Eastern Asia

On the Problems with Japan’s Course of Movement “Toward the Southwest”


In the strategic game that is playing out in the area around the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the presence of Japan is growing more prominent. The nature of this presence is reflected in both the aspect of Japan re-establishing itself as a leading world power and the swift transformation of the political puzzle taking shape here. Back…

South Korea Trapped between China and US


Tensions between the United States and the PRC keep rising. In fact, the confrontation is starting to resemble a “new Cold War”. The relationship appears to have reached a turning point on May 20, 2020, when the White House delivered a report, “United States Strategic Approach to the People’s Republic of China”, to members of Congress. A substantial portion…

The US-Russia-China Triangle’s Key Role in Global Politics


Even before the current US President Donald Trump took office, he was vocal about the vital issue of power balance within the US-Russia-China triangle for Washington. At that point, he was already making promises to wage a trade war on China and find common ground with Russia. As the French publication La Tribune rightly states, the expansion of China…

Why is China Painted as ‘Capitalist’ by Western Propaganda?


Let us start with the punchline: “Mass media in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia is depicting the People’s Republic of China as ‘capitalist’ because ‘capitalist’ is now a dirty word. Even people in the West see ‘market economy’ as some sort of filth.” To call China ‘capitalist’ is to smear China. It is as if to say: “Chinese…

60th Anniversary of Japan-US Security Pact


This year celebrates an important anniversary for Japan–United States relations, giving us an opportunity to focus on their transformation with time. The author is referring to January 19, which marked the signing of the United States-Japan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security sixty years ago, and to July 23, the date it was enacted. In Washington’s and Tokyo’s…

What we Learned about Korean Issues from John Bolton’s Memoirs


On 24 June a US court rejected a bid by the US government to block publication of the memoirs of John Bolton, a former national security adviser to US President Donald Trump. It’s worth recalling that John Bolton, the arch-hawk and conservative who was jokingly called the godfather of the DPRK’s nuclear program for his…

US-China Relations: The Picture Remains Extremely Paradoxical


In general terms, relations between the world’s two leading powers, despite the strain in recent months (which, in the author’s view, is almost exclusively down to the intensifying political climate within the United States), now and then are illuminated by glimmers of positivity. This gives us cause to hope that the situation between both of the…

China-EU Relations during SARS COV-2 Pandemic


Several noteworthy events linked to the China-EU ties have taken place recently. At first glance, they appeared to be routine in nature because during the past decade these events have been held on an annual basis. They are particularly relevant nowadays due mainly to the current geopolitical context. The events the author is referring to include…

Will South Korea become a Haven for American Intermediate-range Missiles?


Since 2017, South Korea has been a home for the American anti-ballistic missile defense system, Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), which was installed in Seongju, 300 kilometers southeast of Seoul, despite strong protests from China and North Korea. As an integral part of America’s anti-ballistic missile defense system…

How “Human Rights Advocates” Capitalize on the Tragedy of “Comfort Women”


This author has already touched upon the topic of “comfort women” and how NGOs feed off this topic several times, conjecturing how these organizations are more concerned about looking after their own benefit then resolving the problem, since once the issue has been settled for good the opportunity will vanish for them…

The Geopolitical Power Balance is Tilting from West to East


Most global crises and disasters compel countries and people to join together to tackle the troubles they are faced with more successfully, and to build a better society and wider world. However, the response to the coronavirus pandemic that has engulfed the world has been the complete opposite so far. Many analysts including those in the United States…

The Taiwan Issue: Recent Developments


New Eastern Outlook articles have repeatedly pointed out that issues stemming from the SARS COV-2 pandemic (with medical problems not necessarily posing the key challenges), which have recently become prominent features of the media and political landscape, have, essentially, not had any effect on the long-established trends in world politics…

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