The “Persecution” of Mikheil Saakashvili – Well, They Should Know!

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili has responded to renewed claims of “political persecution” in Georgia by calling the Swedish and…

Georgian EU Darling Goes On Trial

This latest Saakashvili episode really is a thorn in the side of the West. He is their poster boy for…

Georgia-Russia Relations: Smoke and Mirrors of EU-Georgia-Russian Trade

Georgia has been trying to join the EU and NATO for many years as have Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. This…

Murder of Erosi Kitsmarishvili: Game Changer for the Region

Nato Potskhishvili, a Tbilisi-based journalist, recently interviewed Jeffrey Silverman, an American journalist who has lived in Georgia since 1991. Silverman…

Death of Eduard Shevardnadze: the “Player” Who Played Them All

The death of former Georgian president Eduard Shevardnadze, which was announced on 7th July, will have a profound effect on…

John Tefft, the US “Special Ambassador” Appointed to Russia

For diplomats of any country, Moscow represents a plum posting. If you are selected to serve there it implies your…

Georgia Without Personalities – Two Steps Too Far

The former President of Turkmenistan, Sapurmurat Niyazov or “Turkmenbashi”, installed large photographs of himself in public squares all over the…

Georgia: The Switzerland of the Caucasus?

Times may change but some things never do. Whenever a government of a small country has been in power too…

What US Ambassadors to Georgia Really Say About American Values

In any area of life people use a language of their own in which words don’t mean what they say.…

Georgia Without NATO

On September 4-5 a summit meeting of NATO heads of state will take place in Wales. “This summit will be…

The Real Reason NATO is Courting Georgia

There are many telltale signs of what the US’s grand scheme of things may be in the wake of events…

Will Saakashvilli Remain Free?

The official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) Vladimir Markin said that it may file an international arrest…

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