Middle Asia

What Russia, Singapore and Fiji Have in Common


Russia’s cooperation with Singapore, a prosperous island city-state in Southeast Asia with a population of nearly 6 million people, neighbouring Indonesia and Malaysia and having one of the highest GDPs in the world, has been actively developing since 2009, when Russian President Dmitry Medvedev paid his first official visit to Singapore in the history of the Russian-Singaporean…

The Role that Social and Media Platforms Played in the Events in Kazakhstan


With the rise of cell phones, the Internet, social media, and other forms of electronic communication, the ability to influence public opinions and the social and political life in a country has grown significantly. Furthermore, the speed with which information is made available through social media is unprecedented. Today…

US Adjusts its Strategy in Central Asia


In the current situation, after the withdrawal of the US military contingent from Afghanistan and the Taliban (the movement is banned in Russia) came to power in this country, Washington is actively making adjustments to its strategy in Central Asia. As can be seen from the changes in the actions of the White House, on the one hand, Washington is not ready…

Adept in Pan-Ottomanism, Erdogan Got Carried Away Playing Soldiers


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is well known for his resounding appeals built on the political doctrine of Pan-Ottomanism, which emerged in Turkey in the 1970s, according to which all subjects of the Ottoman Empire are members of a single nation, the Ottomans. However, such verbal passage has been…

Pan-Asianism of Japan in Relations with the Countries of Central Asia


Through assessing the latest developments in Central Asia (CADahJTkfw, one can frequently find a discussion of the region being influenced by Pan-Turkism, in various commentaries. This is a secular nationalist doctrine actively disseminated by current Turkish authorities and it refers to the concepts about the need…

China and Central Asian States


As the centre of global development shifts towards the Asian Pacific Region, the geopolitical importance of Central Asia on the Eurasian continent has only been increasing. China and this extremely vast region, which is rich in various mineral resources, are closely linked…

Turkey Joins the War, But on Which Side


Today, Turkey announced it was beginning an air campaign against the terrorist group known as ISIS. Here is the news announcement from the Los Angeles Times: “Turkey has long been a reluctant partner in the U.S.-led campaign against Islamic State militants. Since…

Antitank missiles for Syrian rebels part of existing US arms trafficking mechanism

It is well-known in the intelligence community that the business of the US defence establishment is making war, and making…

Washington may deploy an intelligence center in Kyrgyzstan

Tankers fuel the fight
After being caught tapping telephone conversations and e-mails of both ordinary citizens and the first persons of key countries of…

The Role Non-Governmental Organizations Play in Destroying the Foundations of Statehood

In recent decades, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have begun acting as foreign agents of influence. They have organized “color revolutions” in…

Directions for Cooperation in the Caspian Sea Basin

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The time is inevitably approaching when, according to Washington and Brussels, the US-led Western military coalition will finally leave Afghanistan.…

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