a constitutional coup, which he called October Yusin, or the October Restoration. The Fourth Republic (1972-1980) is described in both Korean and Soviet/ Russian sources as a period of extreme totalitarian rule and the most dictatorial government in modern Korean history. The Yusin…

On Completion of the Ulchi Freedom Shield Exercises


On September 1, the ROK-US joint military exercises Ulchi Freedom Shield, about the preparation of which we wrote not long ago, came to an end. The exercises, based on the concept of total war, included three key elements: a computer simulation of the command post, a civil defense exercise and field training. More than a dozen field training activities…

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